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Psychiatric Solutions Hospitals Under Fire

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  1. PSI has grown into a powerhouse in the country for inpatient psychiatric care. They operate 94 inpatient behavioral health care facilities with approximately 11,000 beds in 32 states, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. They had approximately $1.8 billion in revenues in 2009 (a 6.4% increase from 2008) and paid out ~$1 billion in salaries, wages and employee benefits. However, some of the salaries I’m sure the front-line employees are nowhere close to making:

    Joey A. Jacobs
    Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President

    Ronald M. Fincher
    Chief Operating Officer

    Jack E. Polson
    Executive Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer

    Brent Turner
    Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration

    Christopher L. Howard
    Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

    Food for thought… How many more employees could they hire if the top 5 of their management team weren’t already bringing home over $3.6 million/year (which doesn’t include other compensation) — it buys 55 new therapists at $65k/year.

  2. it saddens me 2 hear y’all attacking each other. life’s 2 short 4 all this negativity. bottom line is, we’re all in t business of helping sick people. if you don’t feel a calling 2 take care of people, then u need 2 go find another job. if u were management material, u would b management by now. otherwise, unless u want 2 go back 2 school & get a degree in management, stop tryin 2 second guess the people who are smarter than you!

  3. vida…..education does not make one smarter…one may be book smart and have no good ole common sense!!!!!!! other than that, I agree with you…all this complaining is accomplishing absolutely nothing., except poor entertainment.

  4. lighten up, i beg to disagree. education absolutely does make one smarter, but common sense comes from a combination of good parenting and god-given talent. thanks for agreeing with me.

  5. IN the Parking lot was a reference to being in the hotel parking lot where, ceo and his dedicated blond were seen with personal files. It has nothing to do with the work parking lot, how clueless can one be. What actually is going on at that hotel anyways. Could this facility get anymore ghetto. Does mrs. Ham ever come to the hotel. Why doesn’t someone look her up in atlanta and tell her what’s going on. Shouldn’t her daughter now that her father is a real “donkey.” How about pictures?

  6. OMG! Can anyone who actually works at this facility believe that they are helping people. Though you my try, administration is there to take their money. We are designed to cause recidizm. We have a whore for a therapist sleeping with military patients, other tramps bring in food for select patients. We make trailer parks look like paradises. We have a physician who couldn’t pass a UA, really people! Can you not see what Ham has turned this place into? Didn’t someone get fired for feeding a cat? WTF?

  7. Let me enlighten ‘not in the parking lot’, before you go attacking the lady with the blue eyeliner, i say lady because she is. What you need to know first thing, the person who was in the parking lot was talking about the hotel where the devious acts took place –reread the blog and try to follow along. Something else you should know the lady you are falsely accusing doesn’t own a computer and has no internet service–are you still with me– She is also too busy getting the DOT to install red lights, her foundation funding the local hospital and working to educate people on the dangers of chrystal meth addiction and contact. She would be shocked and appauled if she knew that someone was attempting character assination of her good name. I know all this because she is a personal friend and she would not waste her time posting to a anquited article on the net. She is clever and resourceful enough to actually get things done than complaining on a stupid blogg. If you were more observant you should be aware that she is always at work on time, actually waiting in the work parking lot till time to clock in. She has also been night supervisor, charge nurse and ran a unit all at the same time, while others struggle to do just one of those things. She has been an asset to the facility and has values, integrity, and ethics and I resent someone attacking her, when there are plenty of people at the facility who are acting without morals and ethics. I feel dirty having to even address this, I hope you guys can understand it, if not i apologize, i don’t speak retardation.

    • In a workplace where there is contentious individuals trying to win their influential argument by scoring one-up that schooling, degrees, and even all the good work one has done that maybe with enough time and confusion get “swept-up” under the rug, all people with a personality of “perceiver/extroversion” is going to try to influence, dominate, and manipulate that they lead and should have everyone else to follow them (intimidation/invalidator)because they have a “smart mouth” and earned it with their degrees and having had the opportunity to go to school. So to justify they are a better person deserving substantial income. That income which may be so “inflated” and could be more adequately utilized to make a promise that a better worldly condition is experienced by many and not the “hoarder” of the pompous who want to secure their comforts in life (privileges). It states in the Bible that extending from one-self to do “service” to fellow man in balance with other aspects of a well-rounded life/individual is the expression of Love and the Designer’s (earth and living sources) intention. Work is significant and so is the expression of “all” its contributors no matter what rank. Because even if one did not narrowly-minded seek to earn the degree to anchor themselves in a “bragging” title does not mean there is a lack of competency and intelligence in each human being. Thank God that you are so privileged to have receive a degree and can earn a comfortable income and where there is a “gluttony” of receiving income offending the average worker, that offends the expression of importance of each individual’s contribution to this world. So the “whole system” will suffer because of the seven (7) deadly sins listed in the Bible or just plain (childlike) common sense, the energy and quality of the oxygen, blood, neuro-health will be withheld because selfishness, pridefulness, indifference of value to each other creates a very unhealthy life experience. Who will get better with those conditions. That is why we are over-medicating each other–GREED.

  8. I like your replies except for the comment “stop second guessin the people that are smarter than you”. You obvious don’t know these people. Smarter–not even close, lacking character and values–all the way. Can you call someone smart who is willing to jepordize their great paying job and family by having an affair with a co-working–placing them in a position to which they don’t have the education or talent to do. Smart people who wear dentures know to use adhesive to keep them in. I do appreciate you comments and know that you know how to care for patients but you would have to experience the brutal and unjust treatment of these administration to get a complete grasp of what is going on. I work in this hostile enviroment and can’t wait until all the pending legal issues come to fruition and change comes.

  9. everyone is listening to gossip and believing it..nobody knows the truth regarding any of the issues….
    what happened to “Mind your own business” ????
    you people need to watch a reality show and just go to work and do your job !!

  10. You only have to look at the turn over rate to see that their is a problem. We are really losing some great, hardworking people and they are being replaced by friends of friends. You don’t have to have any skill now to work here you just have to know somebody. That why some people are still there that should have been fired a long time ago. Look at who they’re married to, or where there parent works. You don’t have to listen to any gossip unless your blind you can see what going on, it is so blatant that Helen Keller could see it.

  11. what is that about being fired for feeding a cat???? Is that a joke, or for real ????

  12. It is true a long time employee was fired because a construction worker reported that she had fed the cats. She had not…75% of the staff has fed the cats including me !! the cats do no harm and the patients love them. Its been proven animals are good therapy for patients but of course our CEO has to have something to control staff with.

  13. another elopement…….nurse suspended…..
    cat feast…….MHT fired……..
    therapist fired…….
    the drama continues…………

  14. Wow, sold to UHS and no comments.
    I would like to hear how everyone thinks this will impact PSI employees.

  15. yes sale to uhs is pending…the investigation.
    the bigger news is this: the DOJ investigation of psy executives getting 5x`s the $$$ as compared to last year. they did this as they knew their sale of the company was pending- and this action may have defrauded the stockholders.

  16. JT…I don’t see how a sale will affect the employess………unless they may want to put their own adm. people in, they usually don’t bother with the staffing when an ownership change takes place………

  17. staff usually outlast admin. throw a going away party for current admin. including those that live on mikes coattails……good luck and good fortune to the rest of us who hope for a well balanced fair admin.and the hospital we once had

  18. I was just asking because just a few years ago when we were acquired by Horizon, they cut several clinical staff positions while admin remained intact. PSI kept staff together from there, but came down hard on FTE’s to the point of forced PTO. I didn’t know how UHS would compare to PSI in that regard, not to mention in terms of salary.

  19. how can anyone cut clinical staff when there are so few already…admin. needs to go.

  20. Reading some of these comments is really sad and disappointing.
    First I find out that I was at the hospital in Chino at the sam time as the guy who was arrested for molesting a girl, and now I find out that the hospital I was sent to is one of the biggest jokes in medicine?
    I can’t even explain how this changes my whole memory of that experience. You people are supposed to be taking care of kids (and adults) who really have no control over what is going on in their lives, and you’re gossiping about patients and hotels and blue eyeliner like it’s just a mundane job.
    I’m just ashamed that I spent such an important few days in a place where people care so little about their work.

    And seriously, I can’t get over the fact that I was in the care of a child molester. I ate breakfast with that guy. He was arrested less that a month after I was there.

  21. ssbts is a very caring and professional group of compasionate staff . they do everyting possible to make a difference in patients lives. due to admin. money comes first.. staff can only be as good as thier leaders once was the top hospital in corporate now is a madhouse and a comedy show.. hope things change with the buyout..

  22. It appears that SSBTS is really trying to get their act together…..people have been fired that needed to be; more meetings with the staff than ever before; job openings that are needed but just aren’t being filled at this time, tho there are ads for them; as far as gossip, that is everywhere you go..nothing different than any other workplace;
    We have the most caring nurses; hard working techs; great therapists; and a CNO that is working hard and doing well;
    as far as admin., goes, who cares? we are the ones on the front lines taking care of the patients!!
    The pts. do not know admin. or anything about them. so who cares what they do or don’t do??

  23. I have seen significant changes at saint simons by the sea. Changes that have been very positive and very encouraging for those of us who actually come in to do our jobs. The people who currently hold management positions seem to be trying very hard to reward us hard-working staff members and hold the other ones accountable. I am proud of the growth I am seeing and the current management staff for stepping-up and taking care of the hard-working people who really care about our patients and the job we do!

  24. 25% profit margin?? Follow the $. That’s why administration matters – the folks at the top set policy and no numbers of dedicated staff can make up for decisions in favor of profits over proper care, treatment and supervision.

  25. We are giving proper care, we have proper supervision…staffing has been much better…I don’t understand what decisions you are referring to that are causing bad care for our patients??
    As far as profit margin, all companies must make $$ or they cease to exist.
    Dedicated staff are what makes this hospital what it is………..

  26. We did have a death not to long ago, and another patient is on a vent because a Nurse, now supervisor failed to do his nursing assessment. He knew she was in trouble and had been for days, but it was swept under the rug. Why did a MHT –26 punch a 13 year old, and is still working there. Could it be that a certain Dr. Told a few MHT’s to press the kids buttons to get them to act out so we could keep them longer. $$$. If you feed the cat, you will be fired but you can punch a child and keep your job, interesting. The reason the lady got fired for feeding the cat was more about her being out back where the asbestos filled, black mold thick air ducts were being replaced. Yes that is the truth there are pictures and samples of the insulation taken. OSHA states that employees have a right to now of possible environmental threats, Im sure that patients would love to know in addition to not getting any real treatment they are being exposed to carcinogens. We need everyone to call HR at corporate both new and old get rid of current management and his whores

  27. Why hasn’t anybody addressed why some people are getting more hours while others are not getting any? Why is someone hired off the streets making a dollar more than his peers? Could it be you have to be friends with or sleep with the staffing director? YES, I think so. We have techs getting $1600, and $2200 pay checks more than RNs, who really aren’t carrying their weight. If our CEO had any business training–He would realize that our biggest expense is payroll. We have a staffing director who is giving serious overtime to her friends while other PRN staff (who better trained and more motivated to work) don’t get any hours. While her boyfriend get a full time position right off the street making $1 more than everyone else. What’s wrong with this picture. Bottom life if you want to make money (revenue) you have to cut expenses (unnecessary overtime) by properly using your assets (trained staff) and getting rid of liabilities (untrained staff who are milking the clock) You can’t throw away money by having untrained staff (friends of Staffing director–real liabilities in every since of the word) builking payroll while assets (trained staff with ethics are being called off–to make room for her friends. This is clearly SEXUAL HARASSMENT, Preferential treatment, and maybe even some Racism. Truely integrity is NOT part of our corporate identity.

  28. Based on the information posted in the above statement, it doesn’t really sound like “look at the facts” has looked at all the facts. The only two factual statements are “…if you feed the cat, you will be fired” (which has been made very clear on numerous occasions, because of infection-control issues) and “…OSHA states that employees have a right to know of possible environmental threats” (which does not apply to our facility, in that there are no environmental threats to employees or our patients). Why would anyone who is obviously very angry with management begin such a malicious entry with the word “we”? “We” implies ‘being a part of’ or ‘together’.
    We are growing by leaps and bounds, even in the midst of name-calling and false allegations. I love my job and taking care of our patients! As a matter of fact, it’s the current management and the level of accountability and support they offer that makes my job so awesome!

  29. There is a collaborative group, a real “class act”. Who is tired of all the insanity. Mike said he was going to change the culture. He has succeeded, We are now super ghetto. Staff is punching adolescence. We can were dew-rags. Hell Im waiting for our first drive by in the parking lot. Our the new employee having background checks? I don’t think so. Can’t wait till new mangement takes over, if our doors are still open, it will be fun to watch all the people who have caused the decline of the facility faulter. God will not bless a mess. That’s what we have right now. If you can’t see that your either blind or stupid, maybe both. We had a therapist get fired for starting group late. This being married, or sleeping with management to have job security has got to stop and will soon. UHS has been made of aware of this blog, so it obvious that there are issues at this facility. Morale and morals have disappeared from this facility. I can’t believe that people are hanging on to mike, HELLO he will be the first to go. We are on the titanic and its sinking fast. Medical records is sealed tighter than a drum–medicare fruad most likely. Trying to clean up them charts and move them off site before being audited. How many Sentinel events still are being covered up. An O.D./suicide treatment obviously AINT WORKING! But if it did we would be unable to profit off the misable and suffering repeatedly

  30. look at the facts: well here are the facts…
    1. you cannot blame the nurse who did the initial assessment for that pt. on the vent….let me remind you, pts. are seen by the medical doctor after admission !!!!
    2. that tech did not punch the child on youth..did you see that??? let me tell you, that child was very mentally disturbed and inflicted self harm on himself in the past !!!!!!!
    3. If you actually believe that a doctor would risk his license by telling techs to agitate children, then you are disturbed and should not be working !!!!!!!!!

  31. http://briefcase8.com/2007/11/27/of-penile-plethysmographs-and-other-stuff/

    Have you seen the movie CLOCKWORK ORANGE?

    Psychiatry is still wallowing in a SNAKE PIT/

    Measuring erection to porn and forcing to smell ammonia? WTF WTF

    MEDicalization of normal human behavior.

    My boyfriend has schizoaffective disorder. He went to a PSI hospital and was put on GEODON. He had a paradoxical reaction and went MAD…THEY MADE HIM A LUNATIC.

    Next he was labeled HYPERSEXUAL. He was put through some kind of DARE program against smoking cigarettes and constantly preached at for being a pervert.

    COMPLETE IDIOTS run this PSI hospitals.


    I demanded they put him back on Seroquel. Now he is fine.

    They made their profit. Now I’m left with a battered man.

    I’d like to tie things to their genitals, show them pictures of porn stars, put them on dangerous nasty drugs, call them perverts and humiliate them, and them hit them with baseball bats.

  32. wow barbie.. there is no denial available for that sad incident..i hope you reported that or filed a lawsuit .. good luck..

  33. Not

  34. There seems to be so much anger in the WTF blog. What does “WTF” mean anyway? There is no Medicare fraud in OUR hospital. Our doctors, along with administration, keep patients who need to be there, alot of times without any payment at all; not to mention all of the people who qualify for charity care. It would be nice to have people who are ACTUALLY there for the patients to talk about the staff who fight for them and get Mike’s approval to treat them..even without payment. As an employee who truly cares about patients and the treatment they get at OUR facility-I am so grateful for ALL that Mike has brought to the table!!!

  35. I am certain that if THIS ship was sinking it would be because of your dead weight!!! If you’re not here because you WANT to be or because you feel the people who come in for help aren’t being treated-then it’s time for you to go. Or, maybe you’re not employed anymore and that’s why you’re so angry. Our current management team has raised the bar and maybe you didn’t or don’t measure up. The best thing about management now, is that the opportunity is there. The willingness to teach and train, providing all employees with the tools, is there. If you don’t want to learn or be a part of an awesome team, then please go somewhere else because we are only going to grow from here!!!!

  36. WTF-we have talked before about work and stuff. I’m starting to disagree with you. You know I have always been there to listen and offer up advice, and you have for me too. Things are different at work now. I think everyone is trying real hard. I don’t want to see the place decline! I really think that for the first time in a long time, things are changing for the better.

  37. I am amazed at the people who get on this and write about things they have no idea about. The therapist who was fired was talked to several times before even being written up-she told me that herself. Medical Records is locked up now because former doctors and alot of staff had keys to medical records, access that should have been limited a long time ago! Background checks are done on EVERY employee before they can even be a part of orientation. Maybe some employees have low morale, but not those who are doing their jobs and seeing all of the positive changes taking place. At least our administration has the guts to change things and make life easier on those of us who are there to WORK! All of our charts are looked at daily and night audits are done! Only someone with a ‘criminal’ mindset would assume that Medical Records is “sealed tighter than a drum” because of fraud. You are so busy trying to find fault with those in charge, it must be hard to do your job well (assuming you are still employed). Instead of being so critical, why don’t you look at all the positive changes that have taken place? UHS has been made aware of alot…former employees who are angry and hostile, current employees who have required corrective action as well as how far WE have come as a facility! They know the truth about things and are not so easily entertained by a venting blog.

  38. Wow! What is this a daycare….lol stop crying and do your job and stop worrying about what other people are doing and who’s getting what and how they getting it…I think Mr. Ham is doing a great job getting rid of you negitive people…..Thank You Mr. Ham

  39. Our lawsuit against PSI, Havenwyck, filed June 7, 2010 in Michigan.



    Medication Nation, a site dedicated to exposing PSI, put our story on their site.


    • I am sorry to inform you that Medication-Nation is no longer operating. The woman who founded the site, Carrie Bishop, committed suicide last February 2011, refusing to seek much needed medical care, to a large degree because she was sexually molested at Sierra Vista and no one did anything about it.

  40. so sad abouy your son. hope you win and show everyone the shame of psi. i see there are no comments on this from loyal psi staff.. wonder why…

  41. What is with this CEO/ Having affair with Chellie Selph, firing at ramdon and not capable of the position he holds.

  42. You people make me laugh! You get on this thing and make your allegations, when the facts are right in front of your face! Obviously this CEO is capable of maintaining his position, he probably fired you! And, I highly doubt it was a random firing…it must have been really hard to do your job adequately with such a distorted thought process.

  43. biker girl………you should be ashamed for posting someone’s name..last one at that…on this ridiculous blog !!!!!!!!!!!
    I am glad she is above reading all this crap/lies, etc……..
    how bout the supervisor that just got a restraining order against her??? I think 1/2 the staff are lunatics and I am glad to see adm. getting rid of them. and the rest of these awful posts are only being written by those that were
    fired or those that just can’t allow these lies being told……….

  44. If you don’t like PSI, leave. If you put someone’s name on here again, my friend is going to post your name for all of us to talk about and then check about legal action against you – defamation of character rings a bell. Mike is doing an awesome job – with what he has to work with. Some of the staff is unbelievably gracious and hard-working; and the rest? Whining on a blog.

  45. I know alot of the people posting negative comments on here and have for a while. I work with and HAVE WORKED with them. They like to talk and so do the people they have told! I am much happier with the work place now. There are still a couple of people who should go, but it’s getting so much better and those of us who do our jobs are very thankful. Mike has been great for this place! I support the changes he has made and plan to tell him what I know. I want the changes and the growing to keep on happening! WE CAN BE THE BEST when the rest of the WORST are gone!!!

  46. when is the takeover..hope all goes well.

  47. I am a Psychiatric Survivor patient from Psychiatric solutions Inc. I wasn’t a patient at the well known hospital ,ssbts, that everyone here is talking about. I was a patient at the Fort Lauderdale hospital in South Florida. Never again will I ever go to this hospital! I was put on the third floor to this one particular room where I thought I was going to cave in. You would hear this cracking sound like if you were inside of a very old haunted mansion. It was creepy! The staffs there are terrible! this one nurse didn’t do a damn thing when I was being molested by a male patient. She accused me of “Liking it” simply because I wasn’t defending myself fearing for my life because I was on the same unit as he was. I know damn well what would happen if I were to defend myself to this patient. I would be subjected with injection of drugs and put into the quiet room (padded room)for hours while I sleep off the drugs that they inject me with. I would be the bad guy in this case, not the other patient that was molesting me. The situation didn’t just end with this patient.. he followed me into my room and almost raped me! I scared him off when I told him that I was going to scream. Now mind you… Why on earth do they allow both males and females to be in the same unit? It doesn’t seem logical to me! Can you say dumb?

    To those of you who fear for your jobs and hide under a fake name… You have no sympathy for me! You don’t deserve it either. You only worry about your job, and the next paycheck you get. You’re no better then the CEO’s at PSI that you’re complaining about. If you truly cared for patients like I… you would be speaking out with your FULL NAME! You would join such organizations like CCHR and to expose these people for who they are. Have you guys done this yet? I bet not. All you guys do is complain on the internet and with little to no action in the real world. Yeah you truly care for the patients LOL. You had no trouble drugging us with dangerous drugs.. why should we care if your scared of losing your job? Yes as a psych patient I am angry at ALL of you guys! You are guilty! If you just educate yourself about the history of Psychiatry and realize their true goals to massively drug the entire world with raging profits from the drug companies then you would have never picked this profession.

    By the way the reason why I became a patient in the first place was because I had just witnessed my mother dying (Unexpectedly) in front of my eyes. All I got from PSI and from the hospital that my mother died from was LABELS… Bipolar disorder, Borderline personality disorder… I’m sure they labeled me with other things but never told me. I was given powerful drugs, mostly anti psychotics. What happen to the compassion? This is the 20th century with high technology… were suppose to be highly intelligent. If drugging us is the best that you guys can do then I’m not amused at all!!!!

    While I was in PSI custody for 10 days… not only I started to decay, mentally but I became suicidally depressed. Instead of feeling better… I felt worst. I told the desk nurse about this and you know what she told me? “I think we need to give you an antidepressant” I quickly told her that I was allergic to it. This is the same hospital that put me on Geodon, which gave me rapid and abnormal heart beat. It was difficult sleeping when your heart is racing like a race horse.

    As of right now I’m psych drug free and couldn’t be more happier. I’ve been planning on seeing a cardiologist to see if the drugs that they were giving me impacted my heart.

    If you guys truly care for the patients… Be a counselor or a therapist. Don’t be the root of the problem by popping pills to people because it’s not the solution.

    If you want to get in touch with me feel free by emailing me at [email protected]

    • I sent you an email that a similar thing happened to me in Sierra Vista as well as to Carrie Bishop. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  48. once again… no defense from the staff of psi. hope everyone can sleep at night knowing what goes on behind the scenes,,just address the real issues,,not who is sleeping with who.

  49. psychiatric survivor……….I am so sorry for the ordeal that you went through. There would have NEVER been a concern of another pt. molesting you on my unit. Did you tell the charge nurse?? He would have been put on 1:1 or discharged at my hospital. It would have never happened.
    As far as the drugs, that is out of our hands. It is the psychiatrists that make that call and we just follow orders. Many drugs are used to stabilize mood disorders and I have seen them work beautifully. There are always times when a pt. will have an adverse reaction, but we are quick to ackowledge this and notify the dr. I am glad that you are now drug free and coping, and wish you the best.

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