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How Do You Cure Mental Illness?

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  1. I have a problem with this article. I have suffered from OCD for over 30 years.
    You didn’t mention OCD so I guess you meant it to be the “of the like” Section in your post. The problem with this article is the term cure. Mental illness can not be cured. It can be managed, but it can not be cured. There is no cure for mental illness currently and that is why no one uses that term. If there were don’t you think all of us, mental illness sufferers would take it? This article promotes stigma and it does so by giving the impression that we can be cured but just don’t want to admit it. It smacks of we want to stay sick. It’s completely false and you as a doctor should know that. Many people that are ignorant of mental illness throw such tripe in our faces daily. “You just don’t want to get better, you just want attention, there is nothing really wrong with you. ” now you are promoting the same false beliefs that keep is in fear of judgment and ridicule. It’s hard enough to live and battle our mental illnesses daily and to add yet another article proclaiming that we can be cured but just don’t want to be is hurtful and ignorant. Doctors don’t use the word cure for a reason. Most mental illnesses are chronic disorders of the mind. They are treatable but most therapies and medications can only improve our symptoms not take them away completely. I don’t care for the word cure. I don’t care for it because it gives others the false idea that we can wake up one day and be normal. That doesn’t happen to most of us and it sets people up for failure. Maybe if I tried harder I could have been cured, maybe it’s my fault I still suffer….it’s ridiculous. It hurts our self esteem and our self worth to think such things. It makes others believe we aren’t trying hard enough. It is not a word you use to describe a chronic suffering. Until the powers that be, whoever they are, come out with something that makes mental illness go away and never return then you should not use the word cure. A cure is something that takes away all of the sickness and it’s symptoms. There isn’t one for this. But there is people trying to take advantage of those that suffer by spouting a certain diet, pills, books, DVDs and such. They want our money and they throw the word cure around not caring who they hurt. This article shames us. It puts guilt on us for not being healed when others think we should be. It places shame that we aren’t normal yet on us. That shame and guilt do not belong to us, it belongs to those who spread false information and misguided ideas to those who do not know any better. That shame and guilt fall on doctors who decide that cures are there we just don’t want to be healthy and happy. That shame and guilt belongs to those who try to hurt the fragile by selling them bull rap wrapped in a pretty package wrapped in Christmas paper and a velvet bow. Shame on you.

  2. No one ever said there is a cure. But the majority of the Psychiatric community subscribes to the notion that some relief can be found through the use of medication(s). And that’s what I’ve been looking for for 27 yrs of treatment for mixed mania (which includes yrs of misdiagnoses). I’ve only had a couple very brief periods of relief (from meds) and I know it’s possible to achieve. And the difference is like night and day. I may never find partial relief again but there has to be something to give me a boost so I can function better. At 49 I can not function at all and suicide absolutely becomes a justified way out of this dysfunctional nightmare, misery and widespread social ostracizing. The modern World is not constructed to accept, tolerate or sustain people with chronic mental disorders. And one of the problems is that Psychiatrists don’t do their jobs correctly because they’re over-worked and/or fed up with their jobs. They distance themselves and take very little (or no interest) in the pathology of their patients which is strikingly counterproductive and it’s a shame.

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  4. The treatment of the neuroleptic drugs is not a “cure”…it only allows the patients to sleep, the problem is people with negative thinking like you who say there is no cure, what about the 68% success rate for fasting? Or orthomolecular therapy? Some people have even found meditation to be effective.

    The psychiatrist…is posing as a doctor telling people he wants to help them..in what amounts to legalized drug pushing.

    Sleep is the only cure for mental illness. 1/3 of all people recover from mental illness…

    You seem to want to push and agenda of devastating neuroleptic drugs, which have serious side effects.

  5. Psychologists with 90+ years can’t explain how I rewired and healed my brain. So, I believe I have a cure for mental illness.
    I was born with a mental condition that created a passive state of mind. I had very little affection which I only showed towards animals.
    I was diagnosed mentally retarded after a near drowning at age six. My mental state could only connect with moment. There wasn’t a past or a future.
    All my life I have lived with ocd, ptsd, schizophrenia, and in my teens bipolar started along with insomnia, anxiety and depression.
    Last year I begin working on a certain mindset in hopes of creating a stable state of mind.
    1. Can you say ” I want to accept everything in my life. 2. I was to let go of the past to live in the moment. 3. I will continue move on to discover new things.
    This was my state of mind as a child and for most if life, until, I started being like everybody around me.
    The most important thing about overcoming a mental illness. You have to really want the change. Meaning “you can’t want any of what you are now.
    If, you can’t like everything around you and can’t accept one thing. This one thing will hold you back from finding a new identity.
    You can cure your mental illness. Are you ready for a new life?

  6. Some people can cure their own mental health problems. When I was very young I was very close to be diagnosed with Aspergers and later had depression and anxiety. It was being 19 years and I am now symptom free and live a good life. I tried all different types of therapies and medication and made everything worst. Instead of wasting my time with useless professionals . I used my mind and cured myself instead. Your mind can do a lot more than people think you just have to open your mind and not listen to professionals.

  7. I think the issue here is with imagining “normal.” A person who suffers from depression, for example, may not imagine “normal” the way a person without depression imagines it FOR the sufferer. If I am suffering, I go to a medical professional for healing purposes. Whether the professional can help heal the sufferer’s symptoms or the underlying cause can only be determined with an evaluation. As far as I can tell from the article, based on the resources available at this time, the underlying cause of some conditions that cause suffering cannot be healed. The Healer, however, has some treatments to alleviate suffering. If the symptoms can become advantageous, great. Even better.

  8. As I “am afflicted by mental illness” have sought the cause of my afliction,there is more then one cause but in the study of psychology the environmental causes of disorder in mood in mind,thinking at the elementary level are considered.Basic study of psychology says the evironment “affects mood,thinking,the way a person feels”,and is it not that,a way a person feels,all the emotions all the thoughts.But where do these emotions,thoughts come from do they come from the id from the individual,the ego,who a person is,as opposed to what “the world” thinks they are.Where do our thoughts come from,what does an innocent baby think,is a baby aware of the environment,historically and present,does a baby know “all the negativity in the world”,is a baby mentaly ill,where does mental illness come from.You are the world you live in.What is “a brain disorder”is the mind the physical manifestation the brain or is a mind more then the brain,is my computer part of my mind,is my foot part of my mind,is my world,and the outside world part of my mind,does whats happening concerne me or what happend,I can choose to ignore,ignore the world and the stories that are told but how “do you ingnore the world” be separate in your own bubble,we all have a bubble our own little world,hoppefully the romans wont invade it.Where does mental ilness come from.

  9. Physical Work is the only cure for mental illness. That is why persons afflicted do well in a oldtime farm setting .

  10. Your wrong dude! I’m not just a survivor! I’m a thriver! I don’t say I’m cured because I didn’t have any disease to begin with! I didn’t believe a lot of the bunk I was told…i.e. psychosis has no meaning, trauma has no relationship with mental health crisis, etc. etc. I slowly and methodically healed through the effects of complex trauma and not only have I not experienced a psychosis in 20 years & a depression in 6 years, I am a very successful trauma therapist, happily married for 13 years, and very present in the lives of my family friends & clients! You can’t say anything say is not curable, any more than you can say aliens don’t exist! You just don’t know these things! And what about the many other people in the news who have completely recovered?! I’m not referring anyone to you. Not at this point.
    Genuinely free

  11. I find this really frustrating. Especially because I am not able to work – I tried working recently again for the fiftieth time and had to quit after one week due to appointments and medication.

    I’ve been treated for about 15 years and they’ve finally come up with the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, and as much as I say I’ve never had that diagnosis before, the medical community I’m now dealing with does not waver in their diagnosis.

    How am I supposed to have a life when my diagnoses are getting worse and I am dependent on medication? I just get the feeling that they don’t want me to be cured.

  12. I tend to disagree with you. I suffered from mental illness, I even have a master’s in clinical psychology where at one point I was pursuing the doctorate. I think there is a cure for mental illnesses if you look at it from a developmental perspective. A person has to grow and go through their normal stages of development. Yes there will always be limitations, but if a person can find their balance, resolve their inner conflicts and go through these stages, then they have freed themselves from mental illness per se. The thing is most people are afraid to make those changes and most people choose to live in fear because they don’t want to take those steps into the unknown. I did. It has changed my life in remarkable ways. I can say I am free from my mental illnesses.

  13. This is very sad. Sounds very much like the message that was sent to alcoholics prior to 1935. The medical and scientific community were baffled and believed that there were no CURES for alcoholism. Today, there millions of people living happily WITHOUT the disease. Some have hospital records that show alcoholism in ‘remission’. However, many, such as myself, have never been in a treatment facility other than to work. Is there a CURE for mental illness? YES. Absolutely. The problem is that it is very mcuh related to the cure found by two men aback in 1935. It is a spiritual malady – something that cannot be proved scientifically. But, come to think about it, neither can mental illness. Pharmaceutical companies, so called health care providers, psychiatrists and psychologists are making a fortune selling you on staying sick. Would you take your car to a mechanic that tells you there is no CURE?

  14. How do you cure mental illness?
    As a former mental health patient I believe helping the patient gain self-esteem/self-confidence should be the first order of treatment for any mental health patient! Treating a patient’s self-esteem, in my opinion, needs to become standard therapy in any therapist’s arsenal! EVERY mental health patient, REGARDLESS of their symptoms, suffer from low to NO self-esteem! Healthy self-esteem is everything! Even doctors know that!! What do you experts on this website think happens to patient’s self-esteem when a mental health patient hears they have schizophrenia?? or bi-polar disorder?? The patient’s self-image becomes shattered even if the patient doesn’t show it! Even if the diagnosis is only in the back of the patients’ mind! What do you think happens to self-esteem when a patient has to carry a mental illness label for the rest of their lives? What do you think happens to self-esteem when patients are prescribed medications that cause them side-effects such as sexual dysfunction or thyroid damage or worse? Good God people wake-up. A patient’s self-esteem has to be considered and treated!!! What do you think happens when a patient relapses and becomes hospitalized in a lock-up ward??? And if they rebel they get placed in isolation rooms?? And if they really rebel they’d be medicated more or placed in straight jackets??? What do you think happens to an adult patients’ self-esteem when they’re sitting next to patients who are practically vegetables in group therapy!! Do you realize the damage that is caused to the patient’s already low self-esteem??? Patients hospitalized have often been treated like children, told they can’t go to the bathroom and that they need to sit down and participate in group therapy! Some patients (with half a brain) will grab their penises and walk away shaking them at the therapist! Do any of you experts realize how humiliating, even frightening it can be to be locked-up in a mental ward?? New patients are brought-in looking/acting normal and by day 3 they look emotionally shattered! What do you “experts” think happens to self-esteem when a therapist says “time is up” when a patient is in the middle of a break-through while talking? They have mind-opening ideas that vanish becuase the therapist interupted and haulted the session. What to you think happens to self-esteem when a patient has a NEW therapist or a NEW psychiatrist and the patient has to start all over again remembering and talking once again about their past hosptilizations and childhood traumas. The therapist or psychiatrist insists. Why? Because they didn’t read the patient’s file yet, they didn’t do their job and want to be briefed. And for patients that are hospitalized that finally get discharged after a couple of months of gaining weight (their self-esteem suffering more as a result) they’d get to start the whole f___ process over again in Outpatient Therapy! I tell you it’s a f____ miracle any patient escapes the revolving door of therapy or even survives it! If you f___ PhD experts in the psychiatric community ever come to have an OUNCE of common sense you’ll point your patients towards Hypnotherapy designed to quickly help patients get self-esteem and self-confidence! Or at least prescribe a quality subliminal affirmations CD for gaining self-esteem which can help because having healthy or ANY self-esteem means healing when it comes to mental health patients! Healthy self-esteem means happiness, prosperity, success in life and loving relationships! How many people are there in the world that suffer low to no self-esteem without even realizing it???They are often sick or work mediocre jobs never realizing their full potential or happiness in life!
    Years ago I’d been diagnosed as having acute schizophrenia. That was just the beginning of the hell I had to live with. The illness wasn’t the real hell for me, being called sick by my wife and told I’d need medications for the rest of my life was! I didn’t want to accept nor believe I was sick! I felt like my life had been cursed by family and doctors! I began to think very negative as a result because of being labeled as mentally ill. I didn’t know back then how to be happy nor to live thankful every day in gratitude. This is something you PhD experts should be teaching your mental health patients! Not one psychiatrist or psychotherapist in 25 years had EVER considered my self-esteem being important or might be low. Not one of them ever saw it. I had suffered sexual dysfunction for years as a side-effect of one of the meds. Another med had caused complete nasal blockage. Try to sleep with that! Another med had caused thyroid damage and stomach pain. Even today I’ve been suffering from my thyroid being messed-up! Another anti-psychotic med had caused skin sensitivity, a burning sensation even during winter! Another med had caused severe constipation. None of these meds had helped me feel good about myself and that was what I had needed the most just like MANY mental patients need!!! What is wrong with you doctors?? Everything prescribed me had only supported depression and helped make my life worse more than better! After receiving eight (8) ECT treatments and years having been diagnosed with acute schizophrenia the diagnosis changed to bi-polar disorder! By then I was pretty fed-up with shrinks and began to hate them! I was becoming more determined than ever to get-off the meds! I went against my doctor’s advice and started weaning myself off them! Of course I had relapsed once or twice, but eventually I won! When I was finally able to sleep one night without having taken any medication at all I jumped for joy the next day when I woke-up! I realized I was going to be all right!!! After many years having suffered the effects of more than a handful of anti-psychotic and bi-polar meds plus all the humiliation I had while being hospitalized I finally escaped Psychotherapy Hell!! It’s been 15 years I haven’t been hospitalized nor on medications! I still collect VA comp and now even SSD! I can tell you I enjoy every day of my life not needing to see psychiatrists nor work and I give much thanks to God for this! I live in sunny FL on a tourist island. I drive a new convertible. I have excellent credit, no police record. My kitchen and bathrooms have granite countertops and cabinets with underlighting. I live a three minute walk from the beach! As to being labeled mentally ill my middle finger happily salutes the psychiatric community that are supposedly trained to help people! If the doctors and therapists I had for so long had only treated me for low self-esteem I would have not suffered everything I had gone through! If the psychiatric community ever decides to actually help heal patients for a change (instead of wasting years of their life and lining the doctors own wallets with insurance money) maybe they’ll consider pointing their patients towards hypnotherapy designed to help gain self-esteem or subliminal programming designed for the same! A very good subliminal CD I had used for gaining self-esteem / self-confidence was created by Louise L. Hay and titled “Self Esteem Affirmations”. The CD case cover is purple and has a butterfly on it. Amazon has them and the reviews are excellent!

  15. I quite agree with jez27. I’ve been diagnozed with schizophrenia about 5 years ago. I am currently still on meds (olanzapine n aripripazole) and still have a regular check with my long time psychiatrist. I do admit that those meds and psychiatrist help me a lot, so does my supportive family, but one person that really helps me go through this hell-kinda life is my self. And yes, self-esteem/confidence is the key for me to keep my sanity alive. In my personal experience, after i help other people (by doing a really simple task that might cause me being bullied by normal people for being proud about it) i do gain a self-esteem and i do get more stable (i dont really know the correct word since english is not my first language) after that. A few months ago i decided to write a blog about how to cope with schizophrenia, and yes just writing it makes me feel better because i gain my self confidence that i (finally) can contribute to my self (and hopefully to society-this one is still a long way though). But then i got some relapse and now i totally forgot my blog link n the password (I’m thinking about writing it again since i got the blue print written by hand in a book and thank god it’s not lost as well in some creepy night-you know what i mean). Even just writing a comment on this web really makes me feel better cause hey, it must be taken some guts and confidence to write down our thoughts in “a real social world”. The point that i really wanna say is “please put a trust on mentally ill patient”. Yes we need help, some of us even need a high dose meds, and yes dont let us be alone because worse things might happen, but put a trust on us. Let us do what we are able to do. Give us responsibilities that suit our ability. Dear world, we are schizophrenics, not idiots, so please dont treat us like one.

    To Dr. John Grohol, i would really appreciate it if you publish here your research, thought, experience as a doctor or anything about schizophrenia and other mental health problem exclusively in South-East Asia Region. And thank you for this wonderful blog, as a sufferer from the so called “developing” country i am really looking forward for any news, new found research, new medication, and new type of therapy that doctors from a more developed country with their advance science and knowledge.

  16. Hi . Just want to state that from all my research into mental illness I do know what the cure is to the problem and I’m shocked that this hasn’t already been seen.
    From my perspective i believe that The search has been done in all the wrong places. What i will point out is this even though i know why we have such an epidemic of people suffering from this it will not be easy to rid the problem of mental illness and will take years to manifest this.
    I started my research the day i was born.I’m 43 now and like i say. Shocked.

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