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Mental Health Month: 7 Quick Ways to Ease Stress

Today, we’re joining the APA in honoring Mental Health Month. One of the aims of Mental Health Month is to bring awareness to the importance of taking care of your physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.

Stress touches everyone. It’s a tangible part of our days. But it doesn’t have to dismantle our lives. The key is to cope with stress effectively. And, thankfully, this is something each of us can learn. Once you find practices that resonate with you, you can tuck them into your personal wellness toolbox for use at any time.

Below, Kathryn Tristan, author of the book Why Worry? Stop Coping and Start Living, shared her tips for alleviating stress and enhancing your well-being. You’ll also find a simple test at the bottom to help you quickly assess your stress level.

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Mental Health Month: 7 Quick Ways to Ease Stress

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions for easing the stress that the challenges of mental illness brings. Maureen

  2. In addition to all those mentioned in the blog,some medical practitioners also suggest that a change of environment can alleviate stress levels in some people. For example living in inner city areas where there is a lot of congestion, the busy life tends to affect a persons mental health especially if they are repetitively doing the same tasks everyday. Studies have shown that stress levels in the city tend to be high than those who live in the country. Therefore, the environment can contribute to stress levels and can be reduced once that environment setting is changed.

  3. I could relate to the tips mentioned in this article. In addition, I practise meditation and yoga which helps to deflect anxiety from my life as much as possible. Sometimes, when anxiety intrudes, I normally stop at what I am doing at that point of time and practise deep breathing. It helps to drive the intrusion away in no time.

  4. You know, the Bible addresses this topic. Philippians 4 lists 4 keys to alleviate stress and anxiety:
    1. Decide you will not be an anxiety sufferer.
    2. Pray with reverence to the Divine, for the specific things that you want, and with a heart of gratitude.
    3. Meditate on the right things.
    4. Take action – don’t allow fear to paralyze you from accomplishing what you need to.



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