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6 Ways to Stay Out of the Psych Ward

By Therese J. Borchard
Associate Editor

It’s been three years since I’ve dined in the community room of a psych ward with some fellow depressives… Trying to slice a piece of rubber turkey with a plastic knife while wondering what I had to do to get out of there. I would …

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6 Ways to Stay Out of the Psych Ward

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  1. I loved this article. Only one who has been in the frightening place can know the value in working to stay out. I was about to stop reading this sit after an article subtly labeling bipolars as wife abusers but if more productive and helpful articles like this are published, I’ll hang around. Great Job.

  2. I loved this article. Only one who has been in the frightening place can know the value in working to stay out. I was about to stop reading this sit after an article subtly labeling bipolars as wife abusers but if more productive and helpful articles like this are published, I’ll hang around. Great Job.
    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

  3. great article. coming from someone who has experienced the challenge of eating rubbery chicken with a plastic spoon, i appreciate it. sometimes we just need a reminder.

  4. Hi, Therese -

    This is a great post — very practical and very do-able! Thanks for sharing!

    - Marie (Coming Out of the Trees)

  5. Great article…honest and funny. That’s a great read for a Monday.

  6. The thing that keeps me out of the psych ward is my last visit where I finally realized they have NO real answers, only bandaids – expensive bandaids and I can buy bandaids cheaper on the outside here where tylenol doesn’t cost 10.00 per tablet!

    Most psych wards just warehouse us to help us get calmed down and “moving again” if we have slowed down to a halt.

    And yes, rubber turkey with depressed people and no proper cutlery is not something I reall want to do again!

  7. I love your honesty! x

  8. Nice if you have the money for a vacation and “extra” therapy. Otherwise, poor advice.

  9. I love this!. Its been nearly 2 yrs for me since i was in that community room, and i am quite afraid of ever having to go back there.

  10. Perfect . one character defect at a time [maybe a character defect of the month?]and avoid Australians and life size rodents. These nuggets will stick with me a lot longer than earnest discussions. I just see myself becoming a large rat scurrying about my cluttered house when I don’t manage to make a space for sleep and re-creation.

  11. With my loved ones “taking turns”, I have learned a great deal to make time outs fun. Not all of us have extra money or time to go somewhere. Sometimes, we have to stay around. So, the key is to be happy where you are–right now. Admist sunny days or rainy days, adversity or flourishing days of sucess, we need to keep grounded. These tips have helped me, my husband as well as son stay sane. Thanks to my reading and numerous therapists, I’m able to share some hope..
    1) If your world is crumbling, then find your happy place. We’ve all heard that phrase, but finding your happy place, can be right on the couch that you come home to every day. If finances are in trouble or work is extremely hectic or the trip to a super store has put you over the edge, then find your happy place by enjoying the peace of being on the couch. If the couch is what is stressing you out, then sit on the floor. Key is–you always have the ability to find a happy place. If it’s a true “Calgon” moment, then close your eyes and imagine that you are in Jamica, your own private island or camping in Montana..screaming ;-)
    2. If you’re in a depressive mood, then the same applys–picturing a happy mood sometimes help. If it doesnt, then write down how you’d like to feel Maybe not Grammy award winning song lyrics, but definately you’ll feel like a winner. Hey, once you feel better, give it a try!
    3. If you’re trapped even further in a hole, try to relocate yourself. Move to another part of the house.. if you stay in one place too long–you’ll need to clean the carpet –and with prices these days, don’t add more misery to your already anguished feeling. Keep moving-eventually it will be a new day! Start a new worlds record for something~
    4. Know that life will get better–. Call a friend–let them know that you can’t call them because you are too depressed. Maybe they’ll help you call another friend. ;-)

    These are just a few of the tactics that i’ve used to help myself and to help my loved ones.
    Hope that this might help you. I’m not a therapist, but hope that you’ll seek help somewhere if you think you MIGHT need it.

    i’ve had to remember that if I’m complianing that the world is terrible, then the best thing to do is not contribute to it. Change starts with me. If I want a more positive world, then I have to be the first to start the chain.

    If you want to life to get better, you have to hop on the life train.
    All ABOARD!

  12. How to stay out of inpatient treatment?
    My 12 step program to feeling good?
    1. drink lots of water
    2. move your bowels regularly
    3. exercise–burn off pent up negativity
    4. vitamins–esp. BComplex
    5. daily Bible reading
    6. review and recall Bible reading
    7. forgive-and cease feeling resentment
    8. count your blessings–keep positive focus
    9. render and recieve marital due
    10. use positive self talk
    11. pray for Holy Spirit to manifest its fruitage
    12. express true feelings to God or in a diary
    13. Remember there is more happiness in giving
    14. make a daily to-do list and achieve it
    15. treat others like we want to be treated
    16. get outside
    17. associate–dont isolate and withdraw
    18. laugh, smile
    19. spend 60mins. a day to upbuild yourself enumerating all the good things about yourself
    18. find 5 good things God specifically helped you on today and thank him for it.
    19. don’t complain
    20. don’t run people down & air their dirty laundry
    21. let go of anger and find 5 things you like about the person that made you mad
    22. spend 60mins a day cleaning your house
    23. listen to music
    24. eat whole foods close to natural state
    25. live in the today, not yesterday’s past
    26. forgive yourself often
    27. don’t expect perfection of imperfect people and imperfect world–its not realisticly reasonable
    28. try to do what Jesus did, look at his life and imitate it and his personality
    29. learn to love–yourself and others
    30. never give up, keep trying. You will succeed because you fail. failures point to solutions
    31. cry

  13. I’ve often thought of spending the night or weekend in the psych ward, just to give control over to someone else. It is nice sometimes to put myself in someone else’s hands and recieve permission not to think the bad thoughts and just rest. Last night was rough and driving home from a bar where I’d spotted my ex (ugghhh, pain, anger, humiliation) I obsessed on suicide and then thought about the hospital. So, when I came home I pretended I was at the hospital and that I was doing what they told me to do (drink herbal tea, get into bed, watch a DVD)…it helped a little.

  14. You should write a book, i know i would read it :)

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