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Be Happier: Wake Up Earlier

My happiness project has turned me into a sleep zealot. If I want to feel happy, calm, energetic, and mentally sharp, I must get enough sleep.

At the same time, though, a resolution that has also boosted my happiness is “Get up earlier.” A few years ago, because I wanted a calmer, less hurried morning with my family, I started getting up earlier — and I enjoyed it so much that I’ve started setting my alarm earlier and earlier.

I started at 7:00 a.m. with the rest of my family, then moved to 6:30, then 6:15, and now 6:00. I love the early morning so much that I’d wake up at 5:00, but that would mean a bedtime of about 8:00 p.m., which just isn’t workable. I can barely stay up to a normal adult hour, as it is.

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Be Happier: Wake Up Earlier

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  1. Yes, I love early morning. We’re having an especially nice one today in New York because it’s even quieter – because of snow – than the usual Sunday morning quiet.

  2. I hate mornings. Diurnal mood variation will do that to you.

    • Agreed. Between depresion, apnea, severe chronic pain I often can’t get to sleep until 4 am or even 8 am as of late; at least I no longer work and I live alone so I do not have to answer to anyon else’s schedule most days….My best time is generally 1-3 hours after any period of a couple decent sleep cycles. Perhaps that corresponds to the author’s cycle, just in a diffferent time framw. That said, I believe the whole argument might be reversedChicken/egg here: which variable influences which? Perhaps it’s not the time of day but the quality of quiet and/or time for self. I think that whenever you can find the time for “me” time in a rewarding pursuit, especially if it’s refreshing for you, but the time of day is not the driving variable. In a family situation with aprent(s) rushing for kiks to get to school, and then gtting to a typical work day, yes, I can see that time of day does it. Subnrises and predawn birds? Love em (unles they wake me up!) But which variable drives which?

  3. The only problem that I see with waking up earlier is the darkness in the winter. Otherwise I am a huge morning person!! I couldn’t agree more.

  4. I think this is very good idea. The early hours in the morning is great time when you can relax and get some time for yourself without outside interruptions. Spend the quiet moments to do something that you like and give you energy to start the day: read the paper, have a cup of coffee or do some meditation.
    But how can you get up early before your sleep mate without waking him up with you? The best idea is to stop using buzzing alarm clocks. You can use a personal vibrating alarm clock the will wake you up quietly so your partner can continue his/her sweet sleep while you can have some time for yourself. You can find great alarm clocks for heavy sleepers here:

  5. …………………PROBLEM…………………..
    i am akram arbab from pakistan,can anybody tell me that y i get up before my alarm clock which i dont want.if i set my alarm for 0500 hrs so i ll wake up at 0430, i m suffering from some disorders as well because of which i think i have lost concentration and started getting irritated by anything i am suffering from ED



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