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Psychiatric Solutions Hospitals Under Fire

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  1. ssbts is a very caring and professional group of compasionate staff . they do everyting possible to make a difference in patients lives. due to admin. money comes first.. staff can only be as good as thier leaders once was the top hospital in corporate now is a madhouse and a comedy show.. hope things change with the buyout..

  2. It appears that SSBTS is really trying to get their act together…..people have been fired that needed to be; more meetings with the staff than ever before; job openings that are needed but just aren’t being filled at this time, tho there are ads for them; as far as gossip, that is everywhere you go..nothing different than any other workplace;
    We have the most caring nurses; hard working techs; great therapists; and a CNO that is working hard and doing well;
    as far as admin., goes, who cares? we are the ones on the front lines taking care of the patients!!
    The pts. do not know admin. or anything about them. so who cares what they do or don’t do??

  3. I have seen significant changes at saint simons by the sea. Changes that have been very positive and very encouraging for those of us who actually come in to do our jobs. The people who currently hold management positions seem to be trying very hard to reward us hard-working staff members and hold the other ones accountable. I am proud of the growth I am seeing and the current management staff for stepping-up and taking care of the hard-working people who really care about our patients and the job we do!

  4. 25% profit margin?? Follow the $. That’s why administration matters – the folks at the top set policy and no numbers of dedicated staff can make up for decisions in favor of profits over proper care, treatment and supervision.

  5. We are giving proper care, we have proper supervision…staffing has been much better…I don’t understand what decisions you are referring to that are causing bad care for our patients??
    As far as profit margin, all companies must make $$ or they cease to exist.
    Dedicated staff are what makes this hospital what it is………..

  6. We did have a death not to long ago, and another patient is on a vent because a Nurse, now supervisor failed to do his nursing assessment. He knew she was in trouble and had been for days, but it was swept under the rug. Why did a MHT –26 punch a 13 year old, and is still working there. Could it be that a certain Dr. Told a few MHT’s to press the kids buttons to get them to act out so we could keep them longer. $$$. If you feed the cat, you will be fired but you can punch a child and keep your job, interesting. The reason the lady got fired for feeding the cat was more about her being out back where the asbestos filled, black mold thick air ducts were being replaced. Yes that is the truth there are pictures and samples of the insulation taken. OSHA states that employees have a right to now of possible environmental threats, Im sure that patients would love to know in addition to not getting any real treatment they are being exposed to carcinogens. We need everyone to call HR at corporate both new and old get rid of current management and his whores

  7. Why hasn’t anybody addressed why some people are getting more hours while others are not getting any? Why is someone hired off the streets making a dollar more than his peers? Could it be you have to be friends with or sleep with the staffing director? YES, I think so. We have techs getting $1600, and $2200 pay checks more than RNs, who really aren’t carrying their weight. If our CEO had any business training–He would realize that our biggest expense is payroll. We have a staffing director who is giving serious overtime to her friends while other PRN staff (who better trained and more motivated to work) don’t get any hours. While her boyfriend get a full time position right off the street making $1 more than everyone else. What’s wrong with this picture. Bottom life if you want to make money (revenue) you have to cut expenses (unnecessary overtime) by properly using your assets (trained staff) and getting rid of liabilities (untrained staff who are milking the clock) You can’t throw away money by having untrained staff (friends of Staffing director–real liabilities in every since of the word) builking payroll while assets (trained staff with ethics are being called off–to make room for her friends. This is clearly SEXUAL HARASSMENT, Preferential treatment, and maybe even some Racism. Truely integrity is NOT part of our corporate identity.

  8. Based on the information posted in the above statement, it doesn’t really sound like “look at the facts” has looked at all the facts. The only two factual statements are “…if you feed the cat, you will be fired” (which has been made very clear on numerous occasions, because of infection-control issues) and “…OSHA states that employees have a right to know of possible environmental threats” (which does not apply to our facility, in that there are no environmental threats to employees or our patients). Why would anyone who is obviously very angry with management begin such a malicious entry with the word “we”? “We” implies ‘being a part of’ or ‘together’.
    We are growing by leaps and bounds, even in the midst of name-calling and false allegations. I love my job and taking care of our patients! As a matter of fact, it’s the current management and the level of accountability and support they offer that makes my job so awesome!

  9. There is a collaborative group, a real “class act”. Who is tired of all the insanity. Mike said he was going to change the culture. He has succeeded, We are now super ghetto. Staff is punching adolescence. We can were dew-rags. Hell Im waiting for our first drive by in the parking lot. Our the new employee having background checks? I don’t think so. Can’t wait till new mangement takes over, if our doors are still open, it will be fun to watch all the people who have caused the decline of the facility faulter. God will not bless a mess. That’s what we have right now. If you can’t see that your either blind or stupid, maybe both. We had a therapist get fired for starting group late. This being married, or sleeping with management to have job security has got to stop and will soon. UHS has been made of aware of this blog, so it obvious that there are issues at this facility. Morale and morals have disappeared from this facility. I can’t believe that people are hanging on to mike, HELLO he will be the first to go. We are on the titanic and its sinking fast. Medical records is sealed tighter than a drum–medicare fruad most likely. Trying to clean up them charts and move them off site before being audited. How many Sentinel events still are being covered up. An O.D./suicide treatment obviously AINT WORKING! But if it did we would be unable to profit off the misable and suffering repeatedly

  10. look at the facts: well here are the facts…
    1. you cannot blame the nurse who did the initial assessment for that pt. on the vent….let me remind you, pts. are seen by the medical doctor after admission !!!!
    2. that tech did not punch the child on youth..did you see that??? let me tell you, that child was very mentally disturbed and inflicted self harm on himself in the past !!!!!!!
    3. If you actually believe that a doctor would risk his license by telling techs to agitate children, then you are disturbed and should not be working !!!!!!!!!

  11. http://briefcase8.com/2007/11/27/of-penile-plethysmographs-and-other-stuff/

    Have you seen the movie CLOCKWORK ORANGE?

    Psychiatry is still wallowing in a SNAKE PIT/

    Measuring erection to porn and forcing to smell ammonia? WTF WTF

    MEDicalization of normal human behavior.

    My boyfriend has schizoaffective disorder. He went to a PSI hospital and was put on GEODON. He had a paradoxical reaction and went MAD…THEY MADE HIM A LUNATIC.

    Next he was labeled HYPERSEXUAL. He was put through some kind of DARE program against smoking cigarettes and constantly preached at for being a pervert.

    COMPLETE IDIOTS run this PSI hospitals.


    I demanded they put him back on Seroquel. Now he is fine.

    They made their profit. Now I’m left with a battered man.

    I’d like to tie things to their genitals, show them pictures of porn stars, put them on dangerous nasty drugs, call them perverts and humiliate them, and them hit them with baseball bats.

  12. wow barbie.. there is no denial available for that sad incident..i hope you reported that or filed a lawsuit .. good luck..

  13. Not

  14. There seems to be so much anger in the WTF blog. What does “WTF” mean anyway? There is no Medicare fraud in OUR hospital. Our doctors, along with administration, keep patients who need to be there, alot of times without any payment at all; not to mention all of the people who qualify for charity care. It would be nice to have people who are ACTUALLY there for the patients to talk about the staff who fight for them and get Mike’s approval to treat them..even without payment. As an employee who truly cares about patients and the treatment they get at OUR facility-I am so grateful for ALL that Mike has brought to the table!!!

  15. I am certain that if THIS ship was sinking it would be because of your dead weight!!! If you’re not here because you WANT to be or because you feel the people who come in for help aren’t being treated-then it’s time for you to go. Or, maybe you’re not employed anymore and that’s why you’re so angry. Our current management team has raised the bar and maybe you didn’t or don’t measure up. The best thing about management now, is that the opportunity is there. The willingness to teach and train, providing all employees with the tools, is there. If you don’t want to learn or be a part of an awesome team, then please go somewhere else because we are only going to grow from here!!!!

  16. WTF-we have talked before about work and stuff. I’m starting to disagree with you. You know I have always been there to listen and offer up advice, and you have for me too. Things are different at work now. I think everyone is trying real hard. I don’t want to see the place decline! I really think that for the first time in a long time, things are changing for the better.

  17. I am amazed at the people who get on this and write about things they have no idea about. The therapist who was fired was talked to several times before even being written up-she told me that herself. Medical Records is locked up now because former doctors and alot of staff had keys to medical records, access that should have been limited a long time ago! Background checks are done on EVERY employee before they can even be a part of orientation. Maybe some employees have low morale, but not those who are doing their jobs and seeing all of the positive changes taking place. At least our administration has the guts to change things and make life easier on those of us who are there to WORK! All of our charts are looked at daily and night audits are done! Only someone with a ‘criminal’ mindset would assume that Medical Records is “sealed tighter than a drum” because of fraud. You are so busy trying to find fault with those in charge, it must be hard to do your job well (assuming you are still employed). Instead of being so critical, why don’t you look at all the positive changes that have taken place? UHS has been made aware of alot…former employees who are angry and hostile, current employees who have required corrective action as well as how far WE have come as a facility! They know the truth about things and are not so easily entertained by a venting blog.

  18. Wow! What is this a daycare….lol stop crying and do your job and stop worrying about what other people are doing and who’s getting what and how they getting it…I think Mr. Ham is doing a great job getting rid of you negitive people…..Thank You Mr. Ham

  19. Our lawsuit against PSI, Havenwyck, filed June 7, 2010 in Michigan.



    Medication Nation, a site dedicated to exposing PSI, put our story on their site.


    • I am sorry to inform you that Medication-Nation is no longer operating. The woman who founded the site, Carrie Bishop, committed suicide last February 2011, refusing to seek much needed medical care, to a large degree because she was sexually molested at Sierra Vista and no one did anything about it.

  20. so sad abouy your son. hope you win and show everyone the shame of psi. i see there are no comments on this from loyal psi staff.. wonder why…

  21. What is with this CEO/ Having affair with Chellie Selph, firing at ramdon and not capable of the position he holds.

  22. You people make me laugh! You get on this thing and make your allegations, when the facts are right in front of your face! Obviously this CEO is capable of maintaining his position, he probably fired you! And, I highly doubt it was a random firing…it must have been really hard to do your job adequately with such a distorted thought process.

  23. biker girl………you should be ashamed for posting someone’s name..last one at that…on this ridiculous blog !!!!!!!!!!!
    I am glad she is above reading all this crap/lies, etc……..
    how bout the supervisor that just got a restraining order against her??? I think 1/2 the staff are lunatics and I am glad to see adm. getting rid of them. and the rest of these awful posts are only being written by those that were
    fired or those that just can’t allow these lies being told……….

  24. If you don’t like PSI, leave. If you put someone’s name on here again, my friend is going to post your name for all of us to talk about and then check about legal action against you – defamation of character rings a bell. Mike is doing an awesome job – with what he has to work with. Some of the staff is unbelievably gracious and hard-working; and the rest? Whining on a blog.

  25. I know alot of the people posting negative comments on here and have for a while. I work with and HAVE WORKED with them. They like to talk and so do the people they have told! I am much happier with the work place now. There are still a couple of people who should go, but it’s getting so much better and those of us who do our jobs are very thankful. Mike has been great for this place! I support the changes he has made and plan to tell him what I know. I want the changes and the growing to keep on happening! WE CAN BE THE BEST when the rest of the WORST are gone!!!

  26. when is the takeover..hope all goes well.

  27. I am a Psychiatric Survivor patient from Psychiatric solutions Inc. I wasn’t a patient at the well known hospital ,ssbts, that everyone here is talking about. I was a patient at the Fort Lauderdale hospital in South Florida. Never again will I ever go to this hospital! I was put on the third floor to this one particular room where I thought I was going to cave in. You would hear this cracking sound like if you were inside of a very old haunted mansion. It was creepy! The staffs there are terrible! this one nurse didn’t do a damn thing when I was being molested by a male patient. She accused me of “Liking it” simply because I wasn’t defending myself fearing for my life because I was on the same unit as he was. I know damn well what would happen if I were to defend myself to this patient. I would be subjected with injection of drugs and put into the quiet room (padded room)for hours while I sleep off the drugs that they inject me with. I would be the bad guy in this case, not the other patient that was molesting me. The situation didn’t just end with this patient.. he followed me into my room and almost raped me! I scared him off when I told him that I was going to scream. Now mind you… Why on earth do they allow both males and females to be in the same unit? It doesn’t seem logical to me! Can you say dumb?

    To those of you who fear for your jobs and hide under a fake name… You have no sympathy for me! You don’t deserve it either. You only worry about your job, and the next paycheck you get. You’re no better then the CEO’s at PSI that you’re complaining about. If you truly cared for patients like I… you would be speaking out with your FULL NAME! You would join such organizations like CCHR and to expose these people for who they are. Have you guys done this yet? I bet not. All you guys do is complain on the internet and with little to no action in the real world. Yeah you truly care for the patients LOL. You had no trouble drugging us with dangerous drugs.. why should we care if your scared of losing your job? Yes as a psych patient I am angry at ALL of you guys! You are guilty! If you just educate yourself about the history of Psychiatry and realize their true goals to massively drug the entire world with raging profits from the drug companies then you would have never picked this profession.

    By the way the reason why I became a patient in the first place was because I had just witnessed my mother dying (Unexpectedly) in front of my eyes. All I got from PSI and from the hospital that my mother died from was LABELS… Bipolar disorder, Borderline personality disorder… I’m sure they labeled me with other things but never told me. I was given powerful drugs, mostly anti psychotics. What happen to the compassion? This is the 20th century with high technology… were suppose to be highly intelligent. If drugging us is the best that you guys can do then I’m not amused at all!!!!

    While I was in PSI custody for 10 days… not only I started to decay, mentally but I became suicidally depressed. Instead of feeling better… I felt worst. I told the desk nurse about this and you know what she told me? “I think we need to give you an antidepressant” I quickly told her that I was allergic to it. This is the same hospital that put me on Geodon, which gave me rapid and abnormal heart beat. It was difficult sleeping when your heart is racing like a race horse.

    As of right now I’m psych drug free and couldn’t be more happier. I’ve been planning on seeing a cardiologist to see if the drugs that they were giving me impacted my heart.

    If you guys truly care for the patients… Be a counselor or a therapist. Don’t be the root of the problem by popping pills to people because it’s not the solution.

    If you want to get in touch with me feel free by emailing me at [email protected]

    • I sent you an email that a similar thing happened to me in Sierra Vista as well as to Carrie Bishop. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  28. once again… no defense from the staff of psi. hope everyone can sleep at night knowing what goes on behind the scenes,,just address the real issues,,not who is sleeping with who.

  29. psychiatric survivor……….I am so sorry for the ordeal that you went through. There would have NEVER been a concern of another pt. molesting you on my unit. Did you tell the charge nurse?? He would have been put on 1:1 or discharged at my hospital. It would have never happened.
    As far as the drugs, that is out of our hands. It is the psychiatrists that make that call and we just follow orders. Many drugs are used to stabilize mood disorders and I have seen them work beautifully. There are always times when a pt. will have an adverse reaction, but we are quick to ackowledge this and notify the dr. I am glad that you are now drug free and coping, and wish you the best.

  30. Lighten up….. How can I “lighten up” when I was almost sexually assaulted in a hospital where I’m suppose to feel safe and secured? I didn’t tell the charge nurse because I was fearful for my life at the time. I wanted to survive so therefor I was in survival mode. I didn’t know the guy from apples. I don’t know his criminal history… I don’t know if he has a history of violent attacks or if he was a sexual predator. Their was nothing that I could search information from this guy because I didn’t have access .

    The way I see it is that I didn’t need to tell because the nurse witnessed the whole thing and she didn’t do anything to stop it either. It was her job to protect me while I was incarcerated. It was her duty to tell the charge nurse everything that she sees and she failed. I can see why patients get raped in psychiatric hospitals..either it be from another patient or one of the staffs…. Psychiatrist included. I have a lot more sympathy for the rape victims who been raped while they were incarcerated against their will in the Psych jail, or worst Psych prison (State hospitals).

    You said that you seen drugs that were used to stabilize mood disorders in patients and seen improvements in patients overall behaviors. Are you talking about the patients who gets discharged 10 days prior being admitted? Just how long were your patients at your hospital before you seen improvements? I’m asking you this because supposedly you don’t see any results for a few weeks… possible a month. I was only there for 10 days… If anything the nurses saw one of my greatest acts. Yes we patients are great actors.. we act our way out of being discharged. In order for me to get discharged from the hospital in the condition that I was at was for me to lie out of my teeth. I don’t like lying but I had no other choice. They screwed me out of a couple of days because my psychiatrist didn’t wanted to come on the weekends so I spent 2 extra days playing with my feet and taking excessive showers to cure my boredom.

    If the academy awards had a spot for “Best performing actress in the psychiatric hospital” I think I would win because I manage to outsmart my psychiatrist with my acting skills to discharge me.

    I assume that you’re a nurse, am I correct? You don’t have the authority to discharge a patient, it’s all up to the psychiatrists. Why would you discharge a patient who was molesting another patient? I think you mean you would call the police and have the patient transported to jail, right? But then that would mean that I would have to get involved by going to courts. Who wants to be dealing with that? I guess 1:1 means Padded room, right? That code is new to me.

  31. Psych survivor, your post brings back a lot of bad memories. I had a male patient try to push me to perform a sexual act on him. Luckily he didn’t force me to and I got away, but it would have been very easy for him to get by with whatever because the nurses sat at the front desk chatting and reading novels. The only time they got off their duff was to give meds or because someone was to use their jargon “acting out.” THe guy would have had plenty of time to harm me before the nurse finally ambled in. My anxiety increased 10 fold in the psych ward, and like you I too said whatever would make them happy so I could be discharged. The quickest way to get discharged is to say, “Thank you for helping me so so much, can I please stay longer?” What a waste of money.

  32. psychiatric survivor…..it is not your responsiblity to “know the other pts. history”…it was your duty to report such behavior to your doctor and to the nurse in charge..if she did nothing, you should have reported it to the DON or nurse manager…..
    and yes, that type of behavior would have caused that pt. to be discharged whether to jail or at least away from other pts. while an investigation took place….1:1 is when a member of the staff (usually a MHT) stays within arms length of that pt. at all times, 24/7 and he could have harmed no one……….
    If you “acted” as you say you did to get discharged then you evidently did not stay long enough for the doctors to stabilize your mood..
    I will say that I know nothing of state hospitals, if that is where your were…I work in a private psychiatric facility and in my 8 years working there have never seen/heard of any sexual assaults on any of our patients.
    FYI…you may think that you outsmarted your psychiatrist….but think again….these docs are up to all the tricks…!!! Your insurance co. may have been responsible for the early discharge. Some only pay for so many days.

    • I reported repeatedly that I was twice sexually asaulted at Sierra Vista, and all it got me was later almost being put away- despite the fact I do not have Bipolar Disorder or Schizoaffective Disorder. My entire life history was rewritten and a Conservatorship was taken out on me, despite the fact I was living with my boyfriend. It was alleged that I had been “homeless for 20 years” and was “pscyhotic and delusional” in thinking I had the endocrine disorders I had been treated for since 1989. I was taken off my thryoid and parathryoid medications, told that I had been “psychotic and delusional” since I was a child- even though I am a graduate from a top law school and had FBI clearance. I have totally lost faith in the system because I have never been able to get the medical records and even though the A.G.’s Office read them, they were falsfied and gave no evidence of a crime.

  33. itreally must be nice to have so much knowledge..no one can know what happened to the two patients and things do happen in private hospitals.. even psi hospitals.. check out the lawsuits against psi.. then comment on these two patients. wish all concerned well.

  34. Chelle had an affair w/Ham so did Monica does she even know the father of her baby. If she had as many dicks sticking out of her that she had in her she’d look like a hedgehog. They still haven’t finished the remodel because Mike is getting a kick backs from the construction guy. The place has gotten so ghetto, is all management whereing those whore boots. When is the new management going to get rid of the trash that is ruining this place. Why are the cats still there? The asbestoes filled airducts have been moved but not the cats. Mike and his uneducated, none med tacking bipolar behind needs to get out soon before more patients start dying. A person would only need to be a patient for two days to see, what really goes on– these patients are being herded in there just for $. Now to be safe in the facility you almost have to have a knife to be safe from other staff. The staff looks like prostitute, drug dealers and street thugs. This new management has made us the ghetto of treatment facilities. I can’t wait for UHS to clean this place up and get rid of this evil trash that is destroying lives.

  35. what a awful attack on staff…i am shocked that anyone would post such a personal attack on thier coworkers.. so much anger and bitterness..has nothing to do with treatment or our patients.

  36. What’s really being fixed? Obviously it’s NOT you.

  37. I WOULD be shocked by the comments from “What’s really being fixed”, but I know who posted it…so it’s not so shocking. It’s really sad that you would go to such lengths because of you’re inability to do your job adequately; it’s called ‘deflection’ in the profession of psychiatric care, but KNOWING you, I don’t expect you to understand much about psychiatric care. I’m just glad that I won’t have to be the one to say who you are since these blogs are being tracked by the corporate IT office. I feel sorry for you and sincerely hope you get the help you NEED.

  38. lighten up, It may not be my responsibility to know other patients history, but I firmly believe that it’s the responsibility of the hospital to keep their patients safe. When I was at Fort Laurderdale Hospital (Psychiatric Solutions run) we had our early morning group season. This one man in particular started telling the group how he had these feelings of wanting to kill another person. I give this man some credit… that he was trying to seek help from the urge that he was feeling… however when I hear stuffs like that in a mental hospital I can’t help but to be concern for my own safety. How on earth can you get stabilized knowing that someone has these feelings and has a room close by of you? How can you sleep without keeping one eye open? For your caliber that’s being paranoid and being flat out crazy, but for patients such as I… it’s called survival. You’re no longer interested in getting “better” you’re highest priories is to getting the hell out at all cost… even if it means to lie, and that is what route I took, and it was legal, which is what I wanted. Other people start making plans of escaping from the madness.

    Your comment “If you “acted” as you say you did to get discharged then you evidently did not stay long enough for the doctors to stabilize your mood..” scares me.

    Another comment from you “FYI…you may think that you outsmarted your psychiatrist….but think again….these docs are up to all the tricks…!!! Your insurance co. may have been responsible for the early discharge. Some only pay for so many days. ” You seriously believe that? You think that these psychiatrist who only spends 15 mins with each patient knows their patients well enough to catch a lie from them? Unbelievable! That’s outrageous thinking, and you being a worker of a privately own psychiatric hospital should know better then to say stuffs like that. Just what does the APA teaches these psychiatrists anyways? My psychiatrist wasn’t that smart because she believed in what I was telling her.. I won and she lost. Patient 1 Psychiatrist 0. Sure… my insurance may take a part of my discharge, but if my psychiatrist truly thought that I wasn’t ready to be discharged from the hospital… wouldn’t she baker act me yet again? I’m sure she could petition for my continuous stay. Why would she discharge me if I was a danger to myself and others? That’s career suicide.

  39. so mike bit the dust..shame so many good people left before he..now maybe the staff spliting will stop

  40. Mike Hamm got FIRED! Who will be the new CEO? What changes will take effect? Inquiring minds want to know. Can we feed the cats? Did the bus leave? Hedgehogs? Rhinos? PTO’s? 12 hour shifts?

  41. merry christmas to all and to some GOOD BYE….

  42. Finally, Mike is gone. We still have his whores, they have got to go. When are we going to drug test John B. I don’t know about you guys but i feel safer now that im caring a shank to work. It’s gone so ghetto, i have to follow suit. Who is Chelle, monica, and missy going to sleep with now, these three hos are still creating a hostile work environment but their days are numbered. Fear not legally Mike Ham is still responsible for five years for all/any pending law suits. PSI has lost it moral compass and for us to regain any respectability we have to rid our selves of the corruption. If we don’t we will continue to be the laughing stock of the medical field. I hate that I’m embarrassed to say where I work not because of my action but those that mis-manage. I hope that UHS investigate and uncovers who the real problem this people have been previously mentioned. We had a good reputation before Mike, now we are regarding as someone said “trailer park” of treatment facilty. I hope I can hang on till the new CEO comes in January and cleans house and get rid of the ones who are corrupt and demon infected. I plan to find something else after the holidays if I can stand all the bs.

  43. God promises to always lead us into victory! That means, no matter what you are facing, no matter what’s going on in the world around you, no matter what anybody says, you should always be thanking God because victory is on the way! The year and a half of hell we have experienced is almost over. St. Simons by the Sea is almost back on a moral and ethical place. We still have to believe that the remainder of the evil that haunts the offices will soon be removed. Keep praying and believing we are on the home stretch.

  44. fyi, we are all glad mike is gone but we still have his croonies and tricks still in management and they are are mad, like only dogs in heat can get. We need to keep our figures cross that someone will let the dogs out.

  45. Oh the DOGS will be let out all right…starting with you! It must be so blissful to live in your little world of ignorance. There are legions of people (not demons…there’s only a handful of your kind remaining, very temporarily) at SSBTS who will carry on Mike’s work…and don’t be so sure that he’s not coming back!!!! People have already contacted the corporate office letting them know the horribly negative effect this has already had on our facility…I mean just listen to you people. How much more negative and evil can people be? Mike has made the most positive impact we have ever seen or felt at this place! I think the “higher-ups” are beginning to see the error of their ways…thank you for your contribution to that!!!!

  46. AMEN and AMEN AGAIN!!!! This company HAD no idea what they did when they too Mr. Ham away! But, I think they know now and I’ve heard negotiations are under way to get him back!! Thank God! He was this place’s ONLY hope!!

  47. Is he really coming back?! That would be the BEST thing that ever happened, besides Mike coming to us in the first place. He changed so many lives, staff’s and patients’ lives! Happy Thanksgiving! Bring him back and give US ALL something to be thankful for!!

  48. My God DOES promise victory and that would be Mike coming back to SSBTS. Your god scares me if you people are your god’s representatives! Talk about evil and demonic! My God forgives your ignorance, you know not what you do and obviously know not what you say.

  49. There are no words to express my gratitude or the gratitude of other employees for all that Mike has done! He is the only CEO who has taken the time to care about us as people and as members of his team! I miss him! I want him back at ssbts and will fight, along with the others, to bring him back!

  50. The thought that Mike would come back makes me cry tears of joy. onedwnthree2go, go ahead and find something new to do. We don’t want you here anyway. Do us all a favor! We only want those who want to be here and want to be the best! cheers to us, I’m sure you meant to say “keep our fingers crossed” instead of “figures crossed”, I’m glad the victory is OURS has a God who will forgive your ignorance because I just can’t! You are pitiful and sound more like a mad dog than anyone else! I am praying that Mike will come back!

  51. i am puzzled as to why everyone that is so supportive of mike didnt voice thier objections at the time the firing went down..dont even say you didnt know..the hospital newsline was on fire,,oh,,i get it..so much easier to object on the phone than face to face with the big man….what ever happens ,,i hope the hate stops..

  52. get over it, already !!! Move on………….

  53. puzzled, I can only speak for myself. I wasn’t there to speak to anyone, but I would have! I hope I have the chance to meet with “the big man”. Mike never asked for, nor did he promote all of this hatred! He is a good man and was a great leader to us. Some people just didn’t want to give him a chance for whatever reason. i agree with you in hoping all of the hate stops!

  54. perhalps if more than a very few who write some of the messages above show undying support of ..he may come back..though i have never seen that happen..get over it ..i have never been under it so have nothing to gain nor lose. haha

  55. There are only two kinds of people who want Mike back those who are concerned about there huge paychecks and those who are unskilled brown-nosers. I feel for those who hold positions unrightfully earned who don’t have the skill to hold on to them. I would want mike back to so as not to fear for my job. Many people who now claim to support mike are only worried about their jobs and will say anything to keep them. Does anyone tell the truth anymore? If wearing see through dresses ensured job security everyone would be doing it. We should all check where we stand before we start bringing the Lord into it. Can you really say that you have been holy and virturous? I personally think that I have to get ready to leave this facility because I do not want to become a part of this environment. A company of fools soon comes to destruction. Though not here for long but have learned and seen to much. What about the patients? Have you forgotten why you got into the medical field? Such a tragedy!

  56. I am saddened by all of the personal attacks some staff members has made on Chelle, Monica, Missy and Mike. Please, whoever you are, spend all this energy trying to improve your own morals in life and your work ethics instead of focusing on these people! All of the above staff work hard and try to give 100% to their job, to make SSBTS a great place to work. Mike made a lot of changes and I know changes are hard but that is what life is all about really. I have heard about this blog but this is only the second time I have read it and the only time I have written on it (which by the way is a chance I am taking b/c I haven’t been talked about on it and I probally will now). I found Mike Ham to be a VERY caring person; he may come across to some as tough and non-caring but when I had a chance to get to know him, I know that he is not that way and he did a great job at what he HAD to do; not perfect like some people are!!!; and didn’t have ALL the answers, like SOME people do. I have found the advice “don’t judge a person until you have walked in their shoes” to be very good advice!! And by- the- way, I cannot beleive that SOMEONE would say such an awful thing about someone else about “does she even know who the babies father is?’ Monica is one of the most humble, sweet, caring people I have ever known…a devoted wife and mother, and does a great job in her position; she has a job to do just like the rest of us and is trying to made it in this economy,just like the rest of us are. SHAME on the person that made such a PERSONAL comment on what was pure evil talk!!! Also, stop making comments (your personal thoughts, not facts!!) about Chelle, Missy and Mike. This does not help our hospital nor does it help you and anyone else to spend time slandering people. The people that have such negative thoughts need to EDUCATE themselves on how to “turn negative into positive”.

  57. i am so happy that someone posted positive thoughts. i agree the staff mentioned above are professional,,no one knows what they have been through..all are good people with a job to do,,what happened to the golden rule.. treat everyone the way you want to be treated..stop judging and try to work together..do no harm..that means your fellow staff also.. work toware a hospital all can be proud of.. again the ladies are good people trying to do thier jobs..

  58. Anyone know a law firm that will handle a malpractice suit against these guys.

  59. To the ones that support CNO probably don’t remember that she cheated on her previous husband (a minister) numberous times. She loves to drink and her own father also a minister is not pleased with her.

  60. personal feelings should not be allowed to interfere with job performance,,she is a good leader.. leave the malicious personal gossip out of the discussion.. no one should cast stones .. no one knows anyone circumstances.. she only has to live with herself without anyone trying to hurt or destroy her. how would you like it if someone dragged your personal business on a public read board.

  61. We at SSBTS have been left in such a mess thanks to Ray Heckerman and UHS. They could care less about OUR hospital. Coastal Harbor, Mr. Heckerman’s facility, has already taken a large part of our business away. They don’t care if we succeed. We’ve been viewed by coastal harbor as a threat and competition for years…THEY win! What will happen to those of us left there who need jobs? They will eventually let people go and bring in their own people. There’s noone left to fight for us..Mike is gone. It was THE BEST while it lasted! If I were you people, I would get off this blog and start looking for jobs. It’s only a matter of time.

  62. Really, sounds like you could use the Lord and some of His holiness! A few virtues wouldn’t hurt you either. I for one am glad to hear you’re leaving..one like you is one too many for the positive environment that Mike set up! Please, don’t wait, just go!

  63. Now that I no longer am a part of the insanity at SSBTS I am so happy. I just hope that soon it will return to the wonderful, happy place it was years before MH and his girls. Now I hear that Mr. Ham was a guest at the Christmas party given by the new owners, he was with his date CS. MH forbid ex employees in the building but it was ok for him to reap the food and offerings at this party. also hear lot of his “followers” were so happy to see him..Maybe they should follow him to his next job.

  64. So sorry you’re so misinformed! It will never be the wonderful happy place it has been since Mike isn’t there anymore! The Christmas party was paid for by PSI and planned long before UHS came into picture. Mike didn’t reap food or offerings of party, the only thing he has reaped is an unfair decision to let him go…without reason. You must be a very miserable individual, just looking for a way to breed the misery you live in. I’m sorry you couldn’t be at the party, but I’m sure others aren’t. You probably wouldn’t have had the warm reception Mike did! Obviously, you aren’t so happy at last, otherwise none of “what you heard” would matter to you. Oh and by the way, Mike didn’t have a date, but you would know that if you had been invited. I was there and am very clear on my facts!

  65. well educated ?? maybe

    blonde? with a little help

    thin? look again !

  66. What this hospital needs is some of my CammyCam juice. Don’t drink the haterade playa!

  67. Putting all anger aside let’s look at the real impact of management at SSBTS on the community during the past year. Many people lost their jobs and many patient did not get treatment.
    What seemed to be simple acts of power had major
    impacts on not only the employee but families and patients. There were relapses, homes lost, medical conditions untreated, and loss of unborn children.
    None of these situations would have occured if 4 major players had not been allowed to run loose with their own desires and limited skills. Where were their supervisors.Even Joey J. has someone he’s responsible to. And Joey, I saw your desire to have this hospital your ” mothership ” where did you go when staff and patients needed you. All of the events of the past year at SSBTS have been
    tragic and preventable but did occur. Please remember these families during the holidays.
    There are many of these employees still unemployeed while 3 of the 4 remain in power to cause more suffering to those that fall in the path of their lack of ethics and professionalism. There is no way to undo all the bad that heppened but let us hope that PSI will stop this madness before any more tragic events occur at SSBTS.

  68. Somebody needs to be admitted it that’s your reality.

  69. What a great time of the season to thank God for the leaders we have had for the past year. I finally began to believe again that we could be a team and work together and make SSBTS the haven for our pts and a wonderful place to work. Our leaders clean house of ALL you bitching on this blog. If you only did the right thing or were competent you would still be there. That many of you are still unemployed says a lot. Now Heckeman is taking us down hill so fast. I’m already seeing the spliting and back biting going on with staff. So SAD! Now Lisa is Needs Assessment Director! Let the chaos begin!!!!!!!!!! And how did she get that job? I didn’t see it posted anywhere and I know there are other people who would have loved the opportunity to just interview who could ACTUALLY do the job.


  71. SSBTS is “Winning” with my tiger blood.

  72. no comments from SSBTS???

    How are things going???

  73. another one bites the dust..what happened.. she desperstely needed her job.. mikes old regieme

  74. That place is such a joke! Which is no surprise with Ray Hackerman at the helm, Giving full reign to Steve Glazier, who cannot have a thought without consulting Dodie, who doesn’t know how to think! Great job giving our competition exactly what they want on a silver platter!

  75. SSBTS (stupid shit by the sea). You know this is what UHS has turned the hospital into. The writing was on the wall when Ray Peckerhead walked in. Then after months of searching for a new CEO they bring us Steve. Obviously they have no talent or Mike’s shoes were just to big to fill. Steve is a complete idiot. Has he made one decision in these months of torture we have had to endure or does he just tell stories about himself that BORE us to death and has no revelence except to deflect from answering a question. I don’t understand how he can walk down the hall with Dodie so far up his butt. Sex with the boss (hmmm). Dodie (or Do-do) was fired from her last job for stirring stuff up and creating a bad work environment (OMG that appears to be happening again) Now don’t get me started on Lisa cause that would take a book. Is there one person in our hospital that is happy besides these three. So sad that our bus was traveling to greatness and now can’t move for all the people who have been thrown under it..This is the saddest story I have ever seen. If UHS has any ethics they start this one over. SSBTS is not a success story anymore. The writing is on the wall. SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Amen to all that! And how about the “Lunch with the LOSER”. What a joke!!!!!!!

  77. Hey what about the G-mail (GOOFY MAIL). I think Steve is scared to have a town hall meeting because he is afraid of people. Or he would look like such an idiot since he doesn’t give out any information. And please quit telling stupid stories of yourself Steve. You came here talking about how you help hospitals create a vision. Well what is it? Where’s your focus?(there’s that word again). Dodie is sure helping you look like the fool of the year. Is she writing your Goofy Mail?

  78. The greatest part of everything going on NOW is what’s coming right around the corner…karma, sweet karma. All who are first, will be last. All the bad treatment of employees and back-stabbing of co-workers, racial comments and slandering the characters of hard-working people, manipulating numbers and money to “make” budget…all of this will catch up to the ones who deserve it. Everyone knows who they are…especially Karma.

  79. what is lunch with the loser.. if u eat in cafeteria ur the loser.. who is dodie fooling.. maybe some day our hospital will be the best..just not now

  80. I have to walk in that building tomorrow. The feeling is so depressing on Sunday, I think I need medication. The air is depressing and gloomy. Their is no more life left in anybody and nobody cares. The only reason I’m there is I need a job. I’m looking for a real one where I can breath and people aren’t just waiting to see who is walked out next. We desperatly need leadership again. This administration is a joke! How did UHS let this happen? Are all their hospitals run like this? THIS SUCKS!

  81. Where’s Steve? Corp here and no Steve, could this be the wish coming true?
    UHS may have a brain!

  82. is the hr director from corporate running our hospital… what happened to the previous hr director. gossip flying.. maybe corporate will open thier eyes and see how bad the work enviroment is and rectify it.. why cant we be great and successful again.

  83. It’s hard to imagine anything good coming out of here! Maybe corporate was here because of THEIR paranoia…Steve’s not even here…census not making numbers…no treatment being offered to patients…Ray Heckerman the “team” director (there is NO team) for region, can’t even manage one place…It’s almost like the worse you are at doing your job with UHS, the better off you are. With any luck, you may be promoted to Ray’s or Steve’s positions.

  84. I heard UHS tried to shut this thing down…maybe they’re not as powerful as they believe after all.

  85. Why does Steve still have a job? Big shots come in and nothing changes. UHS is as stupid as they appear to be.

  86. I can’t understand why the corporate people don’t see through steve, dodie and lisa. You’re supposed to be smart when you make it to a corporate position, aren’t you? Maybe they’re just like the three stooges who are running our hospital in the ground!

  87. I think that stupidity starts at the top. Debbie something Thoses guys seem to worship her. I think that is the UHS culture. At least we know you have to be real stupid to work for her. UHS sucks

  88. When Ray first met with all of the hospital staff and talked about the “UHS culture”, I, along with alot of people I work with, wasn’t expecting all that has happened. The rate that people, very dedicated and hard-working people, are leaving is mind boggling. I, along with others, have consulted with an attorney to explore our options as employees. I hope that the current level of insanity will slow down, but don’t see that happening as long as Dodie and Lisa are running the show. Steve is simply their puppet. I can’t believe what our hospital has become! It’s so depressing to so many. Hopefully, legally, there is something we can do! I’m just happy for a day away from it all.

  89. Looks like Dodie M, Lisa T and Steve G have run off another great employee! I’m sure Debbie O will be looking into things soon, for whatever that’s worth.

  90. Where is our RT dept? Our pt r not getting the care they deserve or use to get.

  91. Mike was tops who is it this time the three stoages strike again

  92. St. Simons By-the-Sea will NEVER be the same. It will never measure up to what it was under Mike’s leadership! There is NO leadership now! This place sucks!! There are a lot of us who feel doomed and can’t wait to see the fall of the current pitiful “empire” (what a joke!!!!)

  93. SSBTS is “Winning”. It’s up to you, you bunch of disgruntled freaks, to make a difference. Stop your crying and get back to work. There are sick people that need you. While most of you are Bipolar, I’m bi-winning.

  94. I have one word for you. You’re fired! Well maybe 2 words.

  95. The “higher-ups” at UHS must be realizing by now that the world according to Steve and Dodie isn’t working at SSBTS…we will see very soon.

  96. how bout that hippa violation..firing offense .hope it was reported

  97. Our second doctor resigns. I think the writing on the wall could not be clearer. This is a HORRIBLE place to work and unsafe for any professional person to practice. The only good people left just really need a job but HATES this place. Your goal is complete Dodie and Steve!

  98. may b time for a call to corporate,, sometimes that works..cant hurt..if there are jacho violations contact them,,they willk investigate

  99. Yes, what about that HIPPA violation?! Not to mention Dodie violating several patients’ confidentiality repeatedly by communicating with individuals in the community who have nothing to do with our patients’ treatment. Maybe someday UHS will wise-up!

  100. I feel really sorry for the patients who have to deal with a bunch of professionals behaving like this. If you hate your job, go somewhere else. If you hate the management, go somewhere else. None of you are doing the patients any good.

  101. it is sad when pictures of patients are taken out of the hospital..hope thats not true!!!!!!!

  102. Hey “Claire”, there are a lot of us who have been working at this place ALOT longer than Dodie and Steve…I think we’ll just wait them out. The word is neither of them will be here much longer! It’s extremely difficult to sit back and watch what was a very successful and patient-centered treatment facility go down the drain because of pure stupidity! There are actually those of us who still care, that’s why we won’t go somewhere else!

  103. I understand that patients’ pictures have been taken out of the hospital more than once. It is very sad when our patients rely on us to keep them and their secrets safe, and those who are SUPPOSED to be the professionals discount that as well as the law!

  104. jobs are hard to find.some of us choose to hang on till there is relief..believe me..it will happen.. what goes around comes round.. uhs will begin to open thier eyes. there is no better staff anywhere when it comes to our patients..

  105. And, people wonder why patients leave psych hospitals AMA? The staff are often more screwed up than the patients.

  106. Leadership is missing! Steve is the biggest joke of a “person of power” as he put’s it, I have ever experienced. He never leaves his office except to visit his precious Dodie. Steve or Dodie why don’t you take a walk around the halls and see all of us laughing behind your back. You are both such a joke! It’s really a joke that we do not think is that funny.

  107. About 16 months of vicious abuse under the direction of Clinical Director Kurt Johnson allowing multiple assaults on children to prevent a paper trail for New Mexico CYFD. Director of Nursing Donetta Wilson favorite quote ” I Guess They Don’t Want Their Jobs!” Plus under the care of ESIS for staff injured,( WE NO PAY ) and the law firm Glenna Hayes works for Thorton Someone and Somebody else. They play he game and the rules. The TRUTH IS WORTHLESS IN NEW MEXICO.Sanctions is a joke when you are the only provider in the BIG TOWN. People do not care. I LOVED MY JOB AND WORKED HARD TEACHING THE CHILDREN, not just play chess and watch TV. All the documentation including notarized documents stating the “statements made surrounding violent acts were lies, one incident LVN Alice Garcia and her extremely questionable relationships intimidates people into a group assignment with incident reports. Such a shame that only money counts.

  108. for admin. it has always been money and numbers//for staff its patient care in spite of admin. interferance

  109. At least our previous administration knew what they were doing. G-man is an idiot. A real true pure IDIOT!

  110. For UHS it’s all about the money…that’s the sad truth!

  111. It seems like I remember people really caring about our patients and the quality of the job they did. It doesn’t feel like that anymore. It’s all about the numbers, both money and herding patients in and out, without any quality treatment. We used to care about each other, both as friends and co-workers. Not anymore though. Now it’s like every man for himself. It’s sad to think about where we were a year ago and what we have become now. Everyone just looks out for themselves and throws the next guy under the bus for whatever reason. There is no cohesiveness and definitely no team.

  112. The 3 ring circus is coming to town. Featuring Dodie and Lisa with Steve as the Head Clown. The show will be in the cafeteria on Tuesday. Don’t miss it the tickets are free because the show is LOSERVILLE! Let’s see if Steve will share his vison he keeps saying he so good at. Has anyone heard what it actually is. I sure this will be close to the Wiener politcal speech. “I so sorry but it is evident that I do not know how to run a hospital. I can’t seem to substain a census at all and all our systems just aren’t working. I need everybody to sacrifice for the good of the facility and start working less hours. Some of you should probably quit because I have not been able to run you off yet. What is it going to take to convince you I’m an IDIOT?” Or something like this. I can’t wait to see the show. Don’t miss it!

  113. There has to be clowns in every circus! The Head Clowns In Charge, Joe and Ray, probably won’t be here to enjoy the show; they’re busy running other circus acts-they obviously think this is how mental health hospitals should be run. They picked their own personal clown to run our facility! Then, in turn, because of lack of intelligence and integrity, Steve-o hand picked his very own clowns to help him destroy us! It’s going to be a good show tomorrow…pure entertainment!

  114. ….sometimes laughter is NOT the best medicine…especially when the joke’s on our patients and us!

  115. We really ARE one BIG joke! I can’t believe this is what we have become! Steve, Dodie and Lisa have had the last laugh! How sad! Its good to know that Ray and Joe are reading this, maybe they should be reading our census sheet or Federal laws related to patient confidentiality instead though.

  116. Brant did not do his 11 a.m.vitals. The charge nurse called the CNO to the unit to view this. This is not the first time. I suppose when a tech golfs with the CEO this tech can do as he pleases and maintain his job. Several of the patients Brant neglected doing 11 a.m. vitals on have hypertension. How is this safe for the patients, and what will it take for senior management to realize this could cost a patient’s life, his own job as well as the favored tech’s job. Perhaps it’s time to call the compliance hotline.

  117. I can’t believe you people. Brant is an asset to your hospital. He has helped me with my problems on and off of the golf course.

  118. The Senior Management (more like The Senior Citizens TRYING to be management) don’t acknowledge any level of accountability for those they favor and certainly not for themselves! Look at the staff meeting we poor employees had to endure yesterday. What a joke and poor example of leadership. Service of Excellence??! What a joke of a presentation…cheap, fake and what a suck-up! I guess our Marketing Director is too stupid to realize that she could be the next one GONE! I guess Steve is too threatened by the good employees leaving to say something nice about them. Instead he talks about them leaving and then talks about how he has made “a few calls” or how he “knows some people who know people”…instead of thanking them for the jobs they have done (and for putting up with all of the BS from him and his girls) and their commitment to one of THE WORST companies and WEAKEST run hospitals I’ve ever seen. At least the one’s leaving, and the one’s who have gone, are capable of seeing the truth! So,”Favoritism”, be assured it’s only going to get worse!!!

    • Completely agree.

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