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The Growing Phenomenon of Pregorexia

By Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.
Associate Editor

The majority of us are well aware of the pressure to be perfectly slim and sculpted. Now the stress of looking svelte has reached pregnant women, some of whom have begun dieting and exercising excessively to be thin. To describe this latest phenomenon, the press …

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The Growing Phenomenon of Pregorexia

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  1. Thank you for addressing this. I have to admit I looked at Jennifer Lopez during her pregnancy and thought to myself smugly, “She’s gained a ton of weight and has developed a double chin.” Lopez was considerably puffy and swollen toward the end of her pregnancy but it encouraged me that even celebs could gain some weight and look like a normal woman too.

  2. You’re welcome. It’s interesting that these days we’re so used to seeing thin pregnant celebrities (as if that’s the norm) that it’s refreshing and gratifying to see someone who actually looks normal. It’s terrible that many pregnant women feel this pressure and that our culture of thinness only fuels it. Thanks for your comment.

  3. I am tall and thin, I always have been. I gain only 25 lb’s with each of my 3 pregnany’s. I also lost my pregnany weight very quickly without exercise or diet. I was just born with good genitic’s. I think that that is also true of many celeb. Many got into the industry through modeling. You have to be tall and thin for that. So, in short, some folks have it easier in the first place.

  4. I read about this last month at Brain Blogger:

    Definitely disturbing though, no matter how you put the pieces together. The media builds celebrities and the “thin” image up so much that kids, teens and adults are brainwashed into believing that this is the norm. To me, it’s a load of B.S. and the results of their actions are horrific.

  5. Excellent article! Mike, thank you for posting the link. Also, great point. The pressure to get thin is difficult enough for adults; the frightening thing is what it does to children.

    Sarah, very true that many celebs have an easier time losing weight, simply due to genetics. It’s unacceptable when everyone, no matter their genetics and body type, is expected to be thin and criticized for not achieving weight-loss fast enough.

    Importantly, we know that being thin doesn’t mean a person is healthy. And that’s where we should put the emphasis on – not on looking fit but actually being healthy and active.

  6. Margarita wrote: “Importantly, we know that being thin doesn’t mean a person is healthy. And that’s where we should put the emphasis on – not on looking fit but actually being healthy and active.”
    I am in total agreement with you! To that last sentence I want to add “AND HAPPY!”

  7. Great point, Ursula! I absolutely agree!

  8. The health of mother and baby need to come first. Every health care provider educates moms to be on the weight gain needed to grow a healthy baby. Of note–breast feeding is best for baby and mother, and also helps moms return to their pre-baby weight!

  9. No women or man wants to be told that their FAT!
    How cruel is that? Well I myself don’t want to be a ‘stick insect’ and I know a lot of people who feel just the same.

    What we want is to feel secure in ourselves and to achieve this surely we need to be at OUR ‘ideal’ weight.

    Well I am, and it didn’t happen over night, but I found a great system, stuck to it and just weeks later I was getting results!

    I’m still not at my goal weight, but I am happy so do you know what? I don’t care!

    Check out my story.

  10. As a new mom, I didn’t care about my fat body today, I’ve enjoy it as a mother with the my little baby, I am very proud it, to be a mom..

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