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Video: 5 Ways to Zap an Addiction

By Therese J. Borchard
Associate Editor

Oh yeah. Here we go again. As I’ve repeated on Beyond Blue, I live my life in a state of constant addiction. So I’m getting pretty creative in how I manage to control them. Here’s a refresher on five basics. Listen up! Click through to view the video…

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Video: 5 Ways to Zap an Addiction

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  1. This is for Therese…loved your video…I saved it so i can go back and use you as one of the experts.
    I know about stuffing and filling the “hole in the soul”….what you say is spot on…except in my family telling them and having them help me to be accountable…no wayyyyy not them…my family is the reason for the addictions to begin with….

  2. This is for Mindla:

    If you think your family can’t help you in your recovery, you can turn to a mentor or a sponsor like in the 12 step programs.
    Just know that you are not alone with whatever addiction you have. Like-minded people often meet to help each others. Just reach out. You are worth it.

  3. I totally agree with J, you should never feel alone, there are many people out going through the same thing.

    I think it’s the hardest thing in the world to try and recover by yourself, you will increase your chances 100 fold by either joining a group like 12 Step, or finding similar groups in your area.

  4. The psycology behind speaking about ones addiction plays such a vital role in getting through the process. Thank you for sharing this video Therese.

  5. Hi Therese – Great video, thanks.
    Loved the first bit about communicating with trusted people close to you. We all know how secretive active addiction is and how sharing honestly with someone reduces the shame and makes us feel connected.

  6. Thanks for sharing your experience on being accountable Therese!

    I think a useful component of the treatment industry is in aftercare and staying tapped into that network of people who know your history and can help to keep us accountable.

    Big Love from Cape Town.


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