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Making Healthy Decisions When You Have Bipolar Disorder

“When you have bipolar disorder, it can often feel like you’re at the mercy of your emotional states — like you’re the passenger in the car, just along for the ride,” writes Sheri Van Dijk, MSW, in The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook for Bipolar Disorder. But “this doesn’t have to be the case.”

In the book, Van Dijk shares how individuals with bipolar disorder can learn to act — rather than react and make smart decisions. (I personally think these insights and advice are valuable for all readers, regardless of whether you struggle with bipolar disorder.)

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Making Healthy Decisions When You Have Bipolar Disorder

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  1. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder back in 1982. However i have not had a bipolar episode since 1997. I strongly believe there are two major reasons for this. I have spent hundreds of hours researching the disorder. I have then used logic to apply logic to make decisions about managing my disorder.

  2. I think that it is very interesting that there are ways for a person with bipolar disorder to be less reactive. I think that it is very interesting that bipolar can be managed with reasoning between your emotions and logic. I never thought that was a possible way to treat bipolar until I read this. Using your logical mind, and not just your emotions when making decisions is an important thing to remember to do in order to control your actions. I think that improving your sleep habits, so they don’t trigger manic and hypomanic episodes is also important to know if you have bipolar. This makes you better able to make reasonable descions about your actions. Avoiding drugs and alcohol for someone with bipolar is common because those could trigger emotions to become exaggerated and to impair their logical reasoning. Practicing good self care, reducing your caffeine intake, not skipping meals, getting nutrients from your diet, and participating in physical activities are also part of having good logic in your daily lives to keep healthy so you have the best possible mind and body to deal with the bipolar disorder.

  3. Seriously…this makes me, a person diagnosed with bipolar, feel responsible for my own illness I neither wanted or brought about on my own. So, now I have it, and yet another talk therapy solution. Perhaps some of us are just not wise enough to continue breathing.

  4. I think that was an amazing explanation on how a lot of us with bipolar have lived. My entire life I have struggled with making good sound decision. I have been an addict my entire life. The only times I have been able to get clean and make semi good decisions is when I was diagnosed with my illness. I got clean In late 1999 .. I stopped taking my meds becuase I felt “better” ya right. I mannaged to stay clean and I guess I made the best decisions I could at the time without being on meds. I managed to gain the best job I could ask for I met the woman of my dreams and had a beautiful family. From 1999 until november of 2002 I stayed clean. I thought I was living a wonderful life. But now when I look back on it I was still making very bad decisions. I was very manic I had the best job in the world I avereged 1600 a week bring home but I was broke by monday. When I get manic I spend spend spend. Thats what I dIdto cope.At the time I thought that was ok as long as I wasnt using. Then in november of 2002 I got hurt on the job. I lost everything my pride my manhood and the job of my dreams. I was in alot of pain so in came the pain killers. I isolated I took more pain killers my life was out of control. I made so many bad decisions the more pain your in the more pain killers you take. I almost died on a few occasions becuase I was taking so many.I was medicating to take the physical and emotional pain away. I tried to get clean and get back on meds a few times. By then my wife had givin up on me and I had given up on life.I went into rehab in 07 or 08 I wanted to take my life back well by then becuase I wasnt making good decisions anymore someone had lied and told workmans comp I was lying or faking it or something to that effect. It wasnt true by anymeans. So when I went in to get clean and get back on meds they allowed investigators in the hospital with me. I left in three days becuase unfortunatly they werent worried about getting me better they were more worried about getting me on fraud charges.I almost died in my kitchen when I got home from a seizure. Since then I have made a lot of bad decisions becuase there are people out there that dont want us to get better.There are people who will give up on you. There are people who will say they should just lock you up. There are people who want you sick so they can continue to take advantage you and capitalise on the bad decisions you make. I am here to tell you. You can and will get better find that one doctor you can trust. Never give up on yourself never give up on life. All it takes is the right combo of meds and a good self help group and we will start making good decisions. I wouldnt wish this illness on my worst enemies. Please never give up on yourself life will and does get better. We are good people getting better. Please always be aware of who and how much let someone in. Life does get better with every good decision sound decision we make. God bless my bipolar family. Thank you for listening.



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