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Self-Sabotage: A Pathway to Destruction

Once upon a time, the world was a treacherous place for humans. We were wimpy creatures. Tigers had bigger, sharper teeth; insects had poisonous stings; gorillas had muscles bodybuilders only dream of; the sea was filled with seemingly alien creatures — even 99 percent of plants would’ve kill us if we consumed them.

In other words, before the invention of fundamental technology such as weapons and farming, humans were at the mercy of their environment.

This constant danger burned a crucial lesson into our DNA: stay safe. What is self-sabatoge, and what can we do to overcome it?

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Self-Sabotage: A Pathway to Destruction

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  1. thank you so much for this blog. For 10 years I have been trying to figure out the monster that is destroying my life . This is the closest I have had it defined.
    I am a highly driven person who initially reaped the success of my focus and hard work. I would get straight As ,come out on top of my peers, win scholarships … and then I started to self sabotage. I would purposely block myself while reading , especially academic work and subsequently I started to flunk exams at each level . Attempts to snap out of this have been unyeilding. I have drained my bank account at the psychologist with very little effect . This has been happening for ten years and is seriously impeding my progress . It has actually brought me to the point of depression when I see how far below my potential Ive turned out. Right now I am way behind my peers and w/o a meaningful job. I am really scared at the prospect of living the rest of my life in this way. I desperately need help.

  2. I have this problem but I notice me doing this but stop the negative thoughts. An my partner knows I have explosive tendencies that has gotten violent at times. I will continue seeing my psychologist about my self destructive ways.I must admit woman in relationships have fear False Expectations Appearing Real. I can only be happy with my accomplishment an it doesn’t have to be enough for her. After all it is my life that has not caused her any harm but my mental illness has.

    Thank you, R.Gaston (Forensic Peer Specialist)…

  3. I have battled with self destruction all my life……when I was born, my dad had to make a decision my mother or unborn child. We both survived. I attempted suicide at 18y, failed attempt. I have a huge heart and giving spirit. I have been successful up to this point yet I find myself placing my life in jeopardy many many times. I thought I would grow out of it but I really haven’t. I have so much in my life, family, great career, good finances. Yet the darkness within me grows strong……Its like I do not deserve happiness, I feel I deserve suffering.
    I find myself preoccupied with death and drag myself purposely to pain and darkness. Is there a cure? I don’t know…….People that are facing disease, cancer, etc and are so young just want to live. Yet I with perfect health tries to place my self on danger……I could be in Jail right now due to my DWI behavior yet I am caught and called out, yet let go free……How does that happen? I do believe God has spared me since I was born to do things in his name, and I do, yet the self destructiveness in me surfaces and pulls me down…..I have been to psychiatrist, counselors……unsuccessful. I see death so near me……I love my sons, my family, my grandkids, yet I cannot love me……I cannot extend myself to anyone……….My favorite part of life now is sleeping…..I wonder why I have made it this long in life. healthy physically, mentally? a wreck



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