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First New State Hospital for Mental Health, Recovery Opens

A few weeks ago, Massachusetts celebrated the opening of its first state-of-the-art treatment facility for mental health concerns in over 60 years. The 320-bed state hospital was opened at a cost of over $300 million, and demonstrates the state’s commitment to the severely mentally ill — and help them better integrate back into their local communities.

The hospital is located in Worcester, Mass. and is called the Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital. Notice that “recovery center” is placed in the name before the word “hospital,” emphasizing the change in focus of this facility. According to the state’s Department of Mental Health, it is the largest non-transportation construction project ever completed in Massachusetts.

But it’s unlike any state mental hospital you’ve ever seen before.

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First New State Hospital for Mental Health, Recovery Opens

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  1. A million dollars a bed.

    And people wonder why the country is on the brink of economic collapse.

  2. John you didn’t write this article. It’s the same rubbish the MA Dept. of Mental Health has been spewing for years and it’s complete nonsense. This facility resembles a prison or a factory and will have nothing to do with people getting better. It’s very unhomelike if anything. It’s huge like a warehouse and there are many safety concerns due to the nature of patients that will be there. Of course, they have to say it’s great, otherwise they’ll look like fools spending that much money on a hospital. This facility may be great for staff, but not for patients. They are always under lock and key and can’t even walk outside except in prison-like courtyards with high fences to prevent escape.

  3. I live in MA and this article glosses over a lot of facts. Yes, its a nice idea and concept and I do like the improvements. However, this is coming at a sacrifice of available beds when there aren’t enough beds as it is. Furthermore, the southeastern part of the state will no longer have a long-term care state hospital. This means family members and friends of patients may have to travel in excess of four hours each way if coming from the Cape/Islands. This is a horrible idea because it will scale back family involvement and community ties which isn’t going to help matters. I laugh because the commissioner of DMH stated that that the goal is community based treatment in group homes with “highly trained staff.” I worked in mental health group homes for two agencies and got absolutely no training. I shadowed for two shifts that weren’t even the shift I was working and then I was considered trained. It is an incredibly broken system.

  4. This Recovery Center will be a great resource for those in the Massachusetts area. It is nice to see government is supporting recovery plans instead of only treatment plans.

    • Really?? Didn’t know that!

  5. Well said Mary!
    This article IS misleading and offensive. My son has been at Taunton State Hospital for two years, and is doing well there. He can work, participate in his groups, and walk outside on the beautiful grounds there. THERE IS NO SHAME in our decision to keep him there!

  6. People please do not put your family members in this hospital I’m sad I ever sign my son for DMH the distance is too long his treatment is taken close to four years now the times for visitation does not help with work schedules you feel all alone they make there own decisions without your impute they don’t care about your guardianship
    or your rogers order they have there own court to change things around
    clients are lock indoors most of the time or the whole day in some units in the winter the courtyard is lock under 25 degrees mostly the whole winter the clients are injected if they refuse medication they also don’t have any thing to do but spend money in the kiosk when they are aloud out of their units the small library is open for 15 minutes a few times a day the clients complaint they have nothing to do but it if they have money to buy snacks you don’t see the doctors ever maybe once a week for a few minutes and the therapy assistant for a few minutes once a week you are not aloud passes to the outside world for months if you did something that displeases them in total clients don’t ever get better at a normal range they keep clients there for years wasting their youth and health and motivation for life very sedated most clients are sleeping on chairs outside their rooms most of the staff are mute from oversees, family members are not aloud in the rooms so you don’t know if the client has clean clothes or needs help getting organize or needs help a total loss a very sad place to leave your child and see the years go by and they don’t have the heart to discharge him for stupid reasons or because they don’t care about your feelings or how far away you live and medicaid has so much money that the clients can live there for ever worst than a prison asking for permission to go outdoors and eating garbage for food.



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