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Premature Female Orgasm

We’ve long heard of premature ejaculation in men as a significant sexual dysfunction that many men experience. Premature ejaculation is when the man orgasms before he intends or wants to (for instance, long before the woman has had a chance to get close to her own orgasm).

Researchers from Portugal wondered if some women experience something similar, since nobody seems to much talk about this issue in female sexuality. Could there be such a thing as a premature female orgasm (or in scientific terms, “female premature orgasm”)? If so, how prevalent is the problem?

Here’s what they discovered.

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Premature Female Orgasm

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  1. BS. Women are multi-orgasmic. And they rarely have fewer than 5 orgasms every 15 minutes.

    • As a woman I call bullshit, after I’ve cum their aint no way in hell anyone is touching my sensitive bits *ouch*.

      According to an Oprah episode I once watched, only 25% of women are even physiologically capable of multiple orgasms let alone experiencing them. There is sooooo much ignorance out their surrounding female sexuality. I think this is because porn and such are nearly always made by men for men and depict men’s fantasies, and a verson of female sexuality which is constructed to please men instead of representations of true female sexuality in all it’s complexity and variation.

  2. I do not get it, really. Premature ejaculation in men is a systemic problem because it affects the quality of the sexual relationship. However, when the female partner gets peak pleasure before her partner, other possibilities still may open for the male partner. It is good to read that nowadays we care about female sexuality too. But are not we creating problems from where there should not be? I have not heard from anyone going to any of my colleagues’ therapy sessions complaining about it. It is our responsibility as sex professionals to solve clients’ problems, not to create new ones.

    • My girlfriend suffers from premature orgasm. She comes after about 1 minute after initiating sex. She is 18 years old .I am considerably older than her.What happens afterwards is I feel like she “lets me” continue but I can feel from her body that she is done.This is a bit of a let down to me-I have tried to get her to contriol her orgasm and we are making some progress.Now she is at 2 minutes (sometimes)BUT I am at 10 minutes.!.hence.Any thoughts?

      • Start before her? when you’re 8 minutes in, she can join. Simple maths.

        If you can feel from her that she doesn’t want the sex to continue, and that her body is “done”. Perhaps if you pull out and finish it off by hand you would avoid and relationship problems that may arise from her body basically being used. (please don’t take that the wrong way I’m not trying to call you a rapist just think my opinion/advice could help a lot).

  3. I am with the other two here. Asside from the primative desire to dominate and conquest, there is the mechanics of it. A male that suffers a PE, can’t even continue to process in order to please his partner. (Let’s face it, nobody finishes at the exact same time.) An honest study here would be one that looks at the spouses of the PE’s. I am willing to bet it is a bigger annoyance for the female partners then it is the male. This feels like somebody is trying to make up a new problem to talk about.

  4. Ciro what are you on about? 5 orgasms every 15 minutes? Whilst I agree women are capable of multiple orgasms your estimate is far off the mark. I wonder whether the women who were questioned who orgasmed earlier than intended actually minded- did it really impact on them the way it can potentially do with a man- i.e. no longer able to continue if flacid. I think Shatik may be right creating problems where there are none.

  5. An imaginary “problem” for which Big-Pharma will invent a very expensive “solution”.

  6. i did not realize that this issue had been identified. I actually “suffer” from premature female ejaculation. Do I mind, not really. I’m totally satisfied and reach orgasam in less than five minutes. Is it an issue in my relationship? Yes. Actually it is. My Patner, who is the exact opposite, would prefer a much longer encounter but when I’m done I’m done. My friends who gave never orgasamed are envious of course, but for me it’s stressful. Sometimes I reach orgasam during foreplay. My thoughts were that it gold be linked to my experience of assault/abuse early in life, but I really feel that I’m just soooo excited I spill the beans. Thanks for this research. Why is it that women’s issues are “imaginary?”

    • Me,

      What does it mean by, “when you are done you are done”? I will say there are a lot of times where I am “done” first in an experience. (in fact most of the time) BUT, because I care for my partner, I see to it that she is fulfilled. Even if in reality I just want to roll over and sleep. You desire to push people away once you are “done” is more then likely the result of the abuse. I am going to assume that all of the mechanical elements are still functioning after your orgasm. So you have other reasons why you can’t continue until your partner is done?

      • when you are done you are done means it is never ever ok to force sex without your partners consent

      • and that you also have this right and are not actually obliged to continue sex if you dont want to.

  7. “When I’m done, I’m done” is actually a very selfish thought. One of the points of a relationship is to make your partner happy and share. I happen to have a tremendous sexual appetite, which is an issue at some points, and my girlfriend has premature ejaculation. This is driving me crazy, but she is really sensitive about the subject and i don’t want her to see me like “I’m all about sex”. I’m trying to do some research and find possible causes or solutions to that issue. That really sucks! i have only finished 3 or 4 times in 6 months.

    • “When I’m done I’m done”, isn’t necessarily selfish. Personally after I orgasm (and sometimes I don’t even know that I have) the feeling is too intense that I can no longer handle any kind of touch or stimulation. It’s a horrible feeling and is extremely problematic for me. As problematic as not knowing you reached orgasm because I didn’t have the opportunity to feel it. When you don’t feel it it’s very frustrating. I do try to find other ways to please my husband though, then I’m the only one who ends up frustrated. Why should we both suffer?

  8. Sir …
    I am a girl (23).. When my boy frd touches me… Orgasam happens… In a mild way…..wat is the treatment for this

  9. the issues is after a orgasm my couple don’t want still having sex with me, normally I take 20 to 30 minutes to have a orgasm , she have a orgasm in 2 or 3 minutes, and then she is only rushing me to come… :-(

    • Wow. So do you ever consider it problematic that you are continuing sexual activity with your partner even though you can tell she no longer wants to be doing it?

      • Not trying to be mean, just that I would never continue sex with a guy after he has come and doesn’t want it anymore, only attempting to put up with it out of some obligations to get me to cum. That situation doesn’t seem healthy.

        Have you ever experienced a sex partner continueing sex with you after you’ve finished and no longer want to be doing it due to feeling an obligation to get them to come too? If no, try to imagine what that would be like

  10. I can whack one off in 30 seconds, but unlike men I am not stupid enough to believe this denotes any kind of disorder or condition lol. Maybe that’s why you don’t see much research on female “premature” orgasm.

    Releaving the urge is the whole point, if you can do this in a small amount of time, that is not premature or a problem, that is efficiency and clearly superior.

    I mean what even is there to object to? If y’all want more sex, do it twice?

    There’s nothing wrong with being better at reaching the desired destination. You don’t call the winner of a triathlon “premature” you call her a champion.

    When I feel the need to take care of business I rise to the call of duty and am relieved as I can now get to sleep or otherwise get back to my life.

    I have met literally hundreds of other people like this, it’s completely normal and carries zero risk to health compared with those who have a harder time reaching the destination. I’d go further and bet those who can most easily scratch this itch would enjoy better health because of it, because you know, its a release, and stress gives you cancer.

  11. The issue has more dimensions than discussed here.

    My wife of twenty-three years has enjoyed being multi-orgasmic through all of that time. When we were younger she did not ever try to count how many times she had an orgasm per night (we would put a towel down and still have to change the sheets). As we are now mid-life the orgasms drain the last of her energy from the day, while I am taking longer to achieve mine.

    Having a high emotional IQ -I am attuned to my wife’s sexual needs and can sense immediately when she is physically and emotionally done. She would never stop me from reaching my organism but when she checks out of love making emotionally, I realize I will not be reaching my orgasm and decide to stop.

    Frustrating does not begin to describe it.

  12. They didn’t seem to mention higher levels of leptin, nor any background on other habits of the woman reporting premature ejaculation which basically makes this study a playful project requiring more investigation…

    Another obvious question is also their levels of ghrelin and of course other background information on their sexual repression or non-repression; outlook on life, sexual history etc…

  13. I have an idea that if a male and a female who both have PE (or PO in the case of women) can make it work and be compatible.



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