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3 Things Healthy Older People Have in Common

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  1. Hi, Therese –

    I have a great example in my life . . . my 77-year-old mother and I went white water rafting last week — class 4 rapids — and it was HER idea! Ha!

    – Marie (Coming Out of the Trees)

  2. I’m 57 in real years, and 37 mentally. This is cruel and unusual punishment! Not shooting the rapids by any means but probably could if I wanted to. Great Blog, thank you, keri

  3. You definitely MUST read “Younger Next Year” by Crowley & Lodge. That became my Bible… that and eating less meat!

  4. a great blog, lovely to hear there is a load of healthy old people out there. But can I please just have a word for some that are not just the ticket when they they reach that grand old age.
    Arthritus amongs the elderly is rfe. The Knees seem to come first, and then the hands.My dear wife is in constant pain day and night, but she still has fun and tries hard to forget the pain.
    I reached the age of sixty and down I went with a heart problem, I have had a pace-maker fitted, but since then two other heart problems have reared their ugly head. I am also waiting for a knee relacement, due to being a ruby player in the early years. But, we don’t sit at home and do nothing. We have two granddaughters that keeps us young, and very busy. My message, is to those that are ailing in old age, is not to let it all get you down. Try and find that bit of you can explode into fun and excitement. We go to weekly excercise classes for the less able, and have great fun there. Well, I am going now, got rub the knee, dont you know! alfred

  5. Does two out of three count?

  6. My next door neighbor is 93, she has absolutely zero health problems, takes no medicines, she is mentally sharp, and on top of all this, really nice. Her husband was great too, but he died a few years ago.

    She has no children, because of a genetic disorder running in her family. Both of her younger sisters were blind from it and have long since died.

    Here is the problem I see.

    It’s not that easy and great to be the one who outlives every one else. Every one of her friends and relatives is dead.

    I invited her for both Christmas and Thanksgiving Dinner, and she was the hit of the party. She reads, is on top of the news, and even has strong opinions which I personally really like in a person.

    She drives, shops, and her house and garden are immaculate. (no cleaning help)

    She calls me ‘baby’.

    When I was 30, I was ready for a Retirement Home. At 40, I was young again.

    A couple of years ago, I was terminal.

    Now, I have just decided that I don’t think my life is quite over yet, and I am trying to get reoriented.

  7. I have heard it said, “Women my age are not as young as I am.” Childless and fit. Brilliant and brainless in equal measures.

    This morning it’s autumn and drizzling. I can hear a chilly field cricket stuck under the throw rug calling. He sounds like The Buzzer for Summoning the Nurse, but the connection’s loose, or ghostly Morse code from lost explorers. Geez. Reading this again, so do I. Anyway, currently, middle-age, for me is lonely.



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