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How Trauma Can Affect Your Body & Mind

As I write this, our thoughts are with those in Boston who were affected by the bombings at the 2013 Boston Marathon.

In my 20 years living in the Boston area, I cheered on the runners on many occasions and now, even from far way, these events feel close to home.

Experiencing trauma can have a dramatic effect on our bodies and our minds.  And although it’s a different experience to witness a trauma on television, it still can affect us.

When you perceive a threat, the body activates the stress response. The stress response occurs in both your body and brain.

The body’s response to acute stress is a preparation for emergency.  Adrenaline and other hormones are released.  The body shuts down processes associated with long-term care.  When under immediate threat, digestion, reproduction, cell repair and other body tasks related to long-term functioning are unimportant.

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How Trauma Can Affect Your Body & Mind

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  1. Great article thank you.

    It’s extremely difficult for someone who is recovering from the effects of trauma to express and understand why they may be exhibiting certain behaviours.

    I have a diagnosis which includes PTSD and over the years I learned to understand how I ‘cope’ in traumatic situations. I discovered that if I appear to have managed the situation well there’s a payoff, and my default payoff is agoraphobia.

    I can try to address this, and often I can be successful, but ultimately that mind/body control can mean I have little psychical resource left to counter the disabling effects on my mind.

    Someone said they’d like to wake up one day and find it (PTSD) all gone, I can identify with that but wonder whether it has in some way shaped my work? Who would I be without it?

  2. It’s funny how the trauma has not stopped the police and security forces from killing other people – people not even charged with anything never mind being found guilty.
    Trauma heaped on trauma as the NWO takes over

  3. This is a very good article, but I keep finding the same problem; everyone can say how PTSD disrupts your life, but no one can tell me what to do to get past the flashes, bouts of aggitation, emotional outburts, and anxiety. Two years ago I was held hostage by a man who was obsessed with me. For four hours I was assalted physically and emotionally. I had to be smart by not escalating his anger so I would live as his goal was a murder suicide. After four hours I somehow got a small window in which I was able to escape and get help from a neighbor. My assailant killed himself when the police came and every since then I have been held hostage by flashes, sounds and trapped in this fear that every man is out to hurt me. I have been in Therapy since then, but their are points and time through out that day that I cannot remember and it is 2 years later. My therapist says I have a block and I understand why I don’t want to think about those moments in time, but when will I get my life back? When will I be able to walk down the street again and not be fearful of an innocent stranger. I have not worked in over a year because I cannot handle the stress. I am so frustrated because I want my life back, but just when I thoughtI am moving forward, something happens that shuts me down. Will I ever come out of this?

  4. I work with war trauma victims and refugees and am looking for simple ways to help them understand what happens to the body physiologically with trauma…if you have any other pictures or websites, I would love to know about them. Thank you for writing this.




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