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Losing Track of Time While Playing Video Games or Gaming

A lot of video game players — practically all of them at one time or another — complain of the phenomenon of “losing time” while gaming. This should come as little surprise, however, as video games have become far more immersive, social, and intricate (both in plot and detailed graphics).

So what’s to account for this losing track of time while gaming or playing video games?

Psychologists to the rescue! New research (Lukavska, 2011) suggests it may be related to a theory called “time perspective.”

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Losing Track of Time While Playing Video Games or Gaming

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  1. As a video game player my whole life, I do believe that long hours are spent on games because of the escapism factor they have. I have gotten engrossed as well, but lately & mostly due to my age, I am learning better habits to manage my time or just buy video games that are short to beat.

    As someone who gets depressed now & then, video games do not always help to get rid of negative feelings. I do believe that future time perspective needs to be taught to those who play games since getting older does mean more responsibilities & better time-management skills.

    This might differ if playing video games is part of someone’s job or is paid to play them though.

  2. When I read the article, I realized that I feel the same thing happening to me some times. I myself am a video game player and video game artist. I am not employed since one month which means I suddenly got plenty of free time that I can use. And since this is not a present I like (I really really want to be in a job again), I play more often and longer. After some time I realize that this won’t make my journey go on as an artist and I start planning, writing down what I want to do and work on some things till – again – I am somehow unhappy with what I am doing (which is in most cases because of my own high expectations).

    It’s kind of a doom loop since I love playing games and it’s kind of my job to know what is top-notch in the game industry.

    Thus I don’t want to play them just because I have a bad present. I hope time management will get better with time 😉

    Thanks for the article, it showed me that this is a known problem/discussion and helps me realize that it is a problem I have to solve and not push away.

  3. I am sorry, the whole video gaming industy might as well be drug dealers, it has the same effect on alot of people. When you can not walk away from it, there is a MAJOR problem….

    • That’s not true at all. If we say that then we might as well say that reading a book is like a drug. Listening to music is like a drug. Just about anything that anyone likes can be classified as a drug and can’t be put down for some reason or another. Some people just have fun playing football, but they get obsessed. It’s the same thing. Do we throw down the football society by simply claiming that it’s like a drug and we can’t put it down because of this that or the other? No, instead we find ways that we can manage our “problem”

  4. I know as a gamer myself, sometimes I have to literally pry myself away from the game. It bothers me when I do that though. It’s when I realize that either I have a serious issue with the games, or I have a serious void in my life. I like this post, but it makes me hurt in the sense of… I know I either lose what seems like days at a time on video games, or irreplaceable time because I am depressed. Thanks to the author.



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