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Lies, Lies, Lies

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  1. Fantastic write up, Sandra! I really need to grab a few free nights this week if I can and catch up on this show.

    What I like about this show (without ever having seen it, haha) is not only that it’s based on real stuff and a real person, but also that the real person provides consults for the show/writers. That also makes it all the more interesting, like you said, to find out that the show/writers still provide falsehoods. I wonder why?

    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Thanks Alicia! I agree, I like that it’s science education and entertainment all at once, which does make it a bit disappointing there are some misleading things. But he said they were just a few minor details for the sake of storytelling, nothing’s seriously off.

  3. While an itchy nose may not actually be an indicator of guilt in psychology. I think many people believe it has some grounds, however anecdotal. For example if a person is a closeted homosexual. Stressing the word, “bag” in conversation, “similar to the word fag” will often invoke an involuntary emotional response from the person. And immediately inevitably an odor will become evident accompanied by an itchy nose that many people appear to associate with the persons guilt. Understand, I don’t say this to be hateful. The word fag is derogatory and understandably might stir emotions in people and thus why it appears to be successful. However there appear to be other words that provoke a similar response for unknown reasons. “Box” for example…not sure why. I know this sounds a bit absurd. But, its simply what I have observed ever since my formidable years. It appears to wax an wain in popularity from decade to decade. It also seems to be more popular in some cities and towns but not others. And there appears to be an association with spicy foods that I can only imagine allows sweat to be more potent. “Here, eat this spicy food. Tasty isn’t it? Would you like a (bag) of chips?”… ~ itch itch itch.



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