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Your Reasons To Go on Living

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  1. My reason to keep living!
    My family and friends are the most important and basically the only reason i am still here.

  2. They appear to only want people who want to continue living. I made a decision to stay alive for my kids, but I don’t want to be here, so I doubt that they’d want to hear from me. Only positive uplifting story-tellers need apply.

  3. Why, Jude? Your perspective is as valid as anyone’s. Please consider sharing, even without an optimistic message.

  4. It seems to me that the people who survive a suicide attempt may not have truely desired death else they would have completed their attempt. I have been on the brink of taking my life many a time and from my perspective death is an easy thing to achieve if desired. I feel that if a suicidal person chooses a “non-guarrenteed” method of suicide, he or she must not truely desire death; else the risk of living would not have been taken.

  5. My reason to keep living is hope. Actually I almost feel like… empty. I have my own goals, but I am “eaten” by others’ goals.
    And I should involve in their goals because i love them and i dont want them being crushed.
    If they are crushed then I’ll be crushed too.
    But, still, their goals arent mine.
    I believe that things changing everyday. they do.
    So i always have a hope (moreover, hopes) to run after my goals and dreams.

  6. I am the lead researcher for The Reasons to go on Living Project and very much appreciate Sandra Kiume’s report. I want to clarify that although we closed the first phase of story collection on December 15th, we are now collecting stories in our second phase. If you have not yet contributed your story, I hope you will consider doing so. I would very much like to read it and I am grateful to everyone who has sent us their story already.

    We have posted 4 stories on the website and hope to add more stories regularly.

    Thank you for your help in increasing awareness about The Reasons to go on Living Project.

    –jenn brasch, MD
    Associate Professor
    Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences
    McMaster University
    Hamilton, Ontario

  7. I personally want to die because I’ve never been happy. It would appear from the surface that I am happy but I am very lonely and feel the end is best for all. I’ve never failed to fail and possibly this could be one thing I succeed at :( !

  8. Gator bait – please click the link and read some of the stories they’ve posted.

  9. I do not want to take my life.. I have thought about suicide on many occasions, but every time my desire to accomplish something, or perhaps my curiosity to see if something good can happen has stopped me. all i want is to be happy. so why can’t i be? i try and i try, but i still end up sad. lonely. empty. why so empty? like a liquor bottle drained of it’s fluid, my life continues to sadden me. i’m merely eighteen and liquor has already worked it’s way into my life, rhymes, and reasons to keep living it seems. I’ve told my mother that i wanted to die. Told my little sister that i can’t go on living. but, here i am, still alive, still angry. a simple poet, stuck in this frustrating system. why can’t i just be happy? it has dawned on me that true happiness comes from inside, from yourself. so, why is it that i look for happiness in other places? the contents of liquor bottles. the company of girls who have no feelings for me but primal urges. the sticky green buds of my favorite woman, mary jane. who, by the way, may be of some help to those of you considering the big question; should i end it? what i mean is before jumping to any conclusions, you might as well sit down and try the old inhale-exhale with mary. i’m not saying it’ll change your situation, but it’ll put things into a different perspective, and sometimes that’s all you need. try it. but enough about my ongoing affair with miss jane. what i’m trying to say is that if a kid like me, an alcoholic, pothead, pathetically hopeless romantic eighteen year old with no job and no girlfriend can go on living in this revoltingly careless world, even if just to see what happens. maybe you can too, even if it’s just to watch and see what happens with me.

    and seriously try smoking some pot.

    sincerely, W.

    • seriously the pot thing does help.

      since i’ve started smoking medicinally for my bipolar my outbreaks havent been so bad…they happen when I’m not smoking and cant for hours.

      • You shouldn’t divulge in it as a need. i used to smoke pot and drink heavily but I stopped.
        Yes I’ve tried to commit suicide, yes I used to self mutilate, yes I often get depressed and cry and wonder why the hell I’m still here even though I have promising potential and a curious look into life, although I’m young and I know it’ll take time till I shine.
        Pot and alcohol are just an aid. You need to find a way without an aid, or you can never truly be happy.
        Smoking, drinking, anything, is a way of coping, in a bad way.
        I turned down pot and drinking, and instead work out and venture- and it’s been really good. instead of smoking a joint, I run a mile, or more. Or do a hundred push-ups, or core work out. It gets your mind off things.
        But smoking pot? Drinking? It ruins your brain. And the brain is essential. More people get depressed as they age in the long run because they’ve realized how much they’ve ruined themselves with things like pot and alcohol.
        So if you’re commenting here because you’re a potential suicide, then you’re more likely to get even more depressed down the road if you don’t stop your habits now.
        I know it sounds like I’m demanding it, but it’s a strong suggestion. I stopped all my habits, abruptly. And I was hooked to the feeling of not being here. So why so suddenly? It was because I realized it was a stupid choice. I realized it would only make it worse down the road.
        It doesn’t take a genius to stop stupid things.
        I’m not enforcing the idea to just be happy all of a sudden, but to at least realize that what you’re doing will never truly truly TRULY help you.

  10. My reason to living is to ensure I live a life full of opportunities and always waiting for the next big thing out there for me and in believing that my life will be better if I better myself and work hard for what I want you get what you put in !! Putting every ounce of hard work to successed and hopefully travel around the world to see what’s out there if they is more than meets the eye !! Really want to set my priorities straight and hopefully I’m in good health to be able cope with all that the world throws at me all the harshness and misery its just a part of life so I deal with it, that is why they call it survival of the fittest the strong minded both physically and mentally are able to cope only then can you live life to the fullest and not regretting what should have been or what could be because you can only push your self to the limit to achieve something in life to be able to say I did this whilst I was on planet earth!! I was capable of redeeming myself in doing something good and living a life of no regrets !! That’s what I’m looking forward to in my life as I progress further and become independent and start living on my own taking full responsibility of what lies ahead in the future and living the past behind me and when ever they is failure I know I get back up like failure is usual !! In life they is failures and success and if we learn to live with it not only do we learn to move on from it but to start afresh and hope for the best knowing they is so much opportunities out there if you are willing to put in the hard work hoping for a better future and you never know they might be a surprise along and awaiting through the hush corners in life !!

  11. Before I decided to attempt suicide I cut and burned myself for a little over 3 years. I wasn’t necessarily always sad when I did it, sometimes I was angry and trying to control it other times I just felt like doing it. What pushed me over the age was when my mother kicked me out of the house onto the street. My family had rejected me for years, but physically having no where to go and not knowing what was going to happen next was scary. Plus I was lonely, but I think telling people what was going on and trying to find help was a form of weakness, I still do. So finally after living with a drug addict, a guy that just got out of jail, and a drug dealer and being rejected, and having no where to go, and not being able to figure out why all this was happening when I had never done anything horrible, and having no one to turn to, to fix it for me or help me, I was done. Thankfully I didn’t die. And after what happened I realized that my mother is abusive and that there’s nothing wrong with me, that my family will never accept me, and that I was alone. But instead of being hopeless, I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to protect those who do have a purpose, who have goals, and a will to live. So I decided I wanted to serve in the US Navy as a Core Men. Which is like a battle field medic. That way I can help the soldiers continue their lives and protect those who want to live. I want to let those people who are out there thinking that no one cares about them know that they are the ones I have dedicated my life to protect so they can go on and find their purpose in life and make this world better.

    • I’m glad the government did something good for someone….never thought that would happen. gave me a new perspective. I’m glad things are good for you though. maybe starting a family and repairing the cycle.

      Love and Peace

  12. I’ve dranken a half a gallon of beach, I’ve slit down roads, and I still don’t want to be here. But today, ironically the day I stumble upon this, I’m making a word document that entails reasons for living and pushing on.
    Here it goes:
     The sun shines
     Flowers bloom
     Stars twinkle
     Water hitting sand
     Boyfriend loves me, and one day he’ll marry me
     Animals need help, it’s not animals’ faults that humans are so lame
     School will make it easier in the long run
     If you work your ass off you can go to Davis <3
     I have a wonderful house and a wonderful boyfriend and two lovely kids
     I have amazing family that takes care of me.
     I’m having school paid for by my dad….thats slim pickings right there
     I love horses and if I keep where I’m going I can be an equine vet(or who knows)
     I have a few close friends that mean the words to me

  13. I would like to know how to get ahold of the research and some of the coping stratigies

  14. In most cases the decision to commit suicide is never taken lightly, in fact a great deal of thought goes into the consequences until the choice is affirmed as the only alternative.
    I believe, the main reason most people decide to go on living after a failed suicide attempt is that for some reason the attempt was stopped by a (usually well meaning) person that interrupts or stops the attempt.
    The end result is that the person (as in my own case), has to endure the remaining part of their life in utter misery unless they can regain the courage to make a successful attempt.



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