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Why Your Life Matters: A Note to Suicidal Teens

“I’m 15. I have no friends. I’ve never had a relationship. One guy I thought was my friend has turned against me. I can’t bear the idea that I’ll always be alone. I’m feeling suicidal and don’t know what to do.”

“My parents don’t love me. They are always yelling at me for the smallest thing. I get good grades, help around the house, and usually I’m respectful. But it doesn’t matter. They still criticize me and call me names. I think about suicide every day.”

“Me and my boyfriend have been together for five years. We spent all our time together and shared everything. Two weeks ago, he dumped me for another girl. I’ve been crying ever since. I’ve been self-harming and drinking a lot. I don’t think I can live without him. I want to die.”

“I don’t know why but I always feel terrible. I can’t sleep. I’m not interested in eating. Nothing about life looks interesting. I can’t relate to other people. I think what most people talk about is stupid. What’s the point of living anyway if it’s always going to be like this?”

Sound familiar? If you are a teen who feels this way, you are not alone. Although every story is unique to the person telling it, the themes are the same — feeling friendless, unloved, abandoned or unappreciated.

Maybe you feel as desolate as they do.

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Why Your Life Matters: A Note to Suicidal Teens

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  1. How does this article in any way address the headline’s promise?

    The headline would more accurately read:

    Here Are Some Resources for Suicidal Teens

  2. Well. That was a great article for advices. But there’re still questions: who to contact when you live in France and when the Government rather ignore suicidals? Talk about suicide is making scandals.
    I don’t have anyone to talk about it. I can’t hope for any changement from my parents, and I myself am a part of the problem. I’m not looking for relief, I just want them to be happy, as they do repeat praying for it.
    How to face that horrible sentiment, growing et pounding inside ourself when you can’t apply the advices you gave?
    I’d like France to have a hotline system as in the UK. I’m even ready to call the Samaritans. But what I feel, I can’t express it as I’d like to do in English. After that, it’s a hotline, in the UK, and I live in France. Who’s gonna pay the bill?

    • I totally get it. I live in france too, and it’s a pain! Anyhow, I’ve never called these, but I’ve found a few based in France. The english speaking based in Paris, I believe. They also list a french speaking line here:

      Anyways, if you see this, don’t lose hope. (J’ai eu des resultats en cherchant sur google: permanance telephonique + (ton problem- depression, ect. Il y a des therapies remboursees par la secu et des centres pour les jeunes, mais je m’y connais pas trop.)

      I think that the ‘help’ that is taken for granted in english speaking countries is hard to find here- school councilors, hotlines, support groups, even websites and forums, ect. just aren’t part of the mentality here. (I checked out some french psychology websites- they just talk a lot about Freud and Lacan- If you are depressed or have other problems, you don’t really want to be told that it’s a defense mechanism/unconscious drive/regression/attention seeking/desires).
      It’s like either you are told (on the internet) to take a pill, it’s a chemical imbalance, or you are told to work out your mother complexes and relationship to your father, based on the language you search in.

  3. I didn’t do it, but I almost did. Here’s why, and why I didn’t go through with it.



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