Surefire Strategies That Don't Work for ADHD - And Some That DoKnowing what works for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is just as important as knowing what doesn’t. In fact, some of the tactics you’re using might even exacerbate your symptoms.

Whether it’s techniques that you’ve tried yourself or others have employed, below are seven surefire ways to unsuccessfully cope with ADHD. Plus, at the bottom you’ll find techniques that actually do work.

1. Unsuccessful strategy: Criticizing. Individuals with ADHD usually already have a sinking self-esteem and hold negative beliefs about themselves. So when loved ones or others criticize them, it chips away at their self-worth even more.

“Remember, it’s not that the person with ADHD doesn’t want to do something – they just can’t,” said Stephanie Sarkis, Ph.D, a psychotherapist and author of several books on ADHD, including 10 Simple Solutions to Adult ADD.

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Surefire Strategies That Don’t Work for ADHD – And Some That Do

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  1. ABSOLUTELY true! Sometimes it really helps to see things like this in print. Often we KNOW it but can not tell ourselves so seeing it in black and white helps a lot.

  2. Very true. I only want to add some perspectives on alternative treatments. While medication is warranted in some cases, in less severe conditions one is better off using natural remedies that do not address the symptoms, but actually train the brain to work faster and with better equilibrium between the left and right side of the brain.
    I wrote these articles specifically to demonstrate that taking very addictive medication is NOT the only way to treat ADD/ADHD symptoms.

  3. Any thoughts on adhd an bipolar illness that generated the adhd?

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