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Be a Better Dad

Any father can learn to be a better dad. But it takes a commitment — and desire — to focus on one of the more important areas in your life. An involved dad is a better dad — one a child will appreciate not only as a kid, but in fond memories as they progress into adulthood. Children with involved fathers will grow up to be happier, better able to cope with life’s troubles, and healthier than children who have absent or uninvolved dads.

Being a better dad doesn’t mean you have to change who you are, though. It simply means paying attention to the important moments in your child’s life, and being there for both them and the family when needed.

Whether you’re married, divorced, or never married, it’s important to realize that children need both parents involved in their lives. Fathers who spend time with their children increase the chances that their children will succeed in school, have fewer behavior problems, and experience better self-esteem and well-being.

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Be a Better Dad

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  1. I just got back from an 10 day trip with my daughter. My first day in FL, where we went, I met a lady working out to do a charity marathon kayak trip for the the local advocates against domestic violence. She had to take time out to take video of me and my daughter playing. This has become a normal thing for me and my daughter. People see us interacting and feel the need to comment. Since shortly after she was born people have said felt the need to stop me and say things like “you are such a good father, you just don’t see that too often.” To me that is confusing and sad. I believe we have lost the ability to be good parents in the western culture with our drive for financial success. I could speak for hours about what i see parent doing wrong that they THINK is right. But it can all be summed up like this. Imagine you child can not hear a word that you say directly to them. they can hear you speak, but anything said to them is muted to inaudible sounds. Everything they learn from you will be the result of how you show them with your actions and indirectly with you words to and about others. The way you treat their other parent, the way you treat others, the way you approach life will be the example they take into their adulthood. You are the example of what they will look for in a relationship. Parent from that perspective, and I guarantee they will make you proud. Children learn more form watching you then listening to you.



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