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Psychiatric Solutions Hospitals Under Fire

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  1. to tiger….what a crock

  2. To Guess-
    “Tiger” is probably Steve…ha,ha,ha!

  3. It’s amazing that the above article, written several years ago, “exposes” patient care issues related to PSI hospitals, and almost praises the care of patients in UHS Inc hospitals. Why isn’t there an article addressing the recent deaths in UHS Inc facilities? I haven’t seen an article on this website addressing the fact that one of UHS Inc’s Missouri hospitals was closed down within the past year, directly related to patient care issues. Any feedback?

  4. I hate what this company has done to our hospital! Two Rivers is open again, but NOT the same! Before UHS, Inc. we were one of the best around.

  5. That’s what UHS is doing to all their hospitals. It’s very sad that their “queen”
    Has no character or integrity. Very very very sad.

  6. FIRE!!!!! Run for the exits. How appropiate to be a fire right over Lisa’s head. Those devil flames just got to hot. Karma is coming around . They have been running it into the ground and now burning it to the ground. Can somebody get these STUPID people(that includes the whole administrative team) out of here so we can have a decent place to work.

  7. It’s good to see that Karma is paying “key players” a visit; for those who still have a little character and choose not to be anyone’s puppet, don’t jump out of the frying pan in to the fire!!


  9. Look ya’ll complained when Mike Ham was there, ya’ll worried about what he did in his personal life and ya’ll judged him and probably ya’ll cost him his job…..Now we have Steve…nothing against him but clearly Mike was the better leader, so you guys got what you wanted Mike gone, now the same people complaining about Steve the same way they complained about Mike. All they care about is money…duh! we are a PRIVATE hospital they are CEO’s not Doctors, nurses, therapist, not even techs they are brought in to make the hospital money…if we don’t make money we can’t get paid….come on son!!

  10. hmmm..thought patient care came first..money then follows..

  11. If you care so much about the hospital and patient care, why don’t you spend time on this blog sharing your constructive ideas instead of the endless name calling and personal attacks?

    • “Really”: constructive ideas have been shared in the hospital and on this blog…to no avail! Since you seem to know so much,what are your suggestions? And, “Only sane person….”, right, whatever…..as if you’re not so obvious…..jokester!

  12. have never and will never be disrepectable to staff or patients.certainly dont believe in name calling. just happen to have lots of compassion for patients..

  13. The division we are experiencing is only a part of the plan our senior management ‘leaders’ have put together for us as line staff. They don’t want us too comfortable in our jobs so they continue to create doubt, writing-up this person, calling off that person, investigating bogus allegations, etc. I thought there were actually 1 or 2 of them who cared about us, but they have proven otherwise. There is an overwhelming feeling of insecurity and instability. Look at who we have lost and how it was done; forced resignations, interragations, terminations, broken laws designed to protect our patients and employees. How do we trust the very ones who are supposed to lead us in the right direction, but continue to drag us down? Collectively, we have all given up on being THE BEST, management included. Yeah, this is a “real” hospital alright, a real mess of a hospital. The worst part of this is that we are at the mercy of these people. We have no voice, and even if we did, there’s noone listening.

  14. The only things REAL about this hospital are the IDIOTS running it and the UGLINESS they have created! Sometimes the truth hurts and sometimes there are only certain words that must be used to describe specific situations, circumstances and the incompetencies of people. There are those who may see the truth as “name calling” or “personal attacks”–I see it as a very fair assessment of the current, ALL-TIME HIGH, level of SORRINESS!

  15. I couldn’t have said it better myself! Amen!!!!

  16. Hey Dodie, what happened to your stupid G-mail. Did somebody with a small amount of sense upstairs shut it down. This hospital has turned into such a joke of an organization. What about our clinical director who apparently Steve (and his girls) don’t think is the person to fill that position but just wants her to keep doing it (what 6 months now) while we find the right person. Has anyone noticed that besides everyone getting out of here as fast as they can, these idiots can’t fill any of these positions. DUD!!!!!!!!!

  17. Besides not filling positions has anyone noticed they cannot fill the beds either. Census? When is someone at corporate going to notice it. 54

  18. …see how they run, see how they run….
    What a shame that they can’t run faster and further away! We will continue to hope.

  19. Another month of very poor performance for SSBTS! ANOTHER month of not making budget (takes no rocket scientist to see that with this census). All our jobs could be lost with these three(S.D.L.) fools running the hospital. Does the company UHS really want to look this stupid. They sure do here after what THEIR leadership has done to a very successful hospital. Debbie, Joe and Ray WAKE UP!


  21. I agree that things are spiraling downward at the St. Simons facility. There really isn’t anyone employed at SSBTS, or at the corporate level of UHS, who has the talent to oversee and ensure the success of this facility; The UHS culture apparently does not promote talent or success. It’s obviously more about quantity than QUALITY.

  22. Anyone know where missy is working now?

    • To ‘Guess’:
      Sounds like you need to worry less about where other people are working and more about WHERE YOU’RE working. Sounds BAD!!!!

  23. They’re not idiots. They just know what you don’t. With the Collapse and Obamacare the game finished changing. Loving and caring attitudes are now seen as weakness and archaic beliefs. The TSA model of unionized and uniformed goons and nurses is coming. Rude and crude is now. Ugly is tomorrow. The pain of change is what you are feeling. Slap threrpists are being trained and hired. Get with it or out of it. Mental illness and addiction will be seen as abberant behaviors and treated as such. Dissenters will be eaten and disposed of. Believe me, I know.

  24. hope is on the way.

  25. what hope..need change

    • “Guess”,

      Be the change you want to see or the change you need.

  26. Who put Lisa T. In charge of anything??????????

  27. I have heard terrible things about the UHS Inc. owned hospital: Saint Simons By The Sea.

  28. gosssip is cheap..dont believe everything you hear.

    • To Guess: Gossip IS cheap, but the cost of treatment at Saint Simons By The Sea IS NOT! It seems like people paying for treatment could depend on the people working there to keep them safe…not to mention keeping them from having sex while their in treatment.

  29. wtf..happen to like missy a lot..hate that we have lost contact..im not worried about anything at all..sounded like an attack to me..bitter..

    • hmmmmmm….very familiar-sounding.

  30. My friend ended up pregnant by another patient while she was in treatment at saint simons by the sea. How does that happen in a “safe place”???

    • Same as everywhere else. People hook up in school, at work, in the park, in cars, in church, even in JAIL, and the guards there carry GUNS! Recovery is DANGEROUS! In rehab the first things recovered are libido and initiative, and if 2 people are watching 30 people, shit happens. You gotta have psychics to keep up with everything. Rape should be reported and prosecuted, otherwise…If she can prove it, she can get a new car too.

  31. to ghost…amen… no one can stop two consenting adults from having consensual sex.. rape should b reported so legal action can b taken and it would b taken,, some people are there to seek treatment not sexual contact.. every.
    one has to take consequences of thier actions..staff are not easily fooled and do good job,,reguardless of working under staffed.

  32. Anyone know what Hospital Mike Hamm is working at these days

    • Rumor has it that Mike, Chelle and Missy all went to Tennessee to another PSI hospital for adolescents………..

  33. probably working at a hospital that is desperate near kims hospital…. hummmmmm

  34. corporate visit..hope it helps

    • Corporate visits never help. When the suits arrive, the reasons are like a visit to the dentist. First, a scheduled mandatory site checkup, like a cleaning or polishing. Uncomfortable being in that position and holding your mouth open so long, but no big deal. Questions like “where’s the best place to eat?” or “how do I get to the beach?” are on the menu. Go about doing a good job, except for managers, who are scrambling to get their best car in the lot to take them to lunch. Second, an exploratory response to a suspected problem. Maybe a filled cavity or even a root canal, meaning trouble is here for someone and it definitely floats downstream. Be invisible and keep it zipped. Third, RED ALERT! Somebody is going to be extracted like bad molars and if you’re too close, you’re gone, too. Nobody can hide; it’s too late. Now is not the time to vent or expose because this is what they live for; the excitement of the kill and blood lust is at fever pitch. So, good luck and keep your painkiller of choice handy.

  35. What is left to say anymore. SSBTS sucks worst than it whole history. Morale is the lowest EVER! The only people who seem think it’s ok are the ones with absolutely no brains and THEY are in charge. Everyone agrees that Steve is the BIGGEST joke ever to pretend he is a CEO. UHS doesn’t have the balls (D.O.)to admit the mistake. This has been the worst year and the financials show it. Our jobs will always be in jeopardy with the clowns in control.

  36. We have “The Greatest Show on Earth” (The three ring circus). In ring one is the Corp big wigs in King of Prussia. In ring two are the “pee-ons” of the Corp ladder. (Joe and Ray). In our ring are the biggest clowns of all. (Steve,Dodie,Lisa and the whole administrative team). What a joke but quite a show to watch. Reminds me of Jersyshore. Haha

  37. Ever been to a quality puppet show, the kind with marionettes dancing on strings and acting out some famous play? The corporate suits are the ones handling the paddles and pulling the strings amd the CEO, CFO and maybe the CNO are the pupputs on those strings, and they are comfy knowing they will always have a good job somewhere, no natter what. It’s all an illusion, and the people above are NEVER to be seen. The name of the play is “WE GIVE QUALITY CARE AT RESONABLE PRICES.” Middle managers have the daunting task of translating illusion into the reality of caring for sick people by manipulating you, the front line workers into forever doing more with less. The really good ones appear to work magic, an illusion in itself, and are soon spirited off to Corporate to rise in the ranks. One, the revered T.D., once said, “Quality don’t mean shit; we’re in survival mode.” Still true. They leave YOU, the lowly hourly grunts who actually face the patients, to deal with that. This now, is where the real deal, non-illusion magic begins. YOU don’t have strings, or the promise of a forever job. YOU, or some of you, don’t do it for the big payday. YOU give a damn about people, and want to see them recover and live for LOVE’S sake. Don’t expect miracles from above. YOU create the miracles every day that you show up tired, or sick, or disillusioned, and pull it all together out of thin air and HELP PEOPLE GET WELL. Magic. Miracles. Thank You.

  38. Does anyone have any complaints about sexual abuse between their Psychiatrist/Psychotherapist at Heritage Oaks Hospital, (Citrus Heights)Sacramento, California? Specifically Dr. Joby Morrow? One case, I heard was current and another client took her life, earlier this year, because of a similar situation. If you have any staff complaints of any kind of abuse, at this facility, please comment.

    • Would you please, please give more information. I am a current patient of his. I beg you.

  39. At Steve Glazier the CEO, put your FL shirt away. We beat your Gators fair and square. Go Bulldogs!

  40. Steve and his Goons (administrative team) has done damage beyond repair and all hope is lost. I don’t think he knows what is even happening in this place. One he is so stupid and two I think secrets are being kept from him. Steve do you really trust the people you have arou d you? They are very shallow and will throw anyone under the bus. That will include you at some point. Fear reigns at SSBTS. “who’s next”,”did you hear about…”, “I’ve got to find another job”,”this is the worst EVER”. These are the common topics of the day.

  41. payroll ap staff member resigns.. 1 fired from dietary..drs and admin.running dietary…what a joke

    • WOW! Bean counters cooking up beans and rice? Rx’s for fried chicken? Suits washing dishes, mopping floors and cutting checks? Please take photos and post ASAP!

  42. hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving.

  43. a nurse fired

  44. Is anyone surprised?

  45. This place is such a joke! If you want to keep your job you better learn to think, act and breathe like UHS and all the puppets who work for them!

    • Done? Really? Look before you leap. These are tough times. Will your resume include “free thinker” and “dislikes unsavory rules, regulations, and expectations?” Unless they violate your civil rights, you’re screwed. Even bikers and gang bangers have codes of dress and behaviors. Work for pay = do it their way. Yeah, they’re all paranoid and tight-assed, but that’s what responsibility does to people. If you must learn anything, learn to live with it, because the options are Slim to None, and Slim got fired.

  46. wishing all of you a happy and sucessful new year.

  47. There is no hope for SSBTS!

  48. I heard that Steve is on the way out. There may a light out of this darkness if they take Dodie with him.

    • Looks like you were right. Steve is gone and maybe Dodie also.

  49. I lived for 3 weeks, the exact amount of time that Blue Cross Blue Care of Mississippi will pay for in-hospital psychiatric care, at Alliance Health Center in Meridian, Mississippi. I had lab work done 3 days into my stay at my mother’s request. I was positive for hyperthyroidism, but was never released for the symptoms which mimic pyschiatric issues to be cared for properly. My medical issues are still being dicyphered. Please, read my blog: southerngothicyogini.blogspot.com. I have survived with a sense of humor; I literally survived by using my intuition and drinking lots of water, but no one should have to survive when they should be receiving medical care.

    • Wow. I’m sorry to hear about your experience. There are always people who don’t know what they’re doing. Being your own advocate is important. Good luck, and keep pushing through!

      • Hi GRITS:

        Good point.

        Wow. A lot of people have what seem to be legitimate complains abut this company.

    • I hope that you get a diagnosis soon.

      • Hi UNJUST:

        May I ask if you are a former employee of SSBTS, and now no longer employed by any UHS facility, or Acadia?

        Thank you very much.

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