The New York Times ran a chilling article the other day about abusive relationships among youths, which are far more prevalent than I realized. According to a 2007 Center of Disease Control and Prevention survey of 15,000 teens cited in the Times article, 10 …

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Abuse in Teen Relationships

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  1. Is there an online chat for abuse relationships?

  2. what is i that all of you think about abusive relationships??

  3. im in one myself how do i get out!!

    • thats optional and all up to you…if your staying with him you’re putting yourself in danger try calling a hotline or something,call someone you really trust and ask for help


    This is a website
    and the phone number is
    1-866- 331 9474

  5. Im doing my speech on Teenage abusive realationships, I find it happenes to much in the world and i find girls have to stand up and be strong and not let there “loved ones” take over them.

  6. Very Interesting Article In Fact Im Doing A Project On Teen Abuse My Self So Yea This Helps ME Alot

  7. I am doing my Senior term paper over teenage abusive relationships. It is a bigger problem than we think it is. I was verbally abused by my son’s father. I was so scared to be alone with him. I didn’t want to move out of my sister’s house with him either. Because i just thought and had a feeling that one day things were going to far and he would put his hands on me. He did shove me a couple of times and grab me way to hard. I had a dad and brothers that would have hurt him if they ever knew about that so I still haven’t told them. But him being scared of them made it a lot easier for me to tell him it was over.

  8. im in a abusive relationship but i dont know how to get out of it.. so i just deal with it. My mom says that i need to get out now before something bad happened but i really love him and dont know what to do

  9. Hello, i was once in a abusive relationship. I was tormented. and beaten. But my friend tori, told me i had to end this. So i got the courage to dump him. I was 15. And I thought I was inlove… But by reading these articles, it makes me sad…

  10. has a live chat for abused teens

  11. im in an abusive relationship and he threatens to beat me and kill me i have bruses and scars i wish i could get out what should i do i need help and i think he just might kill me

  12. thankk you, honestly

  13. am tiffany and am 17 years old and i was in a really bad relastionship 2 years ago, and i was si scared to lose him, he whouldnt let me do anything, when i did something he had to be there with me, and am doing my speech in english class about this topic.Thank soo much for the info,and i will never be in a realastionship like that again.

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