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Why Girls Fall for Bad Boys

Sometimes, the nice guys out there may have a disadvantage when it comes to the opposite sex. Why? Girls often initially flock to the guys who aren’t the most courteous or kind.

This may happen because girls are frequently told early in childhood that if a guy teases or berates, it’s because he actually feels quite the opposite — he’s acting mean because he’s interested. And with that, a spark is ignited.

Girls misread certain unfriendly vibes as interest, and therefore yearn to track down their attention.

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Why Girls Fall for Bad Boys

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  1. No, the short term matters more. It doesn’t matter how good a long term partner you might be. If you get blown out at the outset because she isn’t attracted to you, you never get the chance. Guys, plan accordingly. Don’t fall for the politically correct BS.

  2. If true then bad boys are luckier as they get the girls while fresh and not shagged out

  3. What most forget is that from an evolutionary standpoint, it was only recently that we started living past 40. In Ancient Greece the average life expectancy was 20.

    Dark triad traits are valuable in random pairings that produce genetic splitting but alone don’t provide enough biodiversity over a population to sustain healthy physiological adaptations as shown in recent in silica models.

    Associative pairing (which we know exists in animals and humans) produces the boom/bust cycle with surviving tails that produce healthy adaptations.

    Sad to say, it takes both to ensure the survival of a population. Sorry guys, but the bad boys are here to stay. Nevertheless, the good guys are also here to stay.

    Strangely enough, the later in life you meet the woman of your dreams, the more likely it is that she’ll be able to appreciate you. One more reason to not get wrapped up in the youth culture that surrounds the dark triad.

  4. This whole “nice guys don’t get the girl” thing is all BS and I am so sick of it and the whole “friend zone” issue. The truth of the matter is this: people who exhibit the physically attractive qualities which people desire (in both male and female) are desired by people of all levels. So the “nice guy” is crushing on one girl who is not interested in him, while her best friend (who doesn’t quite stand up to her physical standards) is in turn crushing on him. He doesn’t want or notice that girl, either.

    Here’s a clue. Guys fall for “bad girls” equally as much as girls fall for “bad boys.” This whole myth is just stupid. I fell for “good guys” all the time and got rejected all the time. Because I wasn’t pretty enough, or peppy enough, or the “cute girl next door.” Nerd with glasses.

    Also, did you know girls fake being dumb so guys will pay attention to them? It’s a huge problem in high schools and has been since I was in high school. Guys don’t want the “smart girl.” They want the “dumb girl.” And then they wake up and are like “why is she so dumb?”

    Here’s an idea: instead of trying to “rescue” someone from their “not so good” lover (not so good in your eyes, but do you really know?) Maybe look around and you might notice someone is staring at you wishing that you would stare back.

  5. this qualifies as “psychology”? build an ann landers column on a conjecture pulled out of thin air (“This may happen because girls are frequently told early…”), garnish with some ad hoc evolutionary psychology bullshit (but i repeat myself) and serve with a cliche.

  6. The reason why girls “fall” for the bad boys is simple: they’re better in bed. Beginning. Middle. End.

    Biology or society, we just don’t like guys that constantly ask for direction in bed. “Bad boys” lack empathy, which actually makes them superior lovers…when it’s all about sex. they take charge, and due to experience tend to have more skill.

    As we grow up, once we consider settling down and having children, a “nice guy,” a nurturing beta type, is a far superior mate.

    This is exactly why boys go for the “crazy girls”: because they’re better in bed.

    My father uses the term “sexually dangerous” as a way to describe “bad boys” and I’ve always thought that was good. Sex is just better when it’s a little naughty, a little dirty, and with somebody who knows what the hell they’re doing.

    So if you’re a nice guy and you want to get laid more often, quit being so considerate and attentive. Those traits tell us you’re a good husband, but a mediocre lay.

    • @ Jones:.dumb it down a bit, try not to take it so personally. Your high horse may behoove you more than your pleasantries.
      @somegirl…anyone is more interested in someone with smarts in the long term. I do believe “Bitter; party of one, your table is now available!” Live and let live ..(i know, easier said than done)
      @ frustrated pysch…you are onto something and its directly tied to finding your worth bc your ACTUAL Father did his job. Kudos to him and how very lucky for you!
      @ Master AKA Douche Magoo… I’d say go fuck yourself, but im more adept in schooling you with my
      stellar vocabulary. Here I go with a Haiku to tantilize your palate which resides in your scrotum.

      Your mind is so small.
      You are master of nothing
      Enjoy the silence.

      You have no shame, no feelings, & bleek level of hope at best. Many years of due dilligence ahead of you before you shall scrape the very bottom of the proverbial barrel.

      The amount of pain that splatters upon the page is astonishing and so very apparent to EVERYONE but YOU. Silly, silly boy. Go shove your head in a book and return when you have something prudent to contribute.

      I conccur with the world; gays should be accepted,
      Republicans deserve love too and morons like you deserve “meditation” a heaping tablespoon of “good vibes”and even prayer. You get what you give.

      You give unto the world what you have received.
      Its a cruel , naughty, naughty world! Go work it out like the rest of civilization has had to with their shafty,
      shady deal and come join us at the grown up table
      when you have something relevant to contribute to the conversation, when you can mind your manners & can remember to tuck your shirt in ALL AT THE SAME FUCKING TIME!!! Until then, shut your worthless hole, son.

  7. girls like “bad boys” because women as a whole are inherently narcissistic and insecure. If a guy is fawning over them, there is no challenge. That guy is already telling them what they need to hear. A “bad boy” won’t bother, so the girl immediately wonders what’s wrong with her that the bad-boy isn’t doing the same as the nice guy. Since women also have no self-esteem, the woman will immediately degrade herself in an attempt to gain the “bad boy’s” attention. If the good-guy continues to try, he’ll be even more shut out as an annoying reminder of the woman’s worthlessness.

    Know what a broad is? A flank of meat with a hole in it.

  8. But i heard the other way round that girls behave the exact opposite of what they think because they don’t want the guy to know that they are available. is this true? plz some one clarify….my doubt….

  9. Nothing this article said is true to me. I say girls fall for “bad boys” because they are more cooler than those so called “nerds” although all “good boys” aren’t nerds, they still have a chance. But the “bad boys” have more limit than any of them. And they seem to be famous.

  10. it’s true because all attract bad boys .i feel this article is a true according to me

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  12. Well since there are so many Loser women out there these days, and what do you expect.

  13. Doesn’t surprise me at all.



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