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Melatonin As A “Greener” Sleep Aid?

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  1. @ Mary – That’s wonderful! Well, aside from the nausea if you try to stay up, and vivid dreams – unless they’re good dreams :) I’m glad your dad was able to help you find something that worked.

  2. I would like to say a few words about all the sleep aids out there…one that is the biggest rip off is SLEEP ONCE AGAIN….there web site says free trial package…once they get your credit card, they charge you a full payment which you never get back…I canceled and said I was sending it back and the crook on the other end said don’t send it back, we will refund you full amount,,,right…never heard from them again…also, it doesn’t work.

  3. @ Jimmy Klein – It sounds like you had a pretty bad experience with that company; I’m sorry about that. I’m not familiar with Sleep Once Again, but it deals with melatonin, right? In case you’re interested, you can purchase melatonin from so many different sources – Wal-Mart even carries it. Again, I’m sorry for your troubles :(

  4. I take Melatonin regularly, 3 3Mg nightly. I take them @ 30 minutes before bedtime, sleep like a rock, have never had a side effect. 3 MG is a very weak solution for me, three puts me out in 30 minutes.

    I developed sleeping problems after I hit 60 and prefer this to prescription medications.

    Melatonin has been wonderful.
    I have bought it at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and most places where vitamins are sold. Best price has been Walmart, far less than other stores.

  5. I have suddenly started experiencing major sleep issues. I have only slept about 20 hours over the last four days. Is melatonin the best thing to take just once or twice to help get back to my normal schedule, or simply to just get some much-needed rest?

    Normally I sleep fine (7-8 hours a night) and I have only ever sparingly taken Excedrin PM in the past to help on the occasional sleepless nights.

  6. @ Daryl – I’m not sure if it’s the “best thing,” but it does work for many people and probably worth a shot. I really like it.

    You can get melatonin over the counter, without a prescription, but I would still recommend talking with your doctor about starting taking it.

    Let us know how it goes!

  7. I have had great success using melatonin. I used it while the stress of my line of work worsened my inability to fall asleep quickly. Many think this creates a dependency. But after quitting that line of work and finding it not so difficult to fall asleep, I stopped using it and continued sleeping OK. But I may use it again to increase my deep sleep cycle and sleep less.

  8. @ Paul Fassa – That’s great; I’m glad works for you :) Very nice blog, by the way!

  9. does melatonin help you from the withdraws of vicodin

  10. @ sami – I wish I could help you, but that’s something you’ll have to talk with a doctor about.

  11. been taking 4 5mg’s of vicodin for about 3years my biggest fear was having to deal with the withdraws which i did before it was a nightmare been taking melatonin for the past to days to go to sleep works super good and i have a high tollerence thanks alicia for all the help.

  12. @ Sami – You’re welcome. :) Is the decision to stop taking the Vicodin yours or your doctor’s? I don’t want to seem nosy; I only ask because I’m wondering if your doctor might have offered any advice up front? In any event, good luck with it and if you find anything out from your doctor regarding the melatonin and Vicodin please feel free to stop back by and share!

  13. i have always had trouble sleeping and took ambien for years, but disliked the grogginess i experienced. have found that a tea of chamomile and skullcap is effective for me BUT you need to use whole leaf organic herbs that have not been irradiated, as the radiation will reduce the effectiveness of the useful compounds in the herbs. the tea needs to be strong. i use 1 T chamomile flowers and 1/2 T skullcap. place in a cloth teabag or strainer, pour boiling water over, cover the mug with a saucer and allow to steep for at least ten minutes. drink about 15 minutes before you want to go to sleep. don’t bother with commercially prepared tea bags… if you must use them, get organic non-irradiated bags and use several per cup

  14. @ s – Thanks so much for sharing that :) That’s also very good to know about the commercial prepared tea bags – I wasn’t aware of that!

  15. I’ve been using it for a year now. Over here in the UK you have to get it through a hospital consultant, and most family doctors haven’t even heard of DSPS, let along using melatonin for it, and therefore I usually have something of a struggle with each new GP getting my presctiption.

    Ah, my magic pills. I can hold down a proper job with only the occasional oversleep, and I don’t waste half of my weekend free time asleep in bed.

    I occasionally don’t bother taking it if I don’t need to get up in the morning, partly to save money and partly because I do get some side-effects – mainly drying out. I get very thirsty and sometimes constipated because of it… I think that’s down to the Melatonin anyway. But if I stop taking it, I just stay awake until 4 am again.

    You have to make a conscious decision whether you are going to be how you were designed, or try and fit in with the daywalkers. Too much I want to do is only open during the day, so I try to fit in, and I don’t think I could do that without the melatonin.

  16. I am 12 years old and me doctor recommened that i take melatonin 3mg for my sleeping promblems.Every article ive read about melatonin has said that kids to teenagers should not take melatonin(in any dosage).Is this true and should i lower my dosage or stop taking it.


  17. Hi I was wondering what the difference between melatonin and melatonin plus is?
    My doctor recommended melatonin to me after I have had countless nights of sleep. But my husband bought melatonin PLUS and I don’t know if that is what I wanted. Will it make a difference?

  18. The buccal strips sound interesting. I read that sub-lingual form is the best. But I find holding anything under my tongue irritating. So use drops from FBSHealth , instead, and let them dissolve in my mouth.

    I suppose that would tend to have the same effect. They are 3mg Melatonin per piece. One is usually enough for me: sometimes I suck another if it still didn’t work.

  19. Used melatonin now and then for sleep problems. Good to now it’s probably the most naturally sleep aid available. Came across a few others that are worth the read about resetting your sleep cycle by changing your diet.



  20. I have been taking 6 mg of melatonin for 3 months. I fall right to sleep at 10:00PM but awaken at 1:30AM and can’t gp back to sleep. I also shake all over my entire body. I have stopped the melatonin. how long until it is out of my system. thank you.

  21. My husband and I just started taking 3 mg of melatonin every night about a week ago. He’s had sleep issues for years, and I have them occasionally. Out of the 7 or so nights I’ve taken it, two of those nights I’ve woken up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep. Otherwise I’ve slept fine, but with much more vivid dreams. One morning I got out of bed because I was dreaming so hard (don’t know how else to describe it) about work, that I had to get up because I was sick of it! It has been a big help to my husband though.

  22. 24 y/o, probably surprising that I would need it, but with an inconsistent sleep schedule (sometimes as early as 0330 rise, and 0630 being the latest, I found tossing and turning to be detrimental to having to wake up in the morning. (AD military) I used Ambien, but when I ran out I didn’t feel like being subjected to “sleep hygiene” handouts and yadda yadda… just wanted the Ambien that worked… So I ran over to CVS and saw Somni this Sleep that… and I’m like sheesh… Antihistamine – AKA benadryl seems to be the only thing… but wait, what is this? Melatonin 5mg tabs… (yeah right, but I guess I’ll try it…) Mmmmhmmm, slept 9 hours last night and woke up fine, and no need to nap today or have an energy drink.

  23. I just bought a bottle of Melatonin that is 10mg. It’s the highest dose I have found and it works great for me!

  24. Melatonin side effects are considerably smaller than other types of synthetic or herbal remedies. But there still are side effects and you should be aware of them before deciding to take melatonin to cure your insomnia.


  25. I have had sleep troubles that started when I was eleven. This long miserable nights where I would cry with frustration because I had school the next day. I’m a major worrier and stress to the max about everything. Then I was reading about hormones the brain makes in anatomy ( currently am eighteen) and read about melatonin. I did some research and then bought the bottle (I can’t swallow pills so I crush it and eat it with yogurt) and have been sleeping like a baby feeling ultra good in the morning. I take it every night but have noticed of I take it before eight thirty I wake up at four thirty and have a hard time going back to sleep. I’ve been taking three mg a night was wondering if I should take six? For the people who stress though trust me it helps a lot it even helped me sleep on a flight from lax to Tahiti :)

  26. I just bought a bottle of 3 mg of melatonin. I only found the tablets not the strips. What’s the difference between tablets and strips? Is one better then the other? Also I’m not sure how much to take? My problem is I have some good nights when I sleep really good, and some nights I can’t sleep at all.

  27. For those that have not had success with melatonin, my approach my help somewhat. I have delayed sleep insomnia, I go to sleep naturally at 3 a.m. or so and get up before 9. What I found worked last night was to take .5 mg of subligual melatonin before supper, which is 5 o’clock or so for me. Then at 9 o’clock I take pharma gaba (300 mg), p-5-p (50 mg), folic acid (800 mcg), slo-niacin (250 mg) and time released melatonin (3 mg), 2 tylenol. I also took 2.5 mg sublingual melatonin when I got in bed. I slept but only until 4 am when I turned the tv on again. I took a little more sublingual melatonin, probably 1 mg, but have been groggy today. I wasn’t groggy at 4am but didn’t want to get up then. I need to lengthen the time asleep, but this regime gets me some sleep. I have had insomnia for 18 years and have taken benzo’s for the last 6. I’m hard to get to sleep, so if this works for me, hopefully this regime will work for someone else. I have to be hit over the head to get some shut eye. Hope this helps someone find a regime for them. If my blood pressure is slightly up meaning 140 systolic I will not sleep. Research is showing that melatonin helps those with nocturnal bp issues. Hopefully this is my answer. If I take it at bedtime like everyone else, melatonin does not work for me. I have to take it early, like 5pm.

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