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How to Get Your Partner to Trust You Again

You’ve been found out.

Your partner discovered that you are cheating. The good news is that your partner isn’t planning on leaving you. The bad news is that he doesn’t trust you, either.

You don’t want to lose him, but how do you begin to rebuild what has been damaged?

You have no choice but to begin with yourself. In order to regain trust, you have to ask yourself difficult questions so that you know what you were looking for. You also have to know why you cheated. Many people will cheat without really knowing why they did so.

Ask yourself the following questions to get started.

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How to Get Your Partner to Trust You Again

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  1. Thank you for formulating notions and feelings into words that I understand. You help me and the relationship of which I am a part.

  2. Great article, very insightful.
    This is exactly the roller coaster I go through.
    I can only hope my SO reads this, and understands the concept that I can’t put it into a time-frame…
    That I need to see consistent change in him, and that there will be triggers that will set me back months…
    Several times, he has thought of taking “the easy way out” and thought to find someone knew who would never dream that a guy like him would betray a woman. To a new girl, he’d be the prince I thought he was a year ago… He probably faces that decision every day I have a setback in trusting him…

  3. ok u say this is for non breakups but near edge what about if it already fell through she’s had past experience but she’s my first she will talk to me about it but then she just ignores me I really want to show here how much she means to me but how do I if she pushes and pulls me around

  4. Tanx alot,this is really helping me in ma relationship

  5. My problem is that my x fiancee thinks i cheated on him but I d I d nit..he sees me flirt n all my friends d’s know thst i can carry a social conversation n can be sense as flirtatious to exaggerated viewers.
    Non the less I feel like I’m in the category of a cheater in x fiancee eyes..we want try counseling but looks like after meeting 3 different counselors we still don’t know what we want..i am confuse cuz i kicked him out in our living situation n now lives with his parents or in his boat ( it’s nice he has not been to his boat cuz still gives me insecurities as wel. I don’t know if we will move on with separate lives n b It he still wants to contact ne n say sweet eords but he kept dwelling of me cheated on him he said thats why we broke up. I want us back is there hope for us to get back? And what shud i do if he wants to sleep together..but my purpose in relationship is to build up couplehood nfamily..let me know what shud I do in our breakup period
    Thank u

  6. I hurt my gf too much..Twice already,but i really regret on can i gain her trust and love back to me?when from now on she doesnt want me anymore to be a part of her life..I really love her so much,and only now i realized her worth..can you help me to fix this messed things out..


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