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“Six Steps to Living in the Moment”

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  1. Learning to ‘inhabit the present’ is a job worth doing. It does not mean that everything will be suddenly ‘ok’, and the present is not always a comfortable place to be, but the greater our ability to hold the present in awareness, the greater our ability to be comfortable and patient becomes.

    Worth while I think in this frenetic world!


  2. I enjoyed reading this very much while I drank my hot chocolate. The last bit about the cookie helped me stop and literally savor the moment. Thanks.

  3. Great article! Mindfulness is a gift, all around.


  4. These are tips that I can actually use, right now. Thanks.

  5. Perhaps the lesson to be learned- let us focus on one task at a time as it seems we have little time for even the most simplist task of looking after ourselves due to lack of time, pressures to complete and lack of privacy to be ourselves.

  6. Sincere wish to offer the best, in the job in hand, will not only offer better results but also the satisfaction of leaving ‘a mark of your personality’.
    Every celebrity has this quality.
    Amitabh Bachchan, an Indian actor, is the example.

  7. Mindfulness training taught me to enjoy holding hands and not being somewhere else; it taught me to focus on kissing and not being somewhere else; and when I was…well, you know, doing other things, every moment became a complete joy. The present moment is as good as it gets……

  8. Mindfulness training taught me to enjoy holding hands and not being somewhere else; it taught me to focus on kissing and not being somewhere else; and when I was…well, you know, doing other things, every moment became a complete joy. The present moment is as good as it gets……

  9. So the real secret to true happiness is “mindfulness”? I find all this rather hard to believe. As much as I find this article interesting and informed I can’t help but think, Aren’t all the horrible things that happen in the world also an outcome of “living in the moment”? For every armed robbery, rape, drunk-driving accident and one night stand how can you possibly say that living in the moment is the only way to stay happy? Plus, Think about it this way. If you don’t think ahead then what is the point of striving for anything? What is the point of setting goals or creating inventions? As much as we like to sit in contentment and chew on the things that are happening right now we would all like to know, what happens next? As much as we enjoy the story in a movie we all want to know how it ends. And when we raise kids? We don’t only like to enjoy the things that they do in the moment but we also like to dream about what they will be like when they’re older. Don’t we all say to ourselves…yes the terrible twos are bad, but one day they’ll move out of the house!? I think the secret of true happiness in life must be a perfect mix of reality and fantasy. Living in the moment can help us enjoy the small things in life but we can’t do it all the time. We would only end up hurting ourselves. At the same instance, we have a very special gift to see ideas and goals far into the future and those things can make us very happy too.:)

  10. In response to Arlette in part, I have an opinion. Humans have a special ability to focus outside the here and now. This is both a great advantage in the struggle for survival (and happiness) and a great disadvantage. It is the balance of the advantages and disadvantages of this ability that is in part our greatest challenge if we wish to achieve whatever our personal goals may be and whatever it may be that makes us happy. The point of the six steps (I had never seen them before tonight) seems to me to help teach those of us who are inclined to overfocus on the future and past how we might find our way into the present after a period of overwork and worry. I don’t think that for my own part it will ever be possible to enjoy the present without a very specific attempt to focus on it — the pressure to achieve is too strong me. One can be overstretched in the attempt to address the future, and indeed it leads to anxiety and a failure to enjoy life. It is as if humans can live so much in the future and past that it is metaphorically as if they are not living — at least some humans — and I do speak for myself here. I suspect this style of overfocus on the future and past is more common now than centuries ago. But it’s hard to know.

  11. If mindfulness is a gift, why do i have to practice or meditate anything?

    I don’t get it about having to do, and practice 6, or 10, or 12 steps, and meditate, and think positively, and all this stuff.

    What makes anyone think I have any goals to begin with, or that i am filled with choices, or that I have to focus on nothingness, or gratitude, or that i have to worry, or not worry about dealing happily with cancer, or with a cookie, or ‘tragedy’, or feeling/thinking well or badly, or too much, or not at all?

    What makes any of you even think I have any of these problems you are talking about, and what makes any of you think I need steps and advice on how to deal with cancer, and/or that I need to prepare myself for past, future or present, or none of the above.

    I don’t do steps, and I don’t do meditation, and I don’t do ‘positive thinking’. If anything, they ‘do me’.

    I can be totally happy when all goes wrong, and unhappy when all goes right.

    The way i see it, if you got stories to tell, life is good. And like with good stories, the bitter-sweet ones are always the best. The worst is when nothing ever happens. I value all my experiences equally, if maybe not at the very moment.

    So, why do i need to meditate and live by steps, again?

  12. I’m a woman with so much on my plate that sometimes its spills over and my anxiety grabs hold. I’ve been mindful about trying to live in the present, and it has significantly helped me get through some rough times. I would have such a hard time enjoying a movie, or reading a book because my mind was filled with garbage about the past or the future. I finally decided, I want to live in the present, and embrace all that it has to offer me.



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