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9 Ways That Humor Heals

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  1. All true points about humor. My blog has humor that addresses some of the issues listed above.

    The Professor

  2. I have a happy and generous heart albeit a damaged heart.I have managed to survive many many things that could have put me 6 feet under the ground but I refuse to allow them to. My mantra is “life will grind you down, life will put you in the gutter but you must pick yourself up dust yourself off and start again, you must laugh at life and tell life I will not allow you to do this to me.” I have been doing this for 59 years I am not a victim I am a survivor amd always will be.Think victim you will be one. think survivor you win the game of life.Forget the apple a day have a laugh instead .

  3. Yes Helen, you are right. We are all survivors if we choose to be. Always look at the positive side of things, appreciate what it is that you have, and make the most of everyday. Life is a gift! We only get to live it but once. Might as well live it right by taking care of yourself, keeping healthy and keep smiling. Laugh to your hearts content, enjoy! LIVE LIFE! Do not allow illness or negativity rule over you. This is YOUR LIFE…YOU CHOOSE HOW TO LIVE IT.

  4. Yes, laughter is indeed a very underrated and much neglected commodity. There is just not enough of it around, but when it is, it is priceless. And I’m not a laughter club member, but I have been exposed to one and I’m sure that it would be a great club to join. It’s good exercise, along with just the wonderful sense of mirth that it brings. That’s one thing I miss about losing my 82 year “young” mom, 3 years ago. She had such a delightful sense of humor. It may have been “cornball”, as she was originally from Omaha, but it was a lot of fun. And it may have been a factor in her having lived such a good long and mostly, very healthy life. So, hee hee, ha ha, ho ho ~ Laugh!

  5. Laughter is for the soul, what soap is to the body. One of the most cleansing things you can do. I use to have a mug that said, “Life is much too important to be taken too seriously.”

  6. Humor is my best comfort in the lost of loved ones. In the last 5 year I have lost several. I am lifted when some shares with me a funny incident they had with the one I lost. It makes me feel good! Even today, when I reflect, I think of times I shared with that person, that was fun or funny. Without being offensive, I try to pass on the uplifting emotion to others who are experiencing the same situation. God Bless the Good Humor Man…

    , e

  7. This is a timely article. We need humour in our daily lives now more than ever. I am very close to my sister who has gone through marital hell, but maintains her humour. She’s my hero. We always find something to laugh about whenever we meet or speak. Life taken too seriously makes the journey tortuous.

  8. Everyone says “Laughter is the Best Medicine,” but there appears to be a shortage of this God-given gift lately.

    With good reason. People are losing their jobs, homes, and life savings–feeling scared and insecure. Soldiers return home wounded and maimed, their spirits wanting. Rampant family dysfunction leaves children and parents alienated from one another.

    My part in stopping this “spiraling out of control”is to offer the gift of Laughter Yoga.

    Back in the ’90s, I experienced several life-shattering traumas, including almost being murdered!
    I remained in a black pit for many years until I was introduced to Laughter Yoga. It affected me so profoundly that I made it my business to train and become a LY Leader and Teacher, to have the opportunity to spread the joy of this gift.

  9. Being light hearted is always helpful and having a sense of humor in the hardest times helps too. Seeing the silver lining in life is a blessing as well.

  10. Kim–

    Where can I finfd laughter yoga? (I live on the East Coast– near a decent-sized city in New England). I was just diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer and, though, my companion has a dry wit and soothing humor when he emails or comes to visit, I will like to participate in this type of soul-cleansing therapy! Got any ideas for where I could tap into this near Providence, RI? Thanks– will watch for your reply…

  11. I need to laugh more in my life I get very stressed about life. I am bipolar and I am a great person. I dont like to hang with to many people they annoy me with there problems. I have enough of my own. I love to laugh I am going to try some of these methods I have read this morning. I am very active I stay busy alot so I dont have to think about stressful things. I love my music and reading my bible every morning it gets me through the day. Thank you for the advice I will try hard to laugh more I need it. Have a good day.

  12. Hi Kim, I’m in the Providence area too! Isn’t that funny! Maybe we could start a laugh lunch. I once tried to do incest-survivor stand-up. None of my friends thought it was funny, so I didn’t. I work for the Journal and I’ve been thinking about asking to do a blog about police items that are kind of funny. Maybe we should have a ticklish spot on our [email protected].
    See if you can find me.
    Donita Naylor

  13. When I was going through a debilitating illness, followed by a very badly broken ankle my husband decided I needed something to make me laugh. The morning of my birthday he came in carrying a pink blanket containing a black & white Shi-Tzu puppy. What a quite wonderful to make my laugh, pets can help immensly with depression

  14. Hi. I read Grace’s comments and was reading about myself. I feel exactly the same. I love to laugh. Every opportunity I get, I try to laugh. I have found myself in very stressful events, bursting into laughter. Not so appropriate. That’s my bipolar side coming out. I will try the suggestions given. The world would be so much better with everyone relieving their stress with laughter and not violence. Have a blessed day!
    TeeTee in Houston

  15. Laughter is definitely the best medicine! I enjoy reading the messages that are submitted on this website. Laughter promotes a positive attitude, when life can be difficult. I have epilepsy, but it is important that I do things that make me happy. Everyone has to keep themselves happy. Let’s all keep up with a positive attitude!
    Susan in Killeen, Texas

  16. I don’t have a sense of humor. It really bothers me that what jokes or actions or sit coms make people laugh they don’t affect me in the same way. Any one have ideas or comments on this problem of mine and I do feel it is a real problem and not just a bad attitude. I try to see humor and laugh but it doesn’t come. I do yoga weekly and maybe Laughter Yoga would help me. Is there any in central New York that anyone is aware of. thanks Christine

  17. To KM and Donita specifically and then to Christine and others more generally below–
    I’m a laughter-yoga teacher here in Providence. World Laughter Day is this Sunday May 3rd at India Point Park from 2:30-4. There will be at least 4 laughter yoga teachers there so you can find out what we’re up to. I will also most certainly be leading a laughter class later in May (probably Sunday May 17th or 31st at 6:30 pm– just not sure which yet) at the yoga studio where i teach vinyassa yoga as well. If you are interested in joining my laughter-yoga mailing list, send me an e-mail at [email protected].

    Also, to Christine and others: go to the american school of laughter website for clubs and leaders near you at http://www.laughangeles.com/. And if no one is near you, they also have a list of trainings available and you can start your own club! There is also a free laughter line you can call about a dozen times a day– info is at the same website. As far as humor goes, this is my feeling: humor is beautiful, but it is so individual and also very cultural. what I love about laughter yoga is that it unites us around pure and simple laughter, which is utterly universal. I have noticed though, that the more I bring intention to laughter, the wider my sense of humor seems to get. In other words, the more I intentionally laugh (through classes or the laugh line or with friends) the more things in life strike me as funny. It’s like you are activating your funny bone from the inside out. Quite amazing really. Anyway, ha ha ho ho he he to all!
    Love and laughter,



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