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Psychiatric Solutions Hospitals Under Fire

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  1. the last posting was not a personal attack..simply an error in typing.. sorry.. i am not perfect. may god bless you and remove any problems that you may have in ssbts now and the future ,,believe me there will be many..

  2. There are always problems in hospitals. They aren’t perfect, because humans aren’t perfect. But, God helps those who help themselves. And, we strive to help others daily. Good luck on your journey.

  3. Well I have sat back and listened to this bull shit long enough. To you that have been let go I am truly sorry but excluding 2 of you I would have fired the rest of you a long time ago. I am not one of the girls either but have no fear for my job because I do it and take pride that I do it well. I know there are things that need some attention and am always willing to do my part to make things better for my fellow peers. Maybe if we were all on the same team we could make this a great place for us all. You think this place is bad try somewhere else. Grass is not greener. It is a shame that you are allowed to lie to try to get your point across. Most of what I have read is not true and I know that to be a FACT. Sorry for your hard feelings but glad your gone.

  4. why are some of you bashing and staff spliting each other..even to the point of using profanity. That is so childish, but perhalps expressing yourself is so hard without that unacceptable behavior. you are all good staff working in a difficult place. If you can change things..do so..It will take a powerful movement to get the present admin. out but it can be done if all of you will stand united..

  5. We do need to unite, a 3 stand cord is not easily broken. Instead of Rhinos and hedgehogs we are acting like rabid dogs,at each others throats. We spend more time with each other than our own families. I personally don’t fear being fired, hell, it could be the best thing to happen, considering the atmosphere we are working in. Father Jim needs to come back and perform and exorcisim. We used to be like a family, now i’m not sure what we are, but we aren’t acting like Christians–all could agree. Think back to a time when we all came to work and enjoyed our jobs and did it well. We had plenty of staff and units were busy with many patients. Everything starts from the top and runs to the bottom, bad and good. I think until you work a unit for 12 hrs, 3 days in a row you shouldn’t comment on anything. You shouldn’t not complain about a tech or a nurse until you have been a tech or nurse on the unit–you would understand so much if you ever had those roles. We all need to pray for divine deliverance and all demonic forces to be loosed from our facility, as Christian that is our right, bought and paid for already. While no one is perfect and all act in the flesh at times, we still need prayer and to be as “one flesh”. I feel that I have always been an asset to Focus regardless of who ran the place, if I ever get fired, their loss. God has better for me sure. I question wether or not I’m making a difference for patients anymore, in the past it was obvious, my intentions were always pure; now its just let me make it through my shift unharmed and quickly as possible. I used to come in on my off time to assist patients, now I have hot flashes and anxiety at the time clock. Something has got to change or I need to change, I’m believeing for an answer soon, but I don’t fear today, because i know who holds my future.

  6. Lets remember, this article is over two years old, it is just a place for people to vent, no one but the people posting is actually reading this. We should not be so critical of each other, again we are all under a great deal of stress, personal and at work. Let each other vent with out being so critical and judemental. We don’t know what each other is going through, unless someone prints your name assume it was meant for someone else. It is far better to vent this way then to take it out on each other or patients on the job site. So everybody loosen up and let live. Give peace a chance.

  7. I understand staff is frustrated but is it really necessary to express yourself with such hostility? Every facility has challenges and there is always room for improvement. I believe our facility has helped a large number of people and most employees have their hearts in the right place. Let us reflect as to why we are in this profession and focus on what is really important, the patient’s. I am very fortunate to be part of a team that is dedicated, hardworking and willing to go above and beyond to help not only the patients but each other as well.

  8. It is true that PSI is working hard to keep its stock desirable. The best way to do such is to run a profitable company. The problem is that many companies put a higher value on profits than on human beings. Such is especially a problem when the company happens to be in the “human being business.” A hospital is a prime example of a human being business. Patients, administrative staff and other staff members alike qualify as human beings. Administration has the responsibility to treat staff members and patients with fairness, dignity and basic respect. Staff members have the responsibility to treat each other with respect. Staff members also have the awesome responsibility and privilege to treat patients with respect, and yes–treat even the administration with respect. PSI and the hospital administration has every right to make the hospital even more profitable if possible. Staff members have every right to be respected and treated with respect. And most importantly, the patients are totally at our mercy. They deserve to be in a clean and safe environment. They deserve to be heard. They deserve to have the right medications, given at the proper times. They deserve to be treated with the utmost respect. They deserve to actively participate in their treatment with a smart and dedicated staff. They deserve the right to have appropriate and healthy food choices. They deserve the right to leave the hospital when they insist on leaving, regardless of their rationale, unless they are an active and immediate danger. They deserve the right to choose their doctor during the admission process. They deserve the right to have no one access their chart data unless that staff member is actively involved in their treatment and appropriately credentialed. Come on everyone, let the best interest of our patients be our guiding light. Insist that staffing levels are sufficient to maintain safety and provide a therapeutic milieu. Get rid of those who show disrespect to others. Don’t be intimidated by ruthlessness, regardless of the source—PSI, administration, fellow staff, etc.
    Don’t be party to anything that may well get you in trouble, be it illegal, unethical or immoral.
    And is it possible that with the right staff, making the right commitments, that we could end up with a hospital that we can all be proud of?
    Why not give it a try!!!!!!

  9. We do need to concentrate on patient care. We have always produce a profit because of the business we are in, being a private business we should make money, but we need to do it the right way. Right now we are headed in the wrong direction, since most of our business comes from word of mouth, we need to concentrate on service. The patients will come back if we provide a good service, doctors will refer patients if they have confidence in the facility. A happy staff makes for happy patients. If staff feels overwhelmed, overworked, and under-appreciated it does spill over to patients. If staff is struggling and unappreciated the patients can clearly identify problems. They know when staff is overworked and struggling. With adequate staffing, mistakes become few, because there is no rushing and shortcuts taken. I have yet to talk to a staff member that purposely made a mistake, often its just an oversight, because of being rushed and unrealistic expectations. It is a top down approach that is needed, respect starts from the top and trickles down, the people that provide direct care to the patients need support and an environment that’s productive to do their job. When a clinical staff member is not adequately supported by administration that a direct affront to the unit and the patients under that staff members care. The vary staff that is doing all the patient care, that work tirelessly everyday, and give 100% to patient care have proven themselves assets but they don’t feel like they are treated appropriately. The clinical staff is tired of being treated as less than and being blamed for the problems in the facility, we are doing the best we can with what we have available. Several assets have left already and more are planning to leave, there is problem with some staff, but losing a good staff along with a bad staff is not balancing out anywhere. If a nurse is in report and a MHT has a patient to elope, why is the nurse responsible. She didn’t hire the tech, nor did she make the schedule. She is only as good as her staff–her license is placed at risk not only because of what she does but because of what her staff does under her. If nurses had their way, they would pick their own tech to feel secure in doing her job. The techs would also prefer to work with some RNs and not others. We are losing one good staff for each bad staff let go, in the end regardless of how many people are hired the ratios does not change. We just have a lot more new people without the adequate training to successfully do the job and the staff needing to train the newbies have already been let go or fear that they soon will be let go. The clinical staff feels like they are being made to play Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun, there is no winning, just buying more time. We show up to work wondering will today be the day we are fired. It doesn’t matter how hard you work, or how much integrity you have, people make mistakes that’s a fact. Let become successful by giving the staff providing direct care for patients the resources they need to do the job, in an environment in which they can breath. Get rid of the mindset that clinical staff is less than, if anything without them there would be no need for administration, business office, or needs assessment. We need to step back and realize that its the clinical staff that we can not live with out, the doctors, nurses, and techs who do give 100% daily. Appreciate the water now, not when the well is dry.

  10. concerned staff, the reason people are hostile is because they are not being heard. We are losing valuable employees, for stupid reason. We are tired of the growing “have to do list”, without the staff to do it.

  11. For-profit care is focused on quantity, not quality, first, and you cannot assume or expect them to occur effectively in tandem. When a health care facility is just admitting people without taking into account how it affects the milieu, for both staff and patients, care and response to care is compromised. Any one who argues otherwise is either clueless, or has an ulterior agenda.

    And some people are harsh in their commentary because saying it nice to those who are not listening to concerns and reason is a waste of time. Think of how you approach addicts in the throes of their addiction: do you tell them “please stop, you are hurting yourself and us”, or after repeated consequences and heartache, do you then realize it has to be said “stop or get out, or I am leaving!”

    Money is an addiction, people. Profit easily becomes a synonym for greed. You decide.

  12. Some of the comments are not productive at all but show the anger and confusion of the staff. The main problem at SSBTS is leadership. Staff anywhere is only as good as its leaders. Accountability is as important as showing up to work when scheduled. Selection of new staff needs to cover experience dealing with mental patients and addictive patients, OB, nursing home nurses need extended orienting. A preceptor for nurses, RN’s, LPN’s, and Techs would make a world of difference in the hospital and patient care. I hope a new DON that is qualified and educated will be found soon and take control. The mention of differences in Ad.min staff and patient care staff is very clear to see its almost like two worlds exist one in the front of the bldg. and the other behind the unit doors. One group walks around on their cell phones the other is fired for using theirs. Guess which group is which ? I do not think any staff should use a cell phone while at work so thats not the issue, the issue is the way people are treated. I don’t think God should be included in opinions either, my opinion . I try to do my best each time I walk it the door, and its the door that holds all the patient care staff..

  13. Reference SSBTS Hospital, Joint Commission is in the building for the next three days. Let’s see what the Joint does reference all of the expressed concerns written about on this website over the past few weeks. Do you think the Joint will make any real effort to even hear about all of this, let alone CHECKING into the issues raised? I’m betting that there will be few, if any, efforts made by the Joint to hear any of the concerns that have been raised on this website. You see, the real truth is that the Joint is very reluctant to take on any organization that may have political, financial or other forms of clout within the hospital industry. The Joint stays in business only if most of the 15,000 or so healthcare facilities in the US pays them for their services (stamp of approval”) so that the healthcare facility can then “advertise” that it is “Joint Commission approved”. Less than one percent of all the PSI hospitals surveyed recently were found to have any critical findings by the Joint. YOU DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS. Whatever you do, be sure to follow the words of Joey Jacobs, CEO of PSI,—–“JUST DO WHAT IS RIGHT”.
    Joey, I hope you are doing just that. Time will tell, won’t it?

  14. now that jacho is there it may be the perfect time for a group of staff express thier concerns and go forward with the truths as they know them..use the list or documentation that you have..you can be professional and still get your point across.. go for it,, what will they do..fire you…wow..they can not fire you for telling the truth..

  15. Again, I have read these blogs, and what I don’t understand is the presumptions made when you have only half the story. Clinical staff as a whole is awesome in this facility, but everyone can get better. It’s the attitude you project – and as far as being harsh, or “negative” – grow up. Life is harsh and I’m not being negative, I’m being a realist. So much of what you blame is based on your assumptions, and half truths, and anger fed out of gossip. You talk about the very place you work (or worked) as if we disposable, and of no concern; we are a team, but not all of us are team players. Our patients need so much, and to take care of them means that we take care of each other. BUT, what about the “clinical staff” that doesn’t speak, or threatens to walk out when the pace picks up, or is rude to a patient simply because the patient asked a question? As far as administration is concerned, I am a firm believer that if you want something, show administration and they will help you get it. It’s in presentation, and attitude. Someone new comes in, and you talk about them as if you have that right. What if that was your father, sister, brother or another family member? YOU have to walk in another person’s shoes before you can truly know what they are feeling/thinking. To have the audacity to slam someone for trying to do better; makes me wonder why you are so unhappy with yourself that you would want to bring someone else down? “Shocked” talks about a list and documentation – is that truth, or your perception of same? What I wonder is while your making lists and documenting about the hospital, who is taking care of the patients, and who is checking their vitals, and charting on them appropriately? “Concerned” talks about

  16. Joint Commission and throws some numbers around. Do you work with JCAHO? Do you know the federal regulations and requirements and the policies and procedures that correlate to this survey? “Cowgirl” says that staff is only as good as it’s teachers? Seriously, you have to use common sense, and take responsibility. You learned something in school – “First Do No Harm” is not the name of a Top 40 song. I see people blaming other people daily, yet no one says “can I help you” or “what is involved in your job” – everyone assumes that “they” can do a better job than the person doing it. Walk a mile, try something different.

  17. We need to create a work environment that people want to be there. We have clinical staff that comes to work with the right attitude and intention, who are persecuted by management. First amendment(correct spelling)is making global beliefs about clinical staff based on a couple on incidents. We need a top down approach, CEO does NOT respect his employees or cares about what is going on with them. If he did he would not have said, “I don’t care if your momma dies, you will work schedule.” Really, what kind of person are we dealing with. He keeps talking about hedgehogs and rhinos–talk about the issues. We had a patient who sexually assaulted two female patients, threatened staff, who we had to trick into the 300 hall, for almost a month he terrorized staff, he jumped over the desk and trapped to nurses in the medication room. Mike Handled this situation by buying pizza for the unit. What??? It wasn’t until a doctor’s order written in the chart said to call the police if he threatened staff, that the patient was removed. Why?? Because Mike didn’t want the police involved. What about short staffing? Unrealistic expectations? His love is of money only and it is compromising the therapeutic milieu. First do no harm exactly, why aren’t more doctors doing what is right. Why is he overriding the doctors in the admitting process. We have already lost a few good doctors because they knew where we were going. We have several top staff re-evaluating whether we should work there or not, if we aren’t there for the patients who will be. Can we stop looking at patient with dollar sings or as being “cash cows”. I wonder if Mike is trying to recruit Misty Croslin as a patient.

  18. Now that Obama has signed legislation that will have private auditors to audit medical records to prevent medicaid and medicare fraud. There goes a large portion of S.S.B.T.S revenue. How will we account for patients that have Dr. Orders that read there is no medical reason for patient to still be here, oh never mind that doctor is not there, because she insisted that a patient be allowed a hot meal who wasn’t stable to go to cafeteria, she was ordered out of CEO office, go figure. Now a new D.O.N wonder is she will be thin, and blond? Chances are good that staffing will be cut on the units. Still can’t believe this ship hasn’t sunk yet.

  19. all of my comments have been posted..try again.. they dont,as a whole, want details . much denial follows some posts.

  20. I go through my day with a smile and a kind word for everyone I see. I have done almost every job in this hospital at one time or another and they are all difficult. The best way to get through this rough time is to show true compassion to everyone including admin. We have seen rough times before and will prevail. Change is always tough and we have been through our share. Kindness goes along way and at the end of the day you can be satisfied that you did your part. Focus on what really matters. I can not imagine anyone having an unkind word to say about monica. That will only discredit anything else you have to say. If you need to vent please only say what you know to be true because you could hurt people without knowing the true facts

  21. I understand that this has become a “venting post’ but I am disappointed to see many names mentioned…this is not fair to those names being named……….
    There are many changes going on at present so let us all wait and see the outcome.
    This is a psych hospital, so there are always going to be elopements, codes, and yes, even deaths…….this is not out of the ordinary.!!
    I only hope that everyone’s anger and frustration is left behind as they enter the workplace and try to do what they were trained to do: Take care of these patients the best they can. If other staff are mean or unkind…don’t take it personal !! I feel sorry for the ones that I have seen be rude to pts. and/or other staff. I have been treated that way by frustrated staff and I let it go…
    We are not here to judge others.
    LET NOT YOUR HEART BE TROUBLED…….peace, my friends……..we shall hope things get better.

  22. and by the way…….forget about Joint Commission doing anything at all…….PSI owns almost 100 hospitals…….that is a lot of money being paid to them by PSI….they aren’t going to lose that..

  23. Each of likely has a point we reach when “enough is enough”. Some of us reach that point quickly while others struggle for a long time before reaching it. We are presently in a situation that is complex and divisive. Our hospital CEO is determined to do what he believes has to be done in order to “fix” this place. My biggest fear is that the baby might be thrown out with the bathwater. It is not as simple as you are either “for” the hospital or “against” the hospital. Many of us are presently ambivalent about ssbts which is not good for any of us. Hospitals are special and safe places where healing hopefully takes place. All of us are mindful of what is needed in order for healing to take place. A healthy staff is a key component. At present most of us are reeling from one event or another. Our CEO is busy “fixing” things. He says it will take time. Certain others have been designated as “helpers”. Sadly these helpers are not trusted by many. The majority of us feels unsupported by management. There are many splits, and seemingly few opportunities to unite and begin a healing process. People with whom we have worked have gone by one process or another. Those departed over the past year or so have included former supervisors, peers, friends, etc. I miss most of them and I am saddened by the way in which many of them were terminated. Many believe that our leadership is callous — frequently saying that “they don’t care!” I’m not sure about who cares and who doesn’t care, but I know I certainly have plenty of thoughts, concerns and prejudices about the topic. The process of “fixing” a hospital requires special skills and experiences. It would be helpful if our leadership would clarify asap exactly what needs fixing. Secondly, it would be helpful if leadership defined who the fixers are and what the fixing process will be. And thirdly, why can’t existing staff have input into what needs to be fixed. After all, we are the ones with the most experience working in this hospital. Mike, you don’t have to try to do all the defining of problems and fixing problems by yourself. Your job is to provide the leadership in a collaborative effort to make this hospital great. Let us keep in mind that our primary duty is to provide a place in which our patients can get fixed. Most of us are real clear on that role. So when all is said and done, each of us has the right to decide when enough is enough.

  24. It is very sad reading this. These comments sound like they are coming from a bunch of children. Class Action talking about the antichrist and demons. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? There are many staff that put their hearts and souls into the patients.I have seen many people get the help they need at SSBTS. The people that are blogging negatively about the hospital should go work at Ga. Regional,then they would praise the care our patients get. Putting staff members names on this blog is absolutely unacceptable. These unknown people talk about kindness and compassion but have no problem demeaning staff that does not deserve it. I wish you would sit down and take a long hard look at yourself and maybe you can see how unprofessional and childish you are being. Like I said before no hospital is perfect however I know we have saved many lives. Sit down and read all of the cards and all of the thanks we have received.

  25. Hey, this company’s stock is rising as it is involved in some merger activity? Reported in the local paper here, which is NOT in CA.

  26. All I can say is someone needs to get out the commitment papers…PSI could make a fortune off of its employees current and past.

  27. Yes, PSI has announced that “a group” is interested in buying the company. Maybe a good thing as all facilities under their management have staffing and personnel issues. Currently, Sierra Vista in Sacramento has no CEO (fired), no COO (quit), no DON or DCS (quit), no Director of Social Services (quit), last HR manager has left, Business office manager has been laid off, down to about 3 Social Workers, has a 48 bed unit completed and ready to go since last April and yet not one bed ever used. At Heritage Oaks in Sacramento, they are also building another 48 bed unit. They currently have no Director of Outpatient Services. The reputation of SV is so bad, many outside agencies will not send patients there=low census=more layoffs. Nurses have filed complaints with JACHO and CMS due to saftey issues from understaffing. Used to be a great place to work and then, in their great wisdom, PSI came in and changed everything. They did not even comply with their own Plan of Correction in some areas. The “Education Nurse” doesn’t even have her BSN, but is allowed to teach the staff how to do their jobs. Hmmmm….It can only get more interesting from here. I feel very sorry for the patient who ends up at any PSI facility. It’s all about the almighty dollar and if a few people get hurt or die along the way, well, that’s to be expected at a psychiatric facility, right?

  28. disgusted in Cal…..at least you have an “education nurse”…..our nurses have no preceptor and very little to no orientation at all !!!! we have no infection control nurse either….
    But I must admit, your adm. problems make our place look great !!!!!!!! there is always someone worse off than you are….sad to say….but true

  29. hello all

    i was talking to a friend and he said that all you people had to type in an email in order to get on this page, and he proceeded to tell me how easy it is to find out who you folks are, if if the email is made up. something about url’s and abc’s and all …. he’s real smart that way.

    i told him about some of you putting NAMES on here. i got to thinking…… how about the next time you mention anyone else BY NAME ….. i can get YOUR name and put it up for all the world to gossip about. how does that grab ya?

    ya’ll take that as food for thought…… and i will be seeing ya:)

  30. Just a thought—yep, names need to be left off for lots of reasons, and yep the email addresses can likely be traced down and yep this is the United States which hopefully still embraces the First Amendment (freedom of speech and four other freedoms). What about the possibility that there are thousands of people who work for PSI who do care about their fellow humans, be they staff, patients otherwise. And yes, there are likely those who do not have the capacity or desire to care in the way you or I might define “caring”. So what about having the courage to speak the truth as best you know it–not to destroy any person or hospital–but to be part of a group or process that is committed to bringing about needed changes. Clinicians are not the only ones with the capacity to care. There are administrators, COO’s, CFO’s etc. who also care. What ever happened to basic respect for each other? Where is the concept of communication? No one should be totally helpless in any situation. Take your concerns to hospital administration with clear messages. Let others know that you want to be a part of making the workplace a healthier one. And yes, there may be those in administration who don’t value your input but keep trying if you truly want to make a difference. If you try and try again and nothing seems to make a difference then consider making a change in jobs. And of course, there are many things “wrong” in healthcare because, in part, it’s a very special business. We are not talking about making cars—we are talking about dealing with the most precious “commodity” of all–the well being of human beings where the real BOTTOM LINE is life and death. Keep the focus.

  31. I agree change can be wonderful. There were many areas that needed improvement at Sierra Vista and, as I said, change can be good. However, the key is to change the things that need improvement, not changes that ONLY improve the bottom line. I worked hard everyday to keep patients and staff safe, to show respect to others and to make improvements to “grow” our business. However, it was like the old saying goes, “No good deed goes unpunished”. People were being blamed for low census and demoted, staff was being demeaned and expected to do more with less, voices were not heard and the list goes on. Sierra Vista was in Immediate Jeopardy more than once. Sometimes it was unjustified, but other times it was not. In fact, the last IJ was removed as the findings were false. But it was terrible to watch the entire hospital take on a slow decline. You could feel the difference. Everyday brought another round of firings and lay-offs. Good people left because they felt they could no longer be party to dangerous situations. Yes, hospitals are a rough business. But, no matter how much you care, no matter how much you try and no matter how much you want the facility to suceed, you have to have support from management and corporate. It would seem that management is afraid to stand their ground when talking to corporate about the needs of individual hospitals. You cannot have a “one size fits all” mentality when working with people. In fact, management expects personnel to be flexible and assess the needs of individuals, but does not do the same for their facilities.

  32. I hope all have read and thought about how wrong they were to publish any names on this post….
    Yes, sometimes we all need to vent and I don’t fault anyone for that BUT….please do not slander anyone and if you really DO want to change things for the better where you are employed…make a list of things to help and give to the proper people that can do something about it !!!
    Good Luck to all…….

  33. I can’t believe I actually got on here and read this.
    No, SSBTS is not perfect. No treatment center is. We are designed to be a short-term crisis stabilization and detox unit… that is why many of our pts, particularly from dual, are referred to long term treatment centers. Speaking as someone who is in recovery themselves, and has experienced being a pt in multiple treatment centers, SSBTS is not quite as bad as some of you are making it out to be. Maybe it’s not the Meadows, or Cirque Lodge, but it’s much more financially accessible treatment for our pts. We have some really awesome doctors, therapists, nurses, and techs that are on the units everyday, making a difference in these pts lives. If you’re not happy with SSBTS, then leave. Odds are the people complaining on this blog are the ones who spend the whole shift bitching and moaning too. And as far all this BS about our CEO, have you forgotten what are previous one was like? Our current CEO has monthly staff meetings, is trying to motivate and reward the good employees (at every level- not just admin) and he actually comes on the unit, speaks to the patients, has even had meetings with a unit when there were complaints. I am sure his job is nowhere near easy… it’s not as if he can go against the basic business model PSI is built upon; but he is trying to do the best he can to make positive changes here!!!

    SSBTS may not be a top-dollar celebrity rehab, but the bottom line for us clinical staff is we DO help people. Whether it’s by comforting a new admit who’s scared to get sober, or patiently listening to a 1:1 having a manic episode, or helping a teen find new ways to vent anger. We DO help people, every single day. If you can’t see that then you’re not one of the ones doing so, then please, by all means, turn in your two weeks notice.

  34. Just heard about another death at SSBTS. Yikes! Scary, scary stuff

  35. As long as PSI’s profit-at-all-cost is a mission statement, it will not matter how compassionate, dedicated, competent, educated or experienced any individual is. Clients will continue to be placed in harm’s way and it will continue to be, not if, but when the next sentinel event will happen. I am an RN who worked at a PSI facility in central Fl. As all of us know, gross understaffing is the norm. I look to see if this facility has been closed? Or sanctioned? Certainly it can not continue offering such potentially dangerous, potentially LIFE-ENDING care? And I fool myself into thinking change will occur. It will not. As the saying goes, somethings are just too big to fail. And thats why I left. I imagine a site for current and former PSI employees would be insightful. God watch over our patients.

    • A maatter of time, “when” has come. Ocala Florida, The Vines Hospital, murder investigation ongoing.A patient accused of raping and then smothering to death his room mate.Bought by Universal Health,different wolves, same sheeps clothing. Same monumental profits made on the backs of the most vulnerable. In a hundred years, when people look back at how we treated our least represented, we ALL shall be judged very harshly, indeed.

  36. YIKES don’t believe everything you hear…….there has been NO recent deaths at SSBTS hospital………I am ashamed for even posting on this madness but wanted to set the record straight !!

  37. how long before the madness stops at ssbts..another great nurse walked out..

  38. I would just like to state that those who think the going is good and safe at SSBTS are either delusional or blind. Tough words, but as a former employee, I have a right to what I experienced, and know as facts. It absolutely is unsafe, and I for one am going to contact the people on the list above. Mike Hamm is a joke, but PSI is focused on bottom line, profit margin, and as far as us revealing who we are when we post, do we look stupid? Don’t tell me retribution would not happen. I personally was not born yesterday, and no one, repeat, no one, can tell me otherwise. So to those still there, God help you, and hopefully you are not working when an elopement or death occurs.

  39. PSI has just bought a hospital in NORTH DAKOTA-they are just the same as PSI-the DON is a borderline, no nurasing knowledge and loves tofire people-now she write up nurses-not her favorites to the state board-also in order to earn your keep-you have to paint the walls-as an RN. The CEO IS RUMORED TO BE A BIPOLAR-the wrong people are carrying the keys.

  40. very tough comments. psi-ssbts did have jcaho in there and they had the psi corporate surveyors in there. no recent deaths were found.and the new ceo is like any ceo with a problem hospital- he is going to get rid of all the people he sees as under performing and replace them with his own “better performing” people. and yes psi is trying to go private with lots of venture capital funding so you ll see a lot more layoffs and reductions…you have to show the venture capital people value for all those millions you ll be getting.

  41. a couple of weeks ago why was Ham and Chelle at a hotel with personal files besides the obvious, what were they doing with those files. The place is getting so ghetto, and what’s with the wild animal names. Let’s look up sexual harrassment, discrimination, and medicare fraud. It’s time to take action, change is coming very soon.

  42. if they took the personnel files out of the facility something very odd is going on. time to call the various authorities.

  43. what is going on at SSBTS? This new hedgehog class is very suspicious. Many of the choosen few already have bad reputations. A nurse that inappropriately fondle a female patient, another one who is married to the CFO who had a patient to escape but suffered no consequences while others had been fired, the same one who allowed a patient to be locked outside during group. The fact that no one will get a raise unless they become a hedgehog and then you have to be selected is nothing more than DISCRIMINATION in the worse form. Who would be willing to compromise themselves to play these childish games, only those who really need to hold on to their job very badly (who should have already been fired). Has anyone read PSI integrity statement–didn’t think so. What about the therapists giving the military patients “special” privileges that other patients don’t get. Going out to eat,bring food in for them,allowing them to skip groups, gym, massages, haircutsand who knows what else–what the heck is going on here. Shouldn’t some of the therapist be told to hold themselves to a higher standard–no one respects a someone who looks like an elderly prostitute. The whole therapeutic relationship has been violated and compromised. The CEO said, he was going to change “the culture”, the new culture is very scary, unethical, and very “street”. We are hiring many new staff to replace the current staff–the only way to really change the culture is to start a new one. The new staff is scary, untrained and will stop at nothing to take another staff position. The current Rhino slept for over 3 hours on youth. It seems you have to be pretty sorry, unethical and unskilled to get any recognition at this facility, or be sleeping with someone. Clearly we are in the last days!

  44. Rhino as we were told rush foward, but doesn’t see what is going on all around. Clearly, the CEO hasn’t studied business. He is running this one to the ground, he obviously has confused the terms assets and liabilities. When staff earns PTO and miss work, they have to make it up but they still use the PTO. Why do we have PRN staff? Trying to solicit business from NHL is just rediculous. Does anyone who really want to get healthy go to a facility that has almost 100% recidivism. Have we not just recently had two TB patients, exposing staff and other patients, we don’t have negative pressure rooms. What about the MRSA patient that had to stay in her room for nine days, she got no type of treatment–Medicare paid, but if she had no insurance she would have been detoxed in three days not nine. Wait till medicare finds out about this, and tricare needs to be aware of the treatment that the military gets. Do we need to worry about mesathelioma? Is our facility likely to burn down? Where is that two million dollars for remodeling–not spent on the scape floor tiles. How much is the facility worth, property? Why is the defibulator still locked up in the nursing office, does another patient need to die? Lord have mercy on the respectable staff a SSBTS.

  45. What is really being refurbished on the 400 hall, its very scary. We know what is being kept hidden on SSBTS.

  46. can not believe all these blogs..has nothing got better..what is going on in that hospital..is anyone making any positive changes..does anyone appreciate the staff that have worked so hard over the years..sounds like days at ssbts are coming to a rapid close..so sad

  47. YOOOOOO HOOOOOO ~ let me tell you a lil something there ~ in the parking lot. You people are making it so easy to see why PSI facilities fail. If you have time to slander your fellow employees, without facts ~ in the parking lot ~ you should readjust your blue eyeliner. You obviously aren’t seeing things clearly, with the blue eyeliner ~ did I mention that this is specifically for IN THE PARKING LOT ~ you should be working instead of being in the parking lot ~ putting on the blue eyeliner.

  48. whats up with the numerous blue eyeliner comment,,,what does it have to do with what was commented on… sounds very personal .. if the true facts were not written..why dont you clarify them ,,you seem to know the truth..how about sharing with everyone else who apparently is in the DARK.

  49. Read between the lines ~ stop whining ~ figure out your answers. You said mine sounds very personal ~ duh ~ what do you think “in the parking lot” was saying ~ professional? Give me a break. Stop whining. Stop picking on people that don’t do anything against you. Grow a spine and live your own life, stop messing with others who are content with theirs.

  50. finally blue eyeliner comments that sound so professional have disappeared. now whining have taken thier place.. oh well..what is the real problem in that hospital.. i do my job..i dont care what staff wear ,,patients care comes first. that is what the hospital should focus on, not eyeshadow , spines and whining..there is no between the lines to read as i really dont care what happens in parking lots. that doesnt deserve a response..and no one knows everything about everything; thank goodness.

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