What Club Drug May Help Depression?Antidepressants not working for you? Psychotherapy a drag? Supplements no better than a sugar pill?

You might want to check out a drug more popularly known among the club scene and all-night dance parties than for the treatment of depression.

As we reported last month, researchers are taking a second look at ketamine — also known as Special K in the club scene — to help with depression.1 It appears it has the potential to be faster-acting than traditional antidepressants, which may make it a new treatment option for people who are depressed and are suicidal or in crisis.

Ketamine is already approved for certain medical uses, such as a human anesthetic, but its use is tightly controlled by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration because of its potential for abuse. Now a number of pharmaceutical companies are investigating its use in the treatment of depression with active research trials around the world.


  1. We also noted nearly 2 years ago that ketamine also provides relief to bipolar patients. []

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What Club Drug May Help Depression?

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  1. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” should be etched in every provider’s wall next to their door of the exam/interview room. Umm, what did we learn from the trials with LSD years ago? Oh yeah, a lot of messed up people sacrificed for the clueless premise that hallucinogenic drugs can enhance performance or potentially treat allegedly treatment resistant problems.

    Here’s an idea for oncology: microsized napalm to treat malignant tumors! After all, if it can destroy forestation gone amok, isn’t that the same premise as dealing with mental illness problems without impact?

    What is the most frightening is that Big Pharma has left the building, and boomers are the predominant thinkers for mental health these days, they want to go back to the good old’ days of their youth. Here’s a thought: when you woke up after your binge nights, how did you really feel? 1 step allegedly forward, 2 or more very back, eh?

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