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Top Ten Depression Blogs 2008

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  1. I am quite surprised to have made the list.

    Thank you.

  2. You definitely belong on the list, you are one of the best. Thank you for writing!

  3. WOW! Thank you so much for the honor! I mean it! I am so incredibly honored! I am just one person trying to shed some light on this debilitating illness. It is humbling to be included in this stellar group of bloggers. Thank you again!

  4. Thank you so much for including me on your list. I’m in shock I don’t really know what to say except thank you so much, you’ve made my day.

  5. This is an awesome top ten list, you should post this to my buddy’s site http://www.toptentopten.com/ and you can link back to your site. They are looking for content and in return provide a user base that can track back to your site. The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list.

  6. Thank you! Sorry about the swearing!

  7. This seems like a great place to start reading mental health-related blogs.

    Thanks for all the time you saved me!

    All the best for the new year.

  8. Great list, some very good blogs represented here.

    As someone struggling with chronic illness, pain, pain management/medication, family/marriage stresses and those rooted in the aforementioned health struggles…..I certainly have plenty of reasons to be depressed, and at times certainly do feel that way. But I also have many reasons to be happy, and if I can resolve some of the more fundamental questions looming before me I think that regardless of the state of my health that I can look forward to a better state of mind — which in turn has a lot to do with my coping skills in regards to those physical challenges.

    Hopefully, in this new year, and with the help of my friends in the general-interest web community The Black Hole that I’ve been developing since founding it in 2003 (other projects with Xerces go back to the mid 90’s and I’ve been publishing/developing major online communities since the beginning of the Internet, before there even was a Web!)….you can find us at the link above, or find me on all sorts of social networks & messengers like AIM, YIM, Google Talk/Jabber and so forth. My username on most is “dalaixerces,” other contact information is usually available if you’re interested.

    I hope that, as I think most “bloggers” and others who express their most personal feelings, their deepest struggles and doubts, fears and hopes via this ever-evolving digital medium that seems pressed frantically toward pure telepathy….I think that most of us feel the same as I do, in hoping that our efforts and expressions in whatever form are able to encourage others to in turn express themselves as well.

    That’s part of why I usually encourage people to come to TBH, a forum, rather than other less free-form sites that we operate; they can always visit those later if they decide they like the work that Xerces does, but in a community environment without limits on subject or content (within reason, and fair-warning labeling rules) I find that people have a chance to express things that they might not otherwise.

    In any case, great work here and keep up the great work — on both ends of the patient-caregiver spectrum; sometimes we are, after all, a little bit of both!

  9. What complete and utter shock I’m in! I visited Storied Mind’s blog this evening and read his post about being in the top 10 and I was dumbfounded!

    Thank you so very much for this great honor! I have no idea how you found my blog but thank you so very much. You definitely made my entire week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. There is a thing called “age cheating” in this world. And there is a thing called learned helplessness.

    And there is a thing called social politics that attempt to make people that haven’t gained a true sense of social independence through the years, knowing how to pull away from parents (and wanting to) feel more and more useless and more and more helpless.

    You have to read between the lines of what these entertainers tell you. Oprah Winfrey recently said “50 is the new 30″. Today’s 37 is like yesterday’s 21.

    37 is your legal age meaning that in a legal paperwork situation you have no choice but to accept it, but in a social sense, you can be young at any age if you can change your perspectives on life.

    The trouble with the post WW2 world especially in free societies, is children (for well over 30 years) being brought into the world believing in the idea of the free ride and too much dependency on a parent or caretaker and not enough dependency on understanding their rights and developing some greater social responsibilities.

    They lie to kids especially in these early years when small children often cling to their caretakers and are terrified of teenagers, college students and post college students, and many believe that it would be light years into the future if at all before they reach and pass that age.

    And with all of the gaudy products businesses sell to parents to give to their dependent children to show that they unconditionally love them, gives them false ideas that this is the world they are always going to face. The school system forces kids through for marks and when they get out and life is once again more abandoned and serene, obsessional thinking of the world of yesterday (the good and bad) and fearful thinking of the present pulling deeper into the world of the future causes many former helpless dependent children (who never even mastered adolescence) to develop into a state of depression, social withdrawal, more co-dependency and co-morbid psychological conditions. Pulling through fear socal anxiety and depression with a true sense of of a basic world of accomplishing and doing.

    Feeling comfortable doing this independently and with others for long hard days for a sense of personal worth and growth can be very difficult. Society in general does not want children (and even teenagers) to believe they are goiung to have to grow up, and that as they get older younger generations will follow them into the future.

    For retail sales (big buisness) and recreation programs (small business) administrators attempt to capitalize on internal family bonds in the first eight years of life, and the fears associated with slowly breaking these bonds in constructive productive ways for their own profits. In life you only get older and older and older and you have to accept this truth in order to survive, and truly understand that you developed from a totally helpless dependent individual into a productive member of society. The first thoughts that hit many people’s minds especially small children are learned helplessness and allowing these weak dreadful submissive emotions to get the better of them when their caretakers are not in their present environment.

    If constructive, productive emotional and physical levels of functioning can not intinctively overtake these emotionally weak feelings of abandonment and stress, a fight or flight syndrome appears threatening your physical health ultimately causing you to socially withdraw from the here and now and take the easy way out.

    My opinion is that hospitals at birth are most responsible for developing a plan for parents within the scope of the family genes for their newborn children, since they hold over 100 years of birth certificates of living individuals.

    The hospitals are most responsible for investing their money on interrelational workshops for young families in similar situations, to help parents understand that babies and small children have to face reality every day and eventually grow up and take some personal responsibility for their actions.

    There is always going to be a next day, deeper into the future. Families get older. Familes perceive the world differently, and there is always going to be all sorts of people you have to deal with. Hospitals are most responsible for coaching children and young people into this understanding, since they hold the birth certificates of them and their parents and their grandparents. Personal responsibility is important, preventative medicine is important, social engineering for profit is not.

    Posted by Jay

  11. This is an amazing list of top ten depression blogs,depression has been of the problem affecting a lot of people and it is treatable.I hope to see top ten list for 2010 soonest.keep up the good work.

  12. Thanks for the list, I have only begun to explore the blog world and its amazing to see how much support and information is available out there.

    For my own part, I have just started an online not-for-profit anon. art project called Draw that Beast. The idea was born of Winston Churchill’s description of depression as his “little black dog”

    I am asking people to submit original artwork (drawings, paintings, montages, photos) of how depression visually looks to them. I’m interested in going beyond the descriptive words and try to capture the intangible with imagery. Like glimpses into the human spirit.

    Anyone is welcome to join in or check it out at:


    Meagan K

  13. Interesting list. I’m ambivalent about these types of sites. Having a place to document feelings and a way to reach out to others is one of the best ways to pull out of your depression. Sometimes, however, I think these blogs end up being a place for depressed individuals to marinate in their own juices, without necessarily getting to the core issues that drive their depression. As one of many psychologists in Pasadena CA that treat chronic depression, I work with people every day who are entrapped by their own minds, as they unknowingly beat on themselves in very subtle, “observation”-oriented ways. The best way to pull out of chronic depression is to capture yourself in the act of being unkind to yourself and intervene… the voice that is simply “observing” you, trying to “motivate” you, is often the voice that keeps you locked up and in pain. Pay attention– it’s often a judgmental, shaming, and hopeless message that the voice is providing, even when it’s just “telling the truth”.



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