3 Simple Ways To See the Bright Side Today This guest article from YourTango was written by Amy Spencer.

My friend Kate was driving with her dad when he showed her what it really means to look on the bright side. It happened the day they got a flat tire and his face lit up.

“Oh good!” he said. “I’ve been meaning to teach you how to change a flat tire and now we have the perfect opportunity!”

Yes, that’s one of the most positive reactions to a car breakdown I’ve ever heard. But it’s also a perfect example of how much power we have over our point of view. Our happiness isn’t really about the situation we find ourselves in, but about how we see our situation. Our perspective is everything. No matter how rough a day we have or how hard a year has been, there is always a different way to look at it. And if you want to be happier right now?

Just start looking at your life from a better, brighter angle. If you could use a few suggestions, here are three quick ways to see your situation from my new book Bright Side Up

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3 Simple Ways To See the Bright Side Today

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  1. I’m pleased that this link has been passed along on Facebook. There may be no comments on this page about it, but there are quite a few under various shares on FB.
    Personally, I can so identify with the message. As someone who has fought against depression all my life, but at the same time have a crazy sense of humour, I certainly agree with the positive message!
    Keep up the good work! :-) – Rob

  2. Like most people, I see a negative, and I view it purely in a negative light. If I were to get a flat tire, I’d be hard pressed to find the good in it. I’d be agonizing about the delay, calling a tow truck, or trying to awkwardly change the tire. However, I would love nothing more than to try to see the upside of any situation or outcome. I pledge to take a deep breath every time I feel myself reacting negatively, whether despair, depression, and anger, and take a moment to dig some positive aspect out of it. Thanks for this great article!

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