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6 Steps to Help Couples Overcome Relationship Stumbles

It’s easy for couples to fall in love. Staying in love is the tough part, according to clinical psychologist and marriage counselor Randi Gunther, Ph.D.

In her new book When Love Stumbles: How to Rediscover Love, Trust & Fulfillment in Your Relationship, Gunther shares a six-step healing plan to help couples overcome eight of the most common “stumbles” or problematic patterns in their relationships.

She devotes a chapter to how couples can surmount each stumbling block. Inside, we cover the eight common relationship stumbles most couples grapple with, as well as the six steps to help overcome them.

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6 Steps to Help Couples Overcome Relationship Stumbles

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  1. Last night my boyfriend and I went to dinner to celebrate our 6 month anniversary. I know 6 months doesn’t sound like a lot, but our first date was 4 days long (haha) and we’ve been that close ever since… so 6 months has been a very intense, long time for us.

    We had a great dinner – talking about our projects at work, our plans with each other, and even some talk about the future. I think we both enjoyed how far we’ve come and how close we’ve become.

    When we got home my boyfriend said that he feels like we’ve created this partnership, and now we’re at “base camp” for our life together – climbing up that life mountain. He said that he knows stuff will come up in the future that will be hard, and that we’ll have to get through, but he hopes that we can promise each other that when those things happen we’ll look back and remember our 6 month anniversary- how excited we were about our life together – and put the little trials and tribulations in perspective.

    In that moment I was so honored that I had found someone who I not only love, but that was excited about a future that he already knew would have it’s hard moments. I thought that was a beautiful, proactive moment in our relationship, and I know we’ll look back on it one day – that’s hard – and we’ll remember to stick together.

    Great article, thank you, as always!

  2. This book is so right on! This is a must-read for anyone wanting to reach the full potential in their current relationship or to prepare themselves to be at their best in their next relationship.

  3. Hello,

    I have a big problem here. My girlfriend suddenly caught into stress. Before that, she asked me whether I love her or not. I said, I do love her. But then, she said, lately she felt that something is missing. The intimacy. We are now in a long-distance relationship and also I’m full of stress because of the third-person in our relationship keep on disturbing us especially me. From what I’ve read in your article, I think it’s my fault to caused that. Furthermore, I usually wrote my bad thoughts in my blog. When she saw and read the post, she felt that I’m pointing a blame on her. That’s not true. Now, she asked for a break up. She said she’s stress with me and the third person. She wants me to let her go. But I said to her that, she’s stress and she needs to calm down. I would like to comfort her but she refused to let me. I called several times but she did not answer. I sent her text messages to comfort her but no reply. What should I do? I want a happy relationship, I did not realized that she’s stress too because she keeps on denying about her problems. I want to maintain this relationship. Yet I have not been given a chance to comfort her. She seems so angry with me from what I wrote in the blog. We’re on a relationship for 7 month and how can a sincere love can be disappear in 6 hours? I could not accept that. I know she’s stress but I want a chance to comfort her and to make things right. Please, anyone who would give an advice, I really need it. Thank you for reading this.

    • Hello Amin
      Look up at the sky!! See how awesome our universe so why we need to make it looks bad an awful…
      From what i read in your article?? I think your GF love you so much so you suppose to make her feel happy about you n your relationship together
      All you have to do now is : go n buy her a nice gift and attach with it a card saying sorry to her and so on…..
      Ex. For gifts: box of choclate. …….

  4. I just need some advise , on mothers day my boyfriend had to work so he said as soon as he goy out of work he was going to head to my familys gathering, he got out of work at 330 when i text him at 5pm to see if he was on his way he said he was going to visit his mom i said ok since we had agreed he was going to spend a little time with her and then come with me , so i waited patiently and by 9pm i text him again and he said he was at a friends house having a beer , got really disapointed and mad. So now im packing my stuff and my kids stuff and leaving him . Am i over reacting ? I dont want to be in this house full of tension because i dont want the kids to see how we are not talking and being diatant with each other.

  5. I love my husband we’ve only been together for almost two years .We both drink mostly weekends with friends . This is when we argue , go figure .we have known each other for about ten years , before he and I got together I spent 8 years alone and not dating .I have never felt so much love for anyone other than my son .We did rush things and are trying to work on things . We have had a couple of issues that have become violent, he has pushed me on several occasions and he doesn’t think he is doing anything wrong because I hurt him with things I say to him .mostly when we drink ,I get upset and tell him I don’t want to be here anymore . Our communication sucks anymore I feel like I’m always wrong and he is very critical .I do have my faults but I do know I’m not always wrong. He wanted to separate for awhile , I don’t think it’s a good idea because we are both very stubborn and I don’t think if I leave with things unresolved I won’t come back. I don’t want a divorce , I’m sleeping in the basement for now . Our relationship has been very intense from the beginning .I don’t want to end it but we need to learn how to communicate with each other. I feel lost . I know he’s hurting also but he has shut down and not talking about what is happening. It’s just my fault and I’m wrong. What do I do ?



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