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How to Talk to Your Kids When You Think They’re Using Drugs

By Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.
Associate Editor

How to Talk to Your Kids When You Think They're Using DrugsYou suspect your teen is using drugs. Maybe they’re not acting like themselves. Maybe they’re cutting school or shirking other responsibilities. Maybe their grades are dropping. Or their behavior is worsening. Maybe they’ve started hanging out with a bad crowd.

Maybe they’re being secretive and have even stolen money from your wallet. Maybe their physical appearance has changed with rapid weight loss or red eyes. Maybe you’ve noticed a change in their sleep habits, energy level and mood. Maybe you’ve actually found marijuana or other drugs in their room.

Naturally, the thought and possible confirmation of your child using drugs trigger a rush and range of emotions: anger, frustration, disappointment, sadness, fear.

If you think your child is using drugs, how do you approach them? Where do you start?

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How to Talk to Your Kids When You Think They’re Using Drugs

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  1. Hi, I would like to see an extention of this article where it was discussed how to talk to your kids about the drugs you want them to take and not the drugs you don’t want them to take. After a life long pressure to make them take drugs for their ADHD or ADD so that they “act better” and “feel better”. After a life long of being pushed on Prozac to reduce their anxiety and make them feel “happy” or “not depressed”. After a life long of watching their parents used coffee, sugar, nicotine, and alcohol (as well as a society where the commercials make “getting high” on these drugs appealing), how do YOU talk to them about drugs? I keep seeing that 1980’s commercial.. “where did you learn to do this!!?” “I learned it by watching you alright!” At the moment you suspect your kids are on drugs, you have already had a major failure as a parent. How do you recover from that?

    • You are not a failure as a parent! It seems to me you have great insight. You cannot force your children to take medications that will help them. They just be willing to make the choice on their own.

  2. I am an advanced placement student, in highschool on my way to being a doctor. I’m was the precalculus student of the year and the top in my anatomy and physiology class. I have a great relationship with my family and I occasionally smoke a little weed. I’ve been smoking ever since I was 15(never cigarettes!) Sometimes I smoke in the evening to relax but I spend long periods of time completely sober. I’ve never had any trouble with addiction. From about April to June I do not smoke at all because of the end of the year tests and honestly doesn’t alcohol cause millions of deaths? Yet it isn’t as looked down upon as pot. Perhaps your child isn’t a just following what his friends are doing. As long as they are at least 15 and their not negatively effected.

    • I find it amazing that you are at the top of your class and started smoking weed at 15??? you have to have a good head on your shoulder in order to achieve such high (no pun indented) but what abt the young adults that think that getting high and NOT applying themselves in doing better in life ie, getting a job and better themselves??? just wondering- i have a 23 yr old that is back home and can’t pass a simple drug test in order to work at a convenience store?? any suggestions???

      • How about setting consequences.. if they fail the drug test, or dont get a certain GPA .. make it required if the 23 yr old is going to live at home, they MUST be in school (i.e. college) in order to live rent free, etc.. I will pay for pretty much ~everything~ as long as (mine) is in school, doesnt do drugs (yes I know this gets broken, but I ignore marajuana and will push this issue tho on ANY harder drugs but I dont reveal this double standard.. that way if they smoke pot, they are “getting away with something” yes its a game but IDC it WORKS) and as long as they are doing these things, when they get to the point of having a 4 yr degree, they are more focused on achieving mor of what they hav earned to that point, and I can only hope that the standard set will continue as a pattern..

  3. isn’t that the Foundation we lay, as parents..?? Isnt that what its all about..??

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