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Best of Our Blogs: June 8, 2012

By Brandi-Ann Uyemura, M.A.
Associate Editor

Shame is one of the most difficult feelings to contend with. Why? Because we often don’t know where it’s coming from or that it’s affecting us until it hits. And when it does, the pain, embarrassment and regret robs us of everything bright and positive in our life.

Essentially, it steals away our hope.

The solution to shame lies in self-love and compassion. And if we choose to walk through the process, it will leads us on a surprisingly path toward self-growth. Shame isn’t the end of the road, but the beginning of a better one.

Whether you’re ashamed about your sexuality, embarrassed about an addiction, or disgusted by the numbers on a scale, the toll it takes on you will be greater than the discomfort it initially brings. Not dealing with it can lead you to a life of fear and in the end may cost you your life.

Read on to find out how to counteract your fears of shame by being proactive. Learn ways to prevent drug addiction and treat sexual addiction. If you’re looking to build your resilience and heal the effects of a toxic environment as beautifully as a sacred lotus, you’ll find what you need in these posts.

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