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Why Does Pain Get Worse When a Storm Is Coming?

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  1. This article is interesting yet answers many questions to my current situation of debilitating pain, depression, anxiety and fatigue when the barometric pressure falls. Is there any prevenative treatment, where can I receive help with this? it has cost me a job as a nurse after 37 years. I would love to have this article emailed to me. Thanks

    • I was a medical worker for 35 years. The high stress demands of hospital work; (Rotating shifts= broken sleep), understaffing, exposure to numerous pathogens and toxic substances, missing lunch and breaks, as well as flourescent lights take a toll on one physically and emotionally(death, damage and dying). Coffee or Coke to stay awake. MN and rotating shifts drain your melatonin, which leads to estrogen dominance. The constant stress affects cortisol, insulin etc. When hormones get screwed up, inflammation goes way up.(e.g.holding water before your period can make you headachey and irritable because of prosteglandins) Injuries, perimenapause and arthritis create high inflammation,also. Weather changes amplify the discomfort of all these conditions. Check out Hersfoundation.com; excellent resource for hormone questions.

    • Connie,
      I should have replied directly to you last year when I was trying to respond to your 2010 plea for help.I should add that after a total surgical hysterectomy(it should have been a fibroidectomy!)my thyroid function went way down affecting minerals to my muscles,ligaments & bones causing 3 ruptured discs among other problems since the artificial hormones caused high inflammation as well. That in turn causes instability which fuels arthritis.What I had really needed initially was more bio-identical progesterone to counter the estrogen dominance and a super nutritional program. Besides Hersfoundation.com I have found room air filters with negative ion generators in them and also use Natural Gaba or Mag Citrate some nights and Valerian&hops other nights along with time release melatonin. I make veggie-fruit shakes and steamed vegetables daily that help on so many levels. Yoga where possible is a must. Oh, I take D3 with sea iodine to feed my thyroid along with adequate greens.

  2. Had a bad headache, eyes felt all weird and then came the dark clouds,and then the rain.
    I knew there was a correlation..Thank you for the explanation :)

  3. I got a laugh out of “So what can we do to manage this, aside from moving to southern California?”

    As I sit in my house in Southern California watching a storm roll in wondering why my knee always hurts before a storm.

  4. This publish is truly way of considering. I like your publish and all you discuss with us is up currently and quite beneficial, i would like to analysis for the website so i can come here again to go through you, as you have done a amazing job.

  5. Love your article! So true, only problem – moving to Southern California isn’t gonna help! I’ve lived here 51 out of my 56 years, & I feel the barometric changes as well as anyone else! We DO have weather here, it’s just not as obvious, & I get headaches & terrible joint pains here as well as anywhere else I’ve been where the barometer changes. You can’t escape it :)

  6. This article was very informative. I suffer from chronic pain. My natural DHEA level is completely depleted, labs show a level of <5 caused by my body being stressed. This article filled in the gaps of knowledge I had regarding the cause of pain on a daily cycle. My pain keeps me up at night and wakes me many times so I only sleep about 4 hours per night (per sleep study). I am also on numerous medications for inflammation, nerve pain and pain control so I have a medication hangover every morning.

    The comment about moving to Cali is so true. I lived in Arizona and visited Southern California a lot. They have weather changes there too. It isn't Utopia, but it is beautiful and encourages a healthier lifestyle. Personally, I lived in Arizona for 16 years and moved to Pennsylvania two years ago. Although the snow and cold didn't bother me the high humidity and rain of this spring and beginning of summer are pure torture. I am moving back in a month and I can't wait for the hot dry days ahead.

  7. This article is so exactly right on. I really don’t understand why educated doctors haven’t learned to help with these truths.

  8. Interesting article. As a matter of fact, it’s the only article makes sense even since I try to find the cause of the symptom.

    My guess is that I have been drinking green tea in the last 10 years, and it depletes both adrenaline and cortisone. This would make me feel pain and headache. Is it true?


  9. i had alot of dental work done i wear partial dentures about everytime we get a really nasty storm i start to feel sick i think it’s because of my dental work.

  10. Ahhh, so I am not going crazy! Haha! I have kept a journal where I did not look at my barometer until I knew how I was feeling that day. What I began to notice that the day I was in pain, would be two day exactly to the day the pressure would drop and the weather arrived. I would be interested in how many kilometres this can affect you from. Within the next bit I plan to read commander Hatfield’s book. I think we could learn a lot from his experience from living in zero gravity and the affects on the body.
    Thank you, it is nice to have someone or something validate what we feel and why. Many people do not believe this when I tell them. That is until I tell them it is going to snow before it has been predicted by meteorologists!
    Thank you

  11. I have been driven insane by barometric pressure drops. It took me forever to work out what it was. It is my skin that goes crazy, itch, stabbing pin pain, burning, feeling like it is dry & cracking (bit to pouch doesn’t feel like that) & get small lil bumpas almost indistinguishable. I rip & year at my skin until bleeding & am woken from this. Anti histamines do not work. Does ANYONE know this problem & if there is any relief? If it goes in for a while I start to feel suicidal, I just can’t cope, I just want to get out of my skin! I am also allergic to wool/lanolin, same Skin issue. & affects breathing, seems some Other materials too but haven’t been able to work out which. Help!!

  12. I very much appreciate the thorough and completely simple way in which this explanation of pressure and it’s effects on us was done. I tried to do this exact process for my fiance, but kept getting blank stares! Finally, she understood what I’d been trying to tell her for over a decade now!!! Thank you for simplifying my life a little. I can know sleep better and get rid of the headache and sinus pressure brought on by stress from 10 years of inability to enlighten my significant other. So again thanks.

  13. You can buy an electronic machine online. My therapy used it. It has patches you stick on your area of pain and you turn it on and it has heat and stimulation. Works great. $29.99 on amazon

  14. This information was very well written, and formative. Thank you so much!

  15. Sanna – You may want to check out and discuss with your doctor “Mast Cell Activation Disorder” (aka MCAD) or Mastocytosis for your itching problem.

    Overall, this is a great article. I’d like to add caution against some of the suggested alternative therapies, though. For example, chiropractic care is contraindicated for the chronic & incurable, neurological disorder, Chiari Malformation (often misdiagnosed as migraines) and its related chronic pain co-morbidities, like the chronic pain, connective tissue disorder, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome aka EDS (often misdiagnosed as Fibromyalgia). Chiropractic medicine and undereducated Physical Therapist’s maneuvers can worsen these conditions, potentially causing MORE pain, damage, paralysis, coma and even death. If your body is telling you that something just isn’t right, listen to it, discuss it with your medical providers and if they don’t act accordingly, fire them and find someone else who is willing to listen, do the work and consider all the possibilities – even the “rare, but not so rare” conditions.

    Best wishes for all who suffer from chronic conditions whose journey has led them to this article.

  16. If this is true, why do my bones not hurt when I fly? ( Sea level in New Orleans to 30000 ft.) or when I travel from +or- 500 ft. to 6000 ft. in NC?

  17. I survived extended Cushing’s Disease thanks to Emory Atlanta. I originally was searching for articles about sudden weather changes and loss of energy and concentration. I actually cannot get much work done until it passes.
    I thot the hormone was called Cortisol, and cortisone is the pharmaceutical equivalent. I really liked how this article related barometric pressure to ionic charge to (Cortisol) use. The middle section of the article was off topic. But I do see how mentioning diet would pursuade people who think cafeine is the answer to energy dips. Diet does not cause or change a person’s sensitivity to weather changes. I was hoping the catalysts would be revealed. Pressure, Ions to Cortisol is like an axis. Many people have a balance. Some of us are off axis. Why? Is it heavy metals? Mercury poisoning? Tumor? Cushing’s is a tumor–but Cushing’s is behind me and I’m still crippled by weather changes!

    • Thanks. So much of the internet acts like feeling different during weather changes is just in my head. So glad for something positive. I have problems with wheat, avoiding is changing my high blood pressure. Because of finding this worked I am getting more interested in other toxins. Have really wondered about mercury as it too is affected by pressure changes. This is a great start to finding out what is true about my experience. Thanks.



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