Kids get exposed to all sorts of traumatic events in their young lives and for most, they can escape from serious emotional harm. One way to do that is through treatment of the trauma.

But like treatment for many mental health issues, the variety of …

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Best to Treat Childhood Trauma

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  1. Were the various methods matched for length of treatment? What measures were used? What length of follow-up? Lots of information missing here.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me that people who expouse this CBT fraud will show the gleaming results of a short time frame scenerio. If you look at any number of longitudinal studies a very different picture emerges. There is in fact a “spike” initially with the CBT while the other remain flat. However, as time passses this spike falls flat and the other types of therapry starts rising above the CBT. This of course is always left out in these program statements.

  3. Okay. GET REAL the very same journal this study came out of published a review of treatment strategies for Childhood Sexual Trauma. Frank Putnam, a well respected writer and researcher says, “Preliminary research indicates that CBT is effective for some symptoms, but longitudinal follow-up and large-scale effectiveness studies are needed.” AND DO NOT YET EXIST. To consider that CBT is “evidenced based” and other forms of treatment are not, is absurd. To consider CBT as the only treatment of choice for trauma is absurd. That’s like saying the only way to deal with severing an artery is to put pressure on it. Yes, short term, that is effective, but its only the first step.

  4. So what would you suggest as treatment for trauma if not evidence-based psychotherapies like CBT? There’s no other psychotherapy that has a greater evidence base in trauma, and there are no psychiatric medications approved for the treatment of trauma.

  5. It’s a shame that the scientific community insist that their method of determining what works and what doesn’t is the only way. Science itself continues to prove itself and its methods to be false, so a little more of an ‘open-mind’ would be good!

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