Do You Fall into This Happiness Trap?It’s very easy to fall into the happiness trap of false choices — of thinking you can either do X or Y, and those are the only two choices you have.

False choices are tempting for a couple of reasons. First, instead of facing a bewildering array of options, you limit yourself to a few simple possibilities. Also, the way you set up the options often makes it obvious that one choice is the high-minded and reasonable choice, and one is not.

But although false choices can be comforting, they can leave you feeling trapped, and they can blind you to other choices you might make.

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Do You Fall into This Happiness Trap?

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  1. I think you missed the point.

    The examples you gave are hypothetical statements people use often. What they mean is IF they could ONLY choose between the two choices they would choose _______. People say that all the time. I’ve noticed this and rarely use hypothetical statements like that, but that’s how many people talk.

    Also, if you rarely see someone or don’t spend much time with someone, they are acquaintances, not friends. Acquaintance is an extremely important word in our vocabulary, but ironically the word acquaintance is terribly underused, whereas the word friends is terribly overused.

    • Surely this persepctive could be perceived as being somewhat pedantic re dictionary definitions. I could perhaps agree from a cognitive stance; however, experientially I believe it rests with how we define ‘friendship’ in the first place. I have several valued friends but circumstances have prevented regular contact.

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