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7 Ways You Can Work from Home Productively

Many people would love to work from home. You can wake up whenever you want. You can spend the day in your PJs. You can work from the couch. And your schedule can be as wide open as you like.

While it’s true that working from home has its advantages — flexibility being a big one — it’s not the paradise you might think it is.

Distractions abound, especially when family members are home — or others call or come over, thinking that you’re simply not that busy. (Unfortunately, many people don’t take working from home very seriously.) There’s always a household chore that needs to be done. And you don’t get paid for resting, so you’re often working longer hours.

Here are seven tips that take these concerns into account and truly work.

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7 Ways You Can Work from Home Productively

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  1. This is great :) You’re totally right, people just don’t take it seriously. Since my roommate and boyfriend are both gone all day, I often find myself stuck with the dishes, the trash, and getting the groceries done and dinner ready so my bf and I have something to eat after yoga at night. It’s easy to turn from a worker into a full-time housewife! I’ve found that I just have to assert my space, and when they’re at work so am I. If the house is a mess, that has to be everyone’s problem!

    Thanks for talking about this – great techniques!

  2. homework is necesary in conditions of these days but the productivity of this work is very small.I am agree with seven tips,congratulations for the work.

  3. Great summary Margarita! I especially like #6, pay attention to your energy cycles. I think more people could get more done if they work with their cycles instead of against it, saving low-brain tasks for low energy parts of the day.

  4. I’ve been working from home about 1/3 of my week for over ten years. I find the toughest challenges I face were well addressed in point #7.

    Thanks for the post!

  5. All of these are definitely right! Although working at home can be on flexible time, it is still hard to balance everything when you are at home. Distractions are everywhere and seems like the clutter is never ending. I wanted to work non stop but it isn’t possible with the distractions I have here. Hope I can do all those tips.



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