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Is Exhibitionism the New Modesty?

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  1. I began reading your article and as I settled in I see you made an offensive remark regarding the lovely and talented Fantasia [Barrino]. It offended me and turned me off and the remark was uncalled for. You people aggravate me. Be nice, you really could have left that remark alone. It was really uncalled for. In addition, she must not be to forgotten…You remembered her. Give it a rest she is trying to make her dreams come true just like the rest of us. My goodness do you all ever get tired? That’s rhetorical, I know you don’t. You know I had put this in my trash bin but it really, really, anonyed me. Give her a break. Here’s a novel idea, write your article’s, thoughts etc., without insulting, degrading or humiliating others. People who feel a need to speak unkindly of others usually have problems and insecurities of their own. Fantasis could probably care less and good for her; but you really offended me. If you want to respond I welcome it.

  2. I don’t think modesty is decreasing dramatically. I mean, I’m 18 years old, and I’ve not sent naked pics of myself to my boyfriend or anyone else.

    I think modesty will always be a value. People where I live (in Australia) tend to always downplay their successes, rather than embellish them.

  3. This is just the older generation panicking about ‘youth today’ based on highly publicized new stories. There will always be someone in a younger generation that crosses a line. The older generation will panic about the future of the entire group based on the actions of a few.

  4. I struggle to teach my daughter modesty in that most general sense. I think this is the backlash of the empowerment age. Empowerment is a good thing, but so is functioning well with other people and having a realistic perspective on your importance in the overall scheme of things. I think online posturing is a sign that Christopher Lasch’s “Culture of Narcissism” lives on.

  5. I am not surprised. Look at all the stuff that is out there. Pictures of Britney getting out her car with no underwear, videos that treat women as willing sex objects, private tapes of stars having sex put on the internet, etc. Movies that show date rape and claim it isn’t. Have you noticed how young girls dress these days? Hardly modest. No wonder they think that nakedness is no big deal. Many don’t even consider “blow jobs” to be a sex act. They are being exposed to all of this without any filters. They are just following what they see in pop culture.

  6. Wow Naru I want to move to where you live! I’m from Brisbane and am surrounded and cornered by hyper-individualistic young adults. Apparently there are thousands of centres of the universe as most under 30s folk I know believe it’s them!
    I feel eccentric when I wear a skivvy in winter and stand out amongst the crowd of freezing girls in mini-dresses. Every girl wants to be the hottest in the room, and every guy fancies himself as the most charming. Ok I am generalising too much, there are many diamonds in the rough, but in Brisbane it’s a rare finding and one you hold onto.

  7. Another 18 year old chiming in here–As a part of the aforementioned “youth”, I’m completely appalled by the lack of modesty in the US. It’s sickening really, the things people do/wear, and seriously makes me ashamed of my age group. I kind of just tell myself they’ll come to regret their actions when they get older, and I sincerely hope this is true.

  8. Support for the premise of this article is glaringly absent. On what basis is the assumption made that because some percentage of young internet users are sending immodest pictures, that the percentage of immodest youth has changed from prior years. Recent studies have shown that the perception (among older people) of current teenage promiscuity is not accurate. See the 2007 National Youth Risk Behavior Survey.



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