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Treating Depression and Anxiety in India

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  1. Even for depression yoga or exercises are the best remidies. One can come out off depression by the meditation done in yoga. According to me those who have depression, its good that they join the yoga classes.

  2. For depression too its good to do yoga. One can even meditate which is prefered in yoga. Well its good to join such classes.

  3. The recent upswing in the economic boom which India is experiencing has led to this situation. People are moving ahead at sucha fast pace that they do not have the time to recollect their thoughts and be balanced. Higher salaries, huge perks, greater spending power has led to a dissipation of old age values where to move at a slower pace to fully enjoy the fruits of your labour are discredited and looked down upon.
    Sad that a nation which prides itself on “spiritualism” and yoga practices lacks the mental fortitude to cope!!!

  4. I want to see therapist in calcutta india,I think i am suffering from GAD anxity for a long time.i need contack number or address of good doctor or therapist for my anxiety disorder.

  5. Dear viewer
    i am psychologist.Most people suffer depression in 21 century.Every one had problem then doesn’t like to listen the problem.I said simple method to out burst Ur emotion technique.Expressive therapy Ur amazing this technique.u are simply write Ur feeling ,worries and negative emotion.that will every dislike event ur not disclose to anybody ur write ur won words .after write the message to tared the paper.u are do it and after say how to feel

    Thank for opportunity

    Website Psychcentral.com

    • I need help in counselling
      I am feeling dipressed due to frequent
      job loss and gap in job in IT field
      I stay in Orissa after loosing job in Chennai
      My age is 49 do not know what to do can not
      sleep, feel lonely, my friends and relative sayin
      my career doomed gone I am out of date person
      Honestly I am economically not stable due to frequent
      job loss

  6. it is true India does not have counseling places for people to go and talk about their depression/problems and psychotherapist will spend 5 minutes with and prescribe whole alot medications. (i have tried 3 different doctors and no doctor is willing to sit down with me on one to one and talk.
    Now i have family member whos in diar need.
    India needs good psychotherapist who can help people like in united states.

  7. I am 23 years old boy. I am a Extrovert person, fun loving, caring, friendly in nature. But now I am facing some anxiety problem which arises due to nicotine. I was a good smoker and drinker. But 2 years ago I faces this anxiety problem, I consult many physiatrist but I didn’t get the right answer and also it didn’t make me feel good. Once I took nicotine in cigarette (joint) then I feel anxious and also my condition become very pathetic, I too much scared, I think I m flying, vibration were there in my body, I was badly weeping, my friends took me to hospital but doctors didn’t get anything, after 4 hours I sleep when in morning I woke up I was fine. After that incident I didn’t take cigarette with nicotine (joint). But I use to drink and smoke plain cigarette. After 1.5 years I again took the same and again I experience the same anxiety attack… I was totally afraid, I weep a lot and again my friend helped me, after approx 4 hours I sleep and when I wake up, I feel good. Bt something was wrong in my mind, some anxiousness fedded into my mind. Now after 6 months I was in a liquor party then suddenly I thought my father is watching me or might be he will come here and then my pathetic story starts from that day anxiety feeds in my mind, I could never drink alcohol after that incident when I try to drink some anxiety came automatically in my mind and in my body, my body vibrates, I feel anxious . after this my cigarette and tobacco also………… then every evening I face the same anxiety problem till now, even I quit all smoking drinking from last 2 years, I avoids night journey because in I think that that anxiety problem if occur then who gonna will help me at that time, and no one will understand that situation and they will help me, I feel very bad from evening till I got sleep, and next day the same condition arises. Because of this I never attend any party and not even sit my friends. I forget how to deal with the peoples , I forget to mix up with other just because I am not fit. Its effects my career as I m a Marketing person. I consult physiatrist he give me PETRIL(only in emergency), STALOPALM plus for 1 month, STALOPALM 10mg for 6 months, STALOPALM 5mg for rest to be continued, but I left to take after 1.5 year of course as I don’t want to addict of it, as a image is developed in my mind that if those medicine is with me than I am fine otherwise I will face the same, when I forget to carry them that whole day I feel restless and fear of happening of anxiety, so at any how I purchase it from the market, I too consult a meditative person he said me to do DEEP BREATHING and YOAG NIDRA, sometime it reliefs me but when the day I didn’t do that yoga I again feel anxiousness, today also where ever I go I carry my medicines but I didn’t take it. Now one week before I went to IBHAS New Delhi for consulting with physiatrist but they didn’t understand the condition and gave me BUPSIN 5mg 1 week , then BUPIN 10mg for 2weeks.
    I love to smoking and drinking, and I wanna to continue it again bt my anxiety is not allowing me to continue it , I thinks if I will smoke without fear then only my this anxiety problem will go, I don’t know I am right or wrong, I only want yours suggestion and help. If any buddy have sawn the same case the please reply . I will be great thankful for him.
    6 GETS EASILY Angry
    Upto now I have consulted 5 Dr. but I am not satisfied, so please help me please. I want to again start my smoking and drinking but how.. I don’t want to quit them.

    • Tom,

      Allopathic doctors(so called great Psychiatrists) will not be able to do it for you. I have had depression for 5 years, I also consulted various allopathic doctors. I was lucky to get treated through Accupressure here in New Delhi, India. I am perfectly alright now. Although I was a non-smoker.

      Few Steps you can do:-
      1. Be on alkaline diet. Google it for more. It will make you feel good and energetic. Diseases cannot manifest in alkaline enviromnent.
      2. Do some yoga in morining daily.
      3. Go for alternative therapies like Homepathy, accupressure, allopathic will do you no good. Beleive me.
      4. Develop some good hobbies. Like Reading books, travelling.
      5. Read BIBLE daily.

      I have been doing all this, and I feel good.


  8. I think meditation and Yoga is really help to overcome anxiety related issues



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