Video games put the young way ahead

We conducted a nationwide survey — about 2,500 US business professionals — looking for differences between those who grew up playing video games and those who did not. Among the gamers, we thought we’d find high technical skills, …

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Video games put the young way ahead

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  1. Is it possible for people that play video games that has violence in it to become agressive,and do you think that video games are the cause of violence in the world today?

  2. i agree with this article.
    it also depends on the type of video game, the more problem solving oriented, the better :)

    it depends on the individual, if the person is already aggressive, then it might keep them that way, but i dont think it would increase it much.

    we can also say that martial arts or the military can make people aggressive and yes they can if the person is not a balanced/mature individual and thought the wrong way.

    i would say that alcohol and drugs are the leading cause of violence, along with being abused as a child. Anything else contributes very little

  3. totally agree

  4. I agree with this, the thing with violent videogames is that it exposes the mind to the notion that it can sometimes be acceptable to be violent, in which case, I agree with that, but the problem comes from not knowing *when* it’s socially acceptable to be violent, which admittedly, isn’t very often unless you’re a professional fighter/soldier/anything along those lines. Personally, I find the violent games as a good outlet for when I do feel violent, as with a little immersion, you can really beat a lot of virtual people up with much relief.

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