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With FDA Change, ECT May Go the Way of the Dinosaur

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  1. Since I have personal knowledge of the effectiveness of ECT treatment, I am dismayed that another government bureaucracy is throwing obstacles in the way of people obtaining needed health care. I certainly hope that this doesn’t develop into an outright ban on ECT treatment.

    The FDA has already had to backtrack on a ban announced March 31 on old morphine drugs. One of the drugs they banned is the only source of analgesia available for extremely deteriorated terminal cancer patients.

    I don’t need an agency that is so ham-fisted and obtuse as to make the above mistake protecting ME from MY ignorance. I will make an informed choice, as I do with dietary supplements. Thank god whe didn’t let the FDA get their hooks into that category. I’d be buying my chamomile tea from the pharmacy at $10/cup.


  2. I personally had over 2 dozen ECT bilateral sessions. All they did was make me so mentally numb that my depression was *slightly* and by slightly I mean about 10% less severe…& that was only while getting shocks. It was a horrific experience that left me with permanent memory damage. The doctor who performed it refused to try a medication I had suggested, which ironically…ended up working after I finally quite the ECT.

    Despite *all* these things, I would never ban the devices. I think anyone who currently recieves benefits from ECT should be allowed to continue their treatment. But I would hope medicine advances to the point, where these relatively barbaric machines are no longer needed. Its long past time.

  3. Shock “works” via brain damage. This is an indisputable fact. Two of the effects of brain damage are temporary euphoria and apathy, a kind of giddiness that straw-clutching self-promoting medical businessmen have equated with the the yet undefined state of “mental health”. The long-term effects of course include the cognitive and memory deficits typical of brain damage, which these same businessmen are still systematically ignoring in their falsified consent forms.

    Psychiatry still uses shock as a brainwashing device for the social control of women:

    My mother was a victim of this orwellian abuse at the hands of a financially conflicted psychiatrist. After her death at their hands (brain hemorrhage is common) and the subsequent collapse of my family, I was also subjected to it at the age of 15.

    Psychiatry has inflicted hidden atrocities on unsuspecting and neurologically muted victims for decades. They may miss the PR value of the high-tech facade surrounding shock, but I imagine they’ll adapt to new circumstances quickly, as their enduring conflicts of interest, pseudo-science and corruption will still provide a viable business model. They have made a virtue, a science and a business of child abuse.

    There is no science in psychiatry only handwaving, conflicts of interest and occasional accidental success, with the rest (such as SSRI induced homicide: being swept under the rug. With the recent scandals surrounding conflicted psychiatric opinion leaders
    it’s clear that the underlying institutional pathologies at the heart of psychiatric practice continue unabated.

    Caveat emptor.

  4. It is about time the FDA does an inspection on these ECT machines. The ECT machines are not safe. ECT is still around – it never left.

    I consider these machines nothing short of being machines of producing “torture”.

    I suffer from permanent memory loss and have difficulty learning anything new as a result of being forced to have ECT in 1973 in Ontario, Canada. On my 5th ECT my heart stopped and I had to be revived.

    100,000 Americans get ECT yearly
    14,000 approximately ECTs are given yearly in
    Ontario Canada
    Worldwide 1 to 2 million people get ECT yearly.

    There have many reports and studies proving that ECT causes brain damage.

    There is a worldwide movement to ban electroshock universally.

    On Mother’s Day on May 10th, this year 2009, there will be ECT protests all over the world in Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec; and in Cork, Ireland.

    The International Campaign to Ban Electroshock
    (ICBE) deems ECT to be unethical, barbaric, torture, inhumane, and a crime against humanity.

    The ICBE website URL is:

    Other websites on ECT:

  5. Send your comments to the FDA – tell them No downclassification without a safety investigation!

    deadline Jan. 8 is collecting comments and mailing them Monday afternoon.

    Comment Now! Thanks.

  6. Everything should be made safe for everybody particularly the patients as it could even worsen their illnesses once these machines are not safe. The equipments just like the vibration therapy machines should be checked by the government before the company could put it to be available in the market. I have heard of ECT and most of my friends who have therapies have become worried about it.

  7. It is wrong to approve anything for man’s consumption and use generally without adequate guarantee of safety. However, I particularlly find it confusing the claims people make of not being able to learn new things. Sue’s is a case in study. I feel terrible she went through such an experience but it appears to me this claim of memory impairment might be a little overstated. She could remember events and quoted relevant facts! Aren’t we just trying to call a dog a bad name just to hang it?

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  9. According to the manufacturer of these machines , they are perfectly safe , , since they say it reboot the brain just like you reboot a computer . Very good analogy , now I have one simple straight forward question , since it is harmless , please submit everyone within your company to an entire session , have all the MD supporting it do the same and their Family , remember you said it is harmless ?

    Yes just what I thought , it is ok for you to fry someone else brain but do not want to try it on yourselves , what a bunch of Cowards!
    How do you control electrical wave length , direction ,Voltage , Hertz , amperage etc etc on the absolutely most sophisticated power generator ever made , you can’t this is why all of you say it might be a solution , indeed Ernest Hemigway said it best you cured the Patient , you killed Him .



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