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Pristiq versus Effexor XR

What is Pristiq (desvenlafaxine)? The newest antidepressant approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which will hit the U.S. market in a few months. Pristiq is a drug similar in composition to Wyeth’s …

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Pristiq versus Effexor XR

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  1. It took a long time and a lot of patience to titrate off of 300mg Effexor SR while titrating up on Pristiq. Having gone off of Effexor one time in the past, I am convinced that carefully and slowly decreasing the amount of Effexor is the only way to get through the terrible withdrawal effects. I was originally on 200mg Pristiq but have reduced the dosage to 100mg day one; 50mg day two, etc. I guess it is working. My suicidal thoughts are somewhat abated but my focus and extreme exhaustion stay with me as does anger and immagination (real or fantasy?) of betrayals. Someone mentioned sleeping 20 hours. I do that some days after taking the Pristiq along with 40mg dexedrine SR, and Nuvigil. The only thing that keeps me awake is Adderol during the day. I still have little or no focus and spend hours lost somewhare in my mind. I feel exercise would help but cannot get going. I have had major depression all my life (almost 67 now) and it is in my family. I am seeing it in my sons but coming out as anxiety. My dad was clinically depressed until he died at 90. It is an insidious disease that too many see as a personal failing. “Just try harder–get over it.” I even feel that it is a personal failing that I should be able to gut through even though my intellect tells me otherwise.

  2. I want to thank the people who gave me encouragement when I first posted in late August.

  3. Hi everyone. I’m into my 3rd week of taking Pristiq for depression and anxiety. I tried Cymbalta but had terrible side effects. So far I’m still not feeling too good but am feeling better off the Cymbalta. All your comments have been extremely helpful and I hope I have as much success on the Pristiq as some of you have had.

  4. I have never been on effexor but have been on Pristiq since Dec. 08. I have PTSD, major depressive disorder, panic disorder, anxiety disorder and personality dissasociative disorder. This medication has worked wonders for me and am starting to rebuild my life. It did take a few weeks for it to start working though. I have been on 7 different antidepressants, two of which has caused suicidal tendencies. I am on medicaid and now they are saying that they will not cover Pristiq and I have to start taking effexor. I take 50 mg 2x a day and me and my docotrs all feel that this change could be deadly. If approximately 300mg of effexor equals 50mg of pristiq that would mean I would have to take about 600mg of effexor. Wow that is a lot of pills to take and since they are not time released the effect will not be the same. Also from what I have read Pristiq’s chemical makeup has a natural sedative in it and from what I have read Effexor does not. Not only will I have to take like 6 pills a day of effexor with the major side effects and effects happening at once I will have to go on sedatives, so more pills, also which is not time released. So at least 3 times a day I will not be able to function depending on when and how often I will have to take the sedatives. Now this will mean that the progress I have made will be gone and I will turn into a zombie with vertually no chance of becomming functional again. And that’s if I don’t become suicidal and try to kill myself again. Ok so does anyone have an alternative to this change because I don’t.

  5. I just switch from Effexor to Pristiq because the weight gain was so horrible. It has been a few weeks and I do not notice anything significantly different. Although I feel like my appetite has increased! I am really, really hoping to lose the weight from effexor! What has been everyone’s experience with weight once on Pristiq?

    Second thing- I have come to find, after a long journey through the jungle of antidepressants, that you cannot rely on any pill to be your refuge. Now, I feel antidepressants help me greatly, but I have learned that I need to create a web of self-care particularly involving exercise, diet (Omega-3 pills are said to really help with depression), regular meditation/relaxation, and other coping skills. I highly recommend the book “The Mindful Way through Depression” by John Kabbat-Zinn and colleagues.

    To offer some hope through all this, you may not feel totally in control of your body and its chemicals, but remember that you do have some power to influence it through activities like exercise, diet and of course the belief that you do indeed have the strenght of mind of alter some things (this is why placebos are always needed in any study). So good luck and keep on staying on top of the research b/c we are always discovering new ways to help combat depression and anxiety (many of which are not through psychotropics).

  6. Wow. Finally found a versatile compilation of experiences to compare. Again, the on every different med for 17 years. Tried a couple of other classes, Remeron made me morbidly hallucinate, Risperdal gave me a prolactima (brain tumor on pituitary glad, had one D cup boob and one C cup, having implants, the D was impressive but not when it’s only ONE and stopped menstrating) So that didn’t work. Was on Effexxor for a year, added in Wellbutrin when it started to droop. Also on Buspar and Amitriptyline. Major depression diagnoses. Most recent trial was Topamax. Lasted the 8 weeks, lost my boyfriend, almost my job, went through a fourth facial reconstruction surgery in mental hell, lost all of my friends (who suddenly decided I was a horrible shallow vain user of a person after being friends for years. And that I wasn’t “fun” anymore for the last year, hmmm I broke my FACE in three places, who WOULD be fun?) and became a hermit. Now, the Topamax is gone, the boyfriend slept with someone else so when I started acting like “me” again, I found out and I am back to square one, alone except for my online diary friends, and one friend that has stuck through this.
    I digress. I recently FINALLY got to see a psychiatrist. He affirmed it is not bi-polar, it is major/clinical depression. The Wellbutrin was removed when I did the Topamax. I had previously reduced my Effexor (SPEAKING OF WHICH I DON’T GET THE INSURANCE ISSUE. ONLY EFFEXXOR XR IS NOT COVERED. I TAKE GENERIC EFFEXXOR TWICE A DAY AND IS CHEAP. ASK ABOUT IT, I HAD NO DIFFERENCE FROM XR) to as low as half a 75 mg day and night with never a withdrawal. Was up to one and half morning and night when I saw the Psych, after getting off the Topamax, to try and keep my spirits up through surgery and other problems
    He also decided to try Pristiq. I have now realized I think I am causing my OWN withdrawal problems. Because I never had reduction problems before, I dropped one pill per dose weekly. The first week on Pristiq, he had me take half a pill and reduce half a dose each morning night of Effexor. I am to titrate down one pill per week on Effexor and second week am now at one 50 mg Pristiq in the a.m. I dropped my morning pill instead of halfing morning and night and this week has been HELL.
    I have gotten to the point of uncontrollable crying by the end of the day, I have Valium and Xanax for stress and NEITHER touches this. I obsess on my recent losses and the effects on my life from the most recent surgery. I have no energy, no motivation. The first week I was doing really great in the day, (taking Pristiq in the morning) but now, this week it is getting worse and worse. Night before last I was so torn up about all the recent losses in my life I was vomiting. Any idea how bad it hurts to barf with a broken face? Only one month out from a huge metal plate being drilled into your jaw? Yeah, rough week.
    ANYWAYS, sorry I am rambling, I am putting as much out there as possible to help anyone that I can, and to get feedback that I can, because I am scared and this time, mostly alone.
    What I am feeling today, is that ONE *I* messed up the downward titration. I am picking up a refill for my Effexor at lunch because I work 20 miles from home and will immediately switch to half a tab am/pm. When my psych calls me back, I am going to ask about the Pristiq in the morning or night. I think mornings are working okay, except for combined with the withdrawals this week.
    Honestly, I feel that I am simply removing the Effexor because after one week at half, and almost a week at 50 on Pristiq, I am only getting worse rather than better. BUT, again, if I stuck out 8 weeks of total hell on Topamax, I can give Pristiq a couple weeks, once I get the Effexor titration back on track I hope this off center, half fuzzy, pseudo me feeling will back off, along with the crying jags, the self-pity, obsession with things I have lost and have no control over and constant negativity.
    I HAVE found that reading and trying to follow some Buddhism ways of thinking are greatly helpful, when I can make myself focus enough to do it. They actually focus on so many of my issues related to my depression it is uncanny, but when in a state like right now, I am unable to reach out to anything helpful because I am too mired in my own fear and negativity.
    I will be checking back because I really want to see how many of you do that are checking back in, and myself as well and am beyond glad I found somewhere with more than 1 or 3 posts on what someone went through, as well as the variety of reasons for people being switched.
    If you are losing your Effexor XR because of insurance, ASK about the generic. A pill twice a day is better than losing something that gives you your life back.

  7. I’m like the other poster; just my first day after taking Pristiq. I feel different. It’s a little strange after being the way I have been since my mom died, i haven’t taken an anti-d in seven or eight years. Wondering if this will last. i am going to my first social event tonight in months. I hope this works for me; the last year and a half have been friggin’ horrific, I’m just not the old me that I used to love being.

  8. Pristiq is the best ad I have taken and I’ve been on them all. I used to have panic attacks in work meetings and now I don’t. It is a lifesaver.

  9. I have been on Pristiq for 3 months now and I love it but for some reason it does not seem to be helping with my depression as much as it was. Before nothing could make me cry but now I am having crying spells. Has this happened to anyone taking Pristiq? Does the dosage need to be increase? Anyone know about this?

  10. Jennifer,
    I have not had any weight gain on Pristiq and I have been on it 3 months. However, like you, my appetite has increase tremendously but it is very, very, odd that I have not gained any weight at all. I eat like a horse but do not gain any weight. It has been a life saver for me although I do feel that it is not helping as much as it was with the depression. It might be because of the time change and lack of sunshine and the holidays get me down because I am single and do not have a boyfriend. My children are grown and holidays are split with ex-husband and his wife and their other inlaws. That might be my problem right now. Teri

  11. @ Teri —

    I found this site by Googling. I have been on Pristiq sample packs since 7/21 and my doc ran out of sample and gave me a month supply of generic effexor and I am concerned because it causes weight gain ?… whereas, i have lost 10 lbs over 3 months .. if you look a at the chemical compound.. the word DEV does not appear in the generic effexor .. wonder if the dev is some extra chemical .. kind of ‘speed’ lol. I feel the same way you do .. Great for two mos and over the last month I feel lately kind of emotional and when that happens I feel the tears .. which as a guy i frickin hate BUT and i noticed when i drank a bit of alcohol .. it kind of wore down the pristiq power. But i feel it has sort of worn off a bit . Also I noticed it is getting harder to wake up in the morning… I get 6-7 hours of sleep and I just want to sleep sleep.. First time AD user… 31 yrs young.. maybe the 30 thing hit…

  12. HUGE difference between generic Effexor and Pristiq. Total different absorption rate and side effects. I am now OFF of the Efexxor, took over a month because of side effects and on the Pristiq 50 mg morning and night. Like I used to take the Effexor. Being in the 5th or 6th week now, just Friday I started feeling different. I do not know if it is the med finally kicking in, or just an upward flow, but I haven’t cried or gotten really angry all weekend. THAT is surprising. And I’m awake all day, though part of that is the Provigil. Usually when I start a new med, I notice the changes within days. But this one I was WORSE within days. Now my fingers are crossed that MAYBE there is a chance Pristiq might do it for a while……………even my libido is working a little bit, and that is a lot more than before. 😉

  13. I’m a non-biased biochemist by training and education. He says his comment wasn’t tainted by any conflict of interest as a drug rep, but my opinion is definitely uncensored,blunt, and totally honest.

    About Pristiq vs. Effexor: Venlafaxine is a chiral drug compound. What does this mean? As an example, our right(D-) and left(L-) hands are mirror images of each other that cannot be superimposed to appear identical. Effexor is a blend of D and L-venlafaxine. They figured out how to purify the D form of the drug away from the L- form. Pristiq is pure D-venlafaxine. The D- and L- forms of venlafaxine are mirror images of each other just like our hands are. Each form of the drug can have very different effects on our mind and body though. If we were to substitute the protein in our diets with D-amino acids instead of the natural L-amino acids, we would be unable to metabolize it and would become malnourished. Depending on each individual person’s metabolism, some people might be able to interconvert the L-venlafaxine in Effexor to the D-venlafaxine form. Other people might be unable to do this efficiently. They say Pristiq is better at lower doses. It is possible that the people who do better on Effexor are unable to convert L-venlafaxine into D-venlafaxine. Effectively, they are on low-dose Pristiq. If someone is fine on Effexor, switching to Pristiq shouldn’t be better unless the L-venlafaxine in Effexor is causing negative side-effects. My wife’s on Effexor and a beta blocker for her mitral valve prolapse heart condition, and I’m on Pristiq for help with anxiety/depression.

    I have been on Pristiq for a little over three months. Independently, my wife, kids, and myself have noticed huge improvements. I’m on Adderall for ADD too (been taking for the past six years since being a grad student in a research lab). I’ve noticed that my blood pressure and heart rate went up on the Pristiq. My doc tried me on Lexapro and I HATED it and was back on Pristiq in about a week.

    I was having insomnia at night and irritability and anxiety during the days. Waking up was extremely difficult prior to beginning the Pristiq. I am the type of person who will try everything under the sun to modify my lifestyle or behavior to “treat” or “cure” emotional and personal problems. Depression and ADD are both hereditary in my family, but I was able to avoid the need for an anti-depressant until after exhausting all of my options and resources and turning age 32. My wife has been trying to get me onto an anti-depressant for a couple of years.

    Pros: I’m a kinder, less irritable, less volatile father and husband. I sleep better. I wake better. I have definitely been helped with my anxiety by this. I have not been a zombie on this

    Cons (the bad and ugly of Pristiq): I disagree with the drug rep who said cognitive side effects haven’t been observed. Really?!? I went from having the memory of an elephant to not being able to remember where I dropped the toilet paper after I wiped my butt in the bathroom. I felt like I was going crazy for a while. I have to take special care to do things like remember where I parked, remember where I left something, remember everything I was at the store to buy. To compound my memory problems, we moved into a new house just prior to my starting Pristiq. I felt helpless until I finally got my garage re-organized. I ended up just buying some new tools until I found the ones I had misplaced or couldn’t find. Crazy because I never had that problem before. That may not seem like much to a drug rep, but it annoys the hell out of me. I have had to work very hard to counter the worsened short-term memory.

    About when and whether ANY antidepressant might become the appropriate to start taking:

    Please consider the following issues. I will say that if your life or personal choices are the underlying reason for you’re depression, taking the meds won’t help worth a lick. These meds aren’t magic pills that should be turned to unless they are your last resort. Improve your life by improving decisions. If you find there are factors that are beyond what you can control, influence, and/or avoid (ie. job environment) then give these meds another look. That is how I saw them. I hope I don’t have to be on this even after my stressful work environment improves. Two big reasons I resisted taking anti-depressants were the zombie effect, loss of cognitive function, and the withdrawal problems everyone experiences when stopping an anti-depressant. Again, I don’t want to be on this my whole life!!!

    In the event that there is a disruption in the availability of a drug because of economic or weather-related disturbances, what do people plan to do if they are all of a sudden without their magical anti-depressant? If someone is going to choose to start one of these drugs, I’d recommend gradually adding an emergency stash of it as you are able. Just explain that to your doctor. Your insurance won’t cover your surplus meds though. That would have to be out-of-pocket.

    Verdict: I am grateful for Pristiq. I find myself more like I was before I became anxious, tense, and depressed. I’m a nicer, kinder, more balanced person on Pristiq. I don’t know if I’d have been functional enough to complete my PhD without this medicine. I seriously doubt it.

    • Thankyou! Great information. I’ve also found information: noradrenaline levels are relatively higher with Pristiq than Effexor. From what you’ve described I suspect that could be the objective and may be different for different people. Also the patient context impacts enormously on the capacity of each patient to metabolise and respond well to therapies. (existing life stresses, generalised health state, duration and intensity of emotional disturbance, degree of internalised feelings and capacity for effective expression of emotional state coupled with comfort from friends, family and good support systems e.g. counselling, doctor)
      I’ve also been diagnosed adult ADHD (incorrectly treated in the past as bipolar – dreadful!), also hereditary chronic depression and hypothyroidism (both sides of family), also academic background in bio med, unable to manage working for a living on a sustainable basis all my life and eventually diagnosed long term PTSD, especially bad following last psychiatric hospitalisation in the 80s.
      I totally agree that Pristiq turns a sharp brain (even if over active from anxiety and caffeine) into fuzziness. It got better over the weeks. I did better on half dose Pristiq (cut tablet in half under Dr’s ok) at night then progressed to full dose and then switched to morning when no more side effects. At 5 – 6 weeks good now, happy and coping better each day.
      You’re absolutely right: Pristiq doesn’t “fix” life problems. It does provide better “raw materials” (for me that was much needed noradrenalin) to be able to remember what I’ve learned and apply it to solve my life issues and problems (plenty of problems). What I experienced was a reconnection effect within: my sense of being split in different directions dissolved, I started to be able to feel my feelings rather than observing what my body was doing to get information on how I might be feeling. Some of the increased energy might be due to both the elevated noradrenalin, internal adrenal reaction to the change (disturbance of homeostasis), “connection” of cognitive brain to subsconscious memories (I had lots of wake in fright “horrors” in first 2 weeks), emotions being blocked then unblocked (ADHD + rage = physical activity) and not responding to personal biochemical signals e.g. stopping caffeine and other stimulants. Alcohol is out – I learned that years ago on Parnate (MAOI) – a tiny amount makes me dopey. Apart from Avanza when my father died, my partner was in intensive care, friends and family seemed suddenly to be treating me as the enemy in their grief and I was first time resourcing and managing a building site!) I haven’t been on anything like Pristiq since the 80s. It’s brilliant, I can feel how I feel, I can politely communicate this to others and let them have whatever they’re having about it without emotionally rescuing them, I act out how I feel less, I’m much calmer and I can do complex financial investigation and attend to legal matters without the years long fear of overwhelm, abandonment and grief. I wish I’d had Pristiq years ago – I would have been able to attend to business myself, felt less like a hopeless victim of my own “success”, done less harm to myself and my finances and not be facing potential bankruptcy at the end of my stretch of seriously wrong treatment of depression and PTSD (my fault: I kept trying to use natural therapies at great expense to keep it all together.)
      A clear picture of myself ending up in hospital following a major financial shock 2 months ago followed by a slow onset physical and mental “breakdown” triggered the realisation that I couldn’t “fix” this one alone and I didn’t have the luxury of time to sit at home and go through the recovery. I needed to act fast to do whatever I could to avoid bankruptcy. My doctor,cousellor and naturopath all understood that and offered no opposition, thank goodness!
      I think having a trusted professional to work through the emotional reactions and reassure us while we’re making the adjustment is essential.
      I’m not yet back to socialising comfortably but at such an early stage of recovery with so much on my plate I’m letting myself ease into that when I feel like it without guilt.
      You’ve given me hope. I would like to complete my PhD and have a lot on my “bucket list”. I’ve missed out on so many of “normal” life experiences owing to the anxiety depression and having anxious and depressed parents worrying about me too. They’ve passed on now and it looks like it might be possible for the “real” me to use what I’ve struggled to learn over the years and create something great out of my life and my experiences.
      First I have to overcome the fear and underperformance that has beset me in the workplace and find something lucrative to do asap to have the money to keep the wolf from the door. I’m just managing on extended credit, asking those who have exploited my kindness(with my permission) and borrowed from me to be responsible and pay me back asap. Standing up for myself and asking for money back in my timeframe are very new experiences.
      Thankyou for sharing your knowledge :-)

    • This comment/information was more helpful to me than all the vague crap I’ve been told since I started these types of meds for PTSD.

      I’ve been on nearly everything and through extremely difficult bouts of trial and error have finally ended up on Pristiq. I noticed a huge positive change within the first 10 days, I also take Temazepam at night to help with sleep. I have a little break-thru anxiety occasionally, which I have managed to control without additional meds. I noticed the weight loss benefit initially, but it seemed to taper off pretty quickly. The biggest and most definitely problematic side effect I’ve been suffering is short term memory. Why is it that NO ONE would tell me that it could be from the Pristiq?? I have been feeling like a total freak! My ability to return to my previous line of work was obviously affected by PTSD, but now that I’ve got that managable – its being affected by my inability to remember what the hell I’m doing.

      Current bigger issue.. I lost health insurance but dont qualify for public health assistance. The cost of Pristiq out of pocket is pretty high and I’m a single mother who just cant afford it. I’m being told that I can go back to Effexor, which is ‘basically the same thing, and way cheaper’. The savings is appealing, but I’m worried about going back to ‘not quite normal’. Not to mention a possibility of weight gain. Sorry, but I’m having control issues, and bordering an eating disorder – I cannot lose control of at least that!

      Sooooo.. thank you for this comment/info & confirming to me that my memory issues can indeed be coming from the Pristiq, & explaining simply the difference between the ‘D & L’.

    • I’ve been taking Pristiq since 2009. At first I was great on it, I felt so positive and energetic, that I was wondering if this has some kind of speed like chemical in it. Btw, i never did any kind of illegal drugs in my life of 41 yo. I lost enough weight to feel even better about myself, and I enjoyed my kids and my job a lot better. I didn’t care about the excessive sweating, the bad taste in my mouth, the frequent heart palpitations that continue to this day, the short term memory loss… yet, I must say that was the most anoying and complex side effect to deal with. Then I had a lot of stressors in my life, all at once, among which a move to a different state, an hour away from my work and from my mother, who is my earthly rock in my time of need, and the person I trust with my and my kid’s lives. Plus, lots of personal and immigration issues, that thank God are finally over, after 20 yrs. So, the Pristiq stopped working. I asked the Dr. for more, she lied to me and stated there is no higher dosage, and instead she priscribed Buspar twice a day, with the 50 mg of Pristiq. I thought I was going to sleep my way out of this world and die in my sleep. I stopped taking both of the drugs, at once. You can imagine that I became the shrew from hell, and everyone around me tried to avoid me. I returned to my long lost love, food, and I gained 30 lbs in a matter of three months, that I managed to stay off of the drugs. I went to hell and back, took my husband with me too, he himself having a lot of depression and anxiety issues, manifested in domestic violence and all kinds of aggressive ways of expressing our frustrations with each other, to the point of being threatened by cops that one of us is going to jail next time they have to answer a call to our house. That was the turning point for me. I started taking the Pristiq again, and the veil of darkness lifted off once more. I slowly started taking the Buspar, only once a day, twice only in extremely irritable days, and now I feel better once again, 30 lbs later, and having lived through an experience that tought me a valuable lesson: meds are important, but they do make one dependent on them, just like any other addiction, except, in my case, they have a positive effect that outweighs the negatives.

  14. GregRogers at 8:56 am on March 5th, 2008
    “There is an awful lot of money spent on these drugs to essentially just get the placebo effect. Ironically, if the drugs weren’t approved and prescribed, I guess nobody would get the placebo effect, because they wouldn’t be prescribed anything.”

    I imagine, though, that it would be illegal to sell placebo’s as an effective method of improving depression? What madness.”

    I agree with that “placebo effect” of taking something prescribed and if in the second paragraph you said that the drugs could do worse (“improving depression”) I would say that they could do more harm by making one behave like a real psychopath (and do not realize that) when under their influence!
    I did “my duty” and tried four different anti-depressive drugs with distance in time and respecting all the indication thinking that they could help at least as a placebo; At the first one I stopped after a week when I noticed that I became aggressive, other drugs had different bad effects… The last time I said okay I have to stay on one drug for longer time; I resisted for 5 months *without any improvements but I thought “it’s maintenance” till I got worse than before. and I was attracted attention upon an another strange behaviour. So no more drugs of this type for me! We have a joke (I have just interrupted my last anti-depressive, an “effexor” class): “A psychotic believes that 2+2=5; a neurotic knows that 2+2=4 but that’s annoying him.” I sincerely prefer to die neurotic than behaving like a psychopath from now on :-)

  15. I have been on Prestiq for a few weeks. It does seem to help with depression and I like the side effect of decreased appetite, but did experience an unusual nosebleed where it soaked through almost a whole roll of paper towels. I have not had a nosebleed since I was 9 (I’m 43 now) and I have not bled like that since before my hysterectomy due to really heavy periods. When I donate blood, I tend to be a fast donor who can fill it in 3 minutes. I think this drug can be really dangerous for those with bleeding issues to begin with.

  16. I was given an RX from my OB for Pristiq to help with PMS symptoms (???), have never been on any kin of anxiety or antideprescents before. after 6 months of taking 50mg I realized I wasn’t sleeping more the 4 hours a night, I was so tense I would be unable to unclench my hands. I was also having a hard time getting along at work, actual inability to do simple routine functions and being paranoid about my co-workers. I called the doc to see how to get off. His nurse called back and said just start taking a half a pill at first and then every other day. I questioned her about the half pill thing because it says on the bottle “do not alter this pill” I believe it is a time-released issue. She said it would be ok, but I told her I wouldn’t do it until she checked back with the doc. The new instructions were every other day for two week and then every two days etc. Getting off has been HELL, I now see why it is so hard for illegal drug users to get over an addiction. Because I get up in the morning and do a dance on days I get to take a pill. I am on week 6 of the plan and still having symptoms.

    I asked about side effects and was told they would be the same as when I got on them – I didn’t notice any side effects getting on them – so I thought this would be a snap. Wrong. I did not find any examples of withdrawal symptoms on Wyeths website for Pristiq, but here is what I have been going thru. Severe dizziness, unable to drive or at times walk without falling. Electrical zapping noises in my head, irridation and anxiety beyond anything I’ve ever known and most frightening to me are symptoms of unstable blood sugar count. I have a very large history of insulin dependent type 2 diabeties in my family; although the majority of us are not over-weight.

    I bet next time me and my husband will just learn to live with the PMS, cause that was nothing compared to what we are living with now.

    I couldn’t believe what I have been reading today, I feel very sorry for those who are trying to come off of any of these types of drugs. It sounds like they all have some kind of bad withddrawal issues. There should be a law that says people should be informed about those problems along with side-effects while taking the drugs. Good luck to all of you.

  17. My answer may be in the long list of comments above but frankly I don’t have the time to read each one. My question is simple …. Is a side effect of Effexor weight gain? I’ve been on Cymbalta for about a year and have gained 50 lbs. No, it’s not because I’m overeating and I’m on a treadmill at least 3 x week. I don’t need another reason to be depressed!!! One doctor wants to put me on Effoxor, another on Pristiq. I’m all for taking the one which does not have weight gain as a side effect. Can any rep clue me in on this????

  18. Been using Pristiq for nine days now. It came on VERY strong at first (day 2). It was great! (And I’ve been through them all.) Then yesterday (day 8) I detected the beginnings of a poop-out. At first, Pristiq had dissolved all my suicidal thoughts, made me happy to work, and got me up in the morning with a spring in my step. I fear now that we’re going back to poop-out land. Let me know if you get the same.

  19. I have been on pristique for about two months. It has helped. I’ve taken Lexapro and gained weight taken Cymbalta which insurance decided not to cover welbutrin worked but added to my hand tremor I already have. My problem isn’t so much depression but irritability and agression. The pristique takes away the tremor and helps with irritability but I seem to be eating more and have gained five pounds. I’m going to ask my Dr. if he can prescribe something in addition to help with weight gain.

  20. I have been on Pristiq for the first time for almost 2 weeks now after taking Celexa for 2 months.. The reason for the switch in medicine is because I think Celexa did something to my auditory nerves that has been preventing me from wearing my hearing aide and the ringing is horrible… So, there’s been no change with Pristiq except I haven’t started my period and I have always been clock work.. It’s freaking me out and I would like to start soon and yes, I had one or 2 days of breakthrough bleeding, but nothing else… If you ask me, I don’t like Pristiq.. I would much prefer to take Celexa since it keeps me very calm and mellow.. Pristiq gets me too riled up and moody..

  21. ever since ive taken pristique i have started wetting the you know why this would happen ?

  22. I am 40 yrs old and I have been suffering w/depression for many yrs. I have taken many differnt drugs for help, however no long term relief w/little side effects.

    I have taken Pristiq for 4 months, along w/going to counseling once a week and I FEEL GREAT! I am much happier and enjoying interacting w/my family and friends.

    For new users go into this w/a open mind. Talk to your doctor and find a good Therpist.COUNSELING and MEDICATION works.

    God Bless!

  23. I have a huge delimma on my hands!!My husband has taken Effexor for a long time and one day we went to the dr. and i had told him to tell her to possibly change meds cuz he is on the edge all the time. Then she changed him to Pristique but it didnt seem to work as well…then she changed him to the generic/brand name whichever venlafaxine hcl 150’s and now all he does is cry and it’s been over a month on this drug. HE thinks he’s going thru mid-life crisis. I somewhat believe this but with changing meds around the same time I DON’T KNOW! I hate seeing him this way and We called the dr. and all she wants to do is up the doseage! HELP ME!! I feel like i’m living with a child and I don’t like seeing him this way!

  24. Hi all,

    I have a read a number of your posts and I would like to add to this body of knowledge what I have been told. I have been on AD’s for 10 years with the addition of Klonopin for anxiety. I was switched from Effexor XR to Pristiq like many others. I had no bad effects switching.. the Psych told me that Pristiq is the same as Effexor but it is the drug that the liver converts effexor into.. so it is easier on the liver and requires a lower dosage because of the losses in the liver conversion. Effexor is an HCI and pristiq is not. I have not noticed any change in side effects from Effexor. I still carry the wieght even though I work to lose it.. I still have the same sexual side effects.. no more or less.. I have not noticed any change in my depression or anxiety between the 2 drugs.. If you tolerate Effexor well you should have no problems with Pristiq since it is essentially the same drug in your system.

    The only real change I have seen from Pristiq is that I cannot get out of bed. I am Ok once I am up .. but getting up is almost impossible. I sleep 12 hours on the weekends. I have never felt this tired and fatigued except on Trazadone. I think that maybe the pristiq is too much for me at the 50mg dosage. Maybe my liver didnt convert the Effexor as efficiently therefore leaving me with a lower dosage. I will look into this.

    My biggest warning is the effect both AD’s have on your blood pressure! I have always been 120/80. since starting effexor and now Prisitq I am 150/110!! I take double dosages of BP medicine and it is still not controlled. I may have to stop the AD to bring my BP down and save my life! When I read that high BP was a side effect I didnt realize the magnitude it would reach. Have your BP checked regularly on these AD’s.. If you have ringing in the ears as I do it may be because of high BP.

    I wish you all the best

  25. Very interesting article on anti-depressants. If it’s 100mg, then it means that it is kind of risky to those other people who are in lower dosage of anti-depressant. I think that patients should seek advice to their doctors before drinking this medicine. I am sure this kind of drug has good and bad effects on our body.

  26. I have been on different meds trying to get one right to help with my anxiety and depression. I had stopped taking meds all together for about a year and a half. I come to the realization that it’s probably something that I am going to have to be on for the rest of my life. I was on 300mg of Effexor XR w/ 200 mg of Zoloft and 20 mg of Atenolol which is a stagefright med to offset the side effects of the effexor. It seemed to work well with that combo, but then as the stresses in my life reduced, I didn’t need to take all of those at once anymore. I was weened off the meds all together. Last year is when I realized that I had to be back something when my emotions were uncontrollable: anxiety attacks and crying often. I was first placed on the Pristiq at50mg. It seemed to be okay, but didn’t notice much difference. I went on the generic form of Effexor, venlafaxine. I was motivated, had a regular sleep schedule but my emotions were completely numb. I also noticed my weight being consistent and the normal weight i’ve had for years. The side effects were awful though. I was very jittery, was nervous in large crowds, nervous meeting others and would get my tongue tied and my voice would shake in a new environment. This has never happened before. I have always been a social butterfly, thriving in large crowds and enjoyed meeting new people. Now, for about 4 months now, I have been on the Pristiq at 100mg. I cry when it’s appropriate, my mood is constant and life’s stresses that may arrive, are handled properly; however, now I sleep excessively, not motivated to work out, my weight is all over the board on a monthly basis, and I am having a hard time concentrating. Is it the generic form of Effexor that made me feel so nervous and jittery? I have thought about asking my psyc dr to add 37.5 mg of Effexor XR to see if I can get back on a routine schedule of my personal duties, motivated to do the things I want to do, and back on a normal sleep schedule. I was only taking 75mg of the generic. Has that combo worked for anyone?

  27. hi my name is jackie and im 21 years old and i have been depressed and medicated since the age of 13.
    i was on effexor and didnt know what a good thing i had!!!
    switched to cymbalta, HELLISH. was drinking 3 or more energy drinks a day and still sleeping 12 hours of more a night.
    So told my doc that i wanted back on effexor and she suggested pristiq.
    im on day 5 and its been up and down.
    i think today the anxiety is finally subsiding and the depression was gone within a few days.
    the side effects arent fun but im hopeful they will leave me in due time
    the worst have been: anxiety, heart racing and restlessness.
    i handle the physical better than the emotional side effects.
    so i have also had zero appetite for days and dizziness and diareaha(cant spell)
    i am trying to be hopeful on this med and hoping that because effexor worked so well for me pristiq will to.
    thanks for listening


  29. Wow, what a freaking ride I have been on. Started Effexor last year in March. It seemed to work pretty well, but still had the negative voice. Increased dose to 75mg and I was moody and agitated. Last August went to 150mg…..oh man, I thought I was bipolar- fast cycling and extreme agitation. I was ready to fight at any moment, I was on hyper alert. My senses were too activated I felt super human. Feeling over stimulated I could not manage my life. My house became unmanageable, exercise was too hard, life seemed impossible. I started to have chest and back pain, ucontrollable mood swings. I felt like I had had a mental break and didn’t even notice it! My Pdoc increased my med to 187.5mg and talk about all those symptoms just became more heightened. I had to have a EKG and cardiac panel, my heart rate was in the high 90’s. I had insomnia and was put on ambien to sleep. OMG, I was not like this before….severe depression- never extreme anxiety. I tappered of down to 37.5, not too many SE compaired to Lexapro. I am just pissed now- my life was sucked away and now I get to clean up the freaking mess of taking a medication that screwed up my braind chemicals- I didn’t think I was going to make it through. I would get home from work after being so over stimulated and I was unable to cook dinner for my kids, I would try and try and it felt like my brain just turned off and I would cry and cry and cry. I know this drug works well for some, but if you notice an agitation that wasn’t there before- proceed with caution! I am so afraid to step on the scale- none of my clothes are fitting me- I ran 4 miles yesterday. I am not going to let some drug take over my life again!

  30. Wyeth should be investigated by the FDA. If not sued in a class action suit.

    If anyone thinks the withdrawal effects from long term use(more than 6 moths)of the drug does not pose any long term effects to the cognitive function is direly mistaken.

    The brain saps as doctors and nurses claim to be not serious are very serious and also the effects this drug can have on heart can be fatal.

    The brain saps is a part of your brain looking for serototinin that it’s not producing there for it cause extra stress on multiple beta reciptors and also ruins for pineal gland.

    Effexor didn’t do as much short term damage as Weyth was hoping it would do to all of us. I would look foward to hearing some awful side effects with Pristiq

    • I would like to say that I did pretty well on Effexor XR for the 16 years I was on it. Sure I would have my days but everybody does. Then I had the bright idea of thinking I didn’t need to be medicated anymore, so I weaned myself off of it very slowly (so withdrawals really were not that bad). That was a few months ago. Since I have gone off of it, I have developed horrible anxiety and panic attacks, so much that I had to take medical leave from work. Tried other drugs (wellbutrin, Lexapro, Cymbalta, Viibryd, Seroquel) all seemed to make the anxiety worse. I want to be calmed down, not hyped up more! So I told my doctor that I wanted to get back on effexor, and she told me she wanted to try me on Pristiq first. Oh boy. So I took the first 50mg dose. Seemed ok. But by the next morning, in addition to my anxiety-induced nausea and dry heaving that I had been experiencing anyway, I began to have intermittent waves of a full-body burning sensation on my skin. Called my doctor to tell her and she said that if the symptoms did not improve within 24 hours, to go to the emergency room. Well, then I started feeling really out of it and drifting in and out, so I went to the emergency room. My doctor had me discontinue the Pristiq after that first dose. Has anybody else experienced this type of all over skin burning sensation (not hot flash)? I am starting back on my Effexor in a few days (to make sure my body starts with a clean slate of meds with no other in my body). I REALLY hope I will be able to tolerate Effexor XR this time around. I was able to before. It is meant to treat all the symptoms I have been experiencing since I went off of it. I really hope that this med gets me off of this unpleasant merry-go-round so that I may have the good quality of life I had before when I was on it.

      • Hi, AS:

        I did the same thing you did – I was on Effexor XR for years and doing very well on it. Then, like you, I thought “hey, I don’t need these meds, I’m gonna wean myself off” (this was also advised by friends who did not understand depression and meds). So I did – over the course of 4 months I weaned myself down to an 1/8 of a regular Effexor tab (I had quit my doc, who I wasn’t thrilled with, so I was doing this on my own – this doc thought I could wean myself off in a matter of DAYS! He was awful). Sure, I had withdrawal symptoms, but I was determined to get through them. Then, WHAM! I was hit with the worst depression, anxiety, depersonalization, you name it, that I’ve ever experienced. I too had to take medical leave from work. I honestly didn’t know if I would live through that experience.

        Thankfully, I found a wonderful new psychiatrist who got me cautiously back on a therapeutic dose of Effexor XR and counseled me through the weirdness. He quite literally saved my life. I came back to “normalcy” fully within a month and a half.

        You might have a hard time getting back on Effexor for the first few weeks, I sure did. My doc prescribed a low dose of Klonopin to take the edge off those early side effects and it helped tremendously. Hopefully your doctor is not a “benzo-phobe”. Also, I hope you’re seeing a psychiatrist and not just a GP for these meds. You will likely benefit from talk therapy while you’re getting back on the meds.

        Good luck to you and just hang on through the weirdness, if you should experience any. There is light at the end of the tunnel, I promise! :)

      • Hi AS:

        That almost sounds like some sort of allergic reaction. Hopefully, you’ll be fine back on the Effexor. Even though those two are very similiar, you may have reacted to something in that particular brand….who knows.

        I’m finding just 37.5mg of Effexor XR to be helpful with my 200mg of Wellbutrin. It takes just enough edge off of the anxiety and helps [along with wellbutrin] the depression and lack of motivation. But any larger of a dose [or without the wellbutrin] and I get too sedated from it, but I also have primary inattentive ADHD and have that tendency.

        We are all different, though. Hopefully you will continue to maintain the previous benefit without having to shift the dosage. I’m just fortunate to have found a good combo for me, though I’ve been through my own circuit on and off meds [how would we ever know we still really needed them?].

        Best of luck….

  31. hi
    I have been on pristiq for 2 days no big problems and also have 0.5 mgs of xanax er tabs. still feeling ok. Will see when I go back to work as that is a stresssor. I thin psychiatrist if you have health ins. are the ones to seek out for they know how to interact medication or at least mine does.
    good luck

  32. WOW, and thats a BIG WOW!! I have several thoughts about everything I have read above.
    First of all, I would like to know where anyone is getting Pristiq cheaper than Effexor, this is not so in Missouri. I have called Walmart, Walgreens and the smaller town pharmacies (which are usually cheaper, for those of us without insurance) Everywhere I have called Pristiq is much more expensive than Effexor!
    I was on Wellbutrin, but could only think about death while taking it. Not suicide, just thinking about death all the time.
    I have been taking Pristiq now for 2 weeks. I love it, I feel so much better. Yes I do have a couple side effects, but nothing to the extent of thinking about death all the time. My side effects are occasional hot flashes, and frequent urination.
    For those of you with bad side effects, that does not mean that everyone will have bad side effects.
    Before anyone listens to all the bad OR all the good things about Pristiq, think about this.
    I am allergic to Penicillin, does that mean everyone will be allergic to Penicillin???
    What works for me, may not work for you and visa versa.
    I love the Pristiq, I feel soooooo much better within a half hour of taking it. I too have ADD, and the Pristiq has helped with that also.
    Those of you using Adderall, be careful, it does cause your teeth to rott…yes thats a side effect for almost everyone…Adderall is pretty much Legal Meth. It worked for me, but I didnt like the up and down mood swings.
    I hope my post helps someone!
    Have a great day, and if one med doesnt work try another until you find one that works FOR YOU.

  33. I have been on lexapro for 4 weeks and it worked a treat….almost immediate though I find I am starting to go downhill again with some return to depression and anxiety but only mild compared to what it was like before starting to take it. But I am on sub-recommended dose of 5mg as I am paranoid about taking meds, side effects, reliance etc. I realise this is an Effexor forum but I recently visited a psychiatrist (one off for advice on meds) and he told me Effexor is the worst for withdrawal and his patients take 9 months or so to get off it,

  34. I’ve only been taking Pristiq for 4 days and after reading the comments to this article I am a bit worried. I’ve been taking Wellbutrin (immediate release, SR, and now XL) for years and it works very well for me. I had a few ups and downs and my psy put me on celexa. I was on that for quite a while and after some more ups and downs, I tried Zoloft (hated it. I felt flat and blah all the time), Prozac (made me hyper and sick to my stomach) and Lexapro (couldn’t pull the trigger during sex) and so I went back on celexa (low dosage). Recently, I was having some major anxiety issues so my psy gave me some samples of Pristiq. I’ve been taking it for 4 days and while I do feel better I’m starting to have side effects – upset stomach, excess gas, an internal shakiness, excessive sweating). I want to go off of it and back on Celexa.

    I’m going to talk to my psy later today but I was wondering if I should expect the severe withdrawl symptoms that some people experience with Effexor? I’ve only been on the Pristiq for 4 days and I want to go right back on the celexa. Eventually I would like to get off the celexa too and just go with the Wellbutrin. The difference in how I feel isn’t great enough to justify all these side-effects.

    Is it likely that I will experience withdrawl from Pristiq?

    Thanks. jason

  35. hello
    i have been taking pristiq for 8 months now and also Wellbutrin for 3 or 4 months. i will say they have both helped in my depression and anxiety. i dont feel so helpless and alone and can be happy at times. which is a big improvement from before the meds. i have had sum weight gain too but im not so sure it is due to the meds. i feel it was due to the depression. i have had sum excessive sweating but its only when its hot. now that the weather is getting cooler i dont seem to have it. i do wonder if the lack of sex drive is from the meds. i have read alot of forums and things and they all pretty much say there is no sexual side effects. and sum have even said that pristiq has brought theres back after being on Effexor. I have never been on any other meds besides these. i wondered if anyone had any thoughts on this?

  36. This is mostly to SHARON (15 May 2008): Generics, by law, are chemically the same, i.e. the same formula as the name brands. They are no different and I would suggest you are experiencing some sort of “generic placebo” effect. You can spend more on Motrin if you want; ibruprofen is the same thing. Any doctor who insists on prescribing name brands when generics are available has an agenda and is not saving their patients money.

  37. The post directly above contains incorrect information. Generics, by law, are NOT the same formula as name brands. The FDA itself only requires that a generic be “bioequivalent” to its name brand counterpart. (“Bioequivalent” does NOT mean “the same”; just Google it and you’ll see what it means.) Different binders and fillers are definitely allowed, and those can and do affect the absorption of the drug – and thus its effectiveness. This is even more of an issue with extended-release drugs like Effexor XR. A few years ago, an independent lab tested Wellbutrin extended-release against its generic version. The lab discovered that the generic version dissolved almost immediately instead of over time. So the generic had no extended release effect. Further, generic drug companies are cited again and again by the FDA for non-compliance, such as providing too little of the active ingredient – or too much! A couple of years ago, generic Adderall had to be recalled because it contained TWICE the stated amount of the active ingredients. A simple Google search will prove beyond any doubt that generic drugs – and especially those used for psychiatric disorders – are NOT the same as brand name drugs.

    • Unfortunately, most of us are stuck taking generics unless we have a lot of extra $ to shell out [or your MD doesn’t mind going through major stacks of paperwork on a routine basis to justify to the insurance why you need the brand].

      It is for that reason I almost hate to start out with any new drug because, once it goes generic, you are stuck switching. Then you have to deal with all of the disappointment if/when the generic fails you in whatever way it does. Sometimes it’s just a matter of adjusting the dosage, but….

  38. I’ve been taking Pristiq for 4 weeks now. I’ve started experiencing fear and paranoia which only seem to be allayed by alcohol or valium – not exactly the situation I had expected. I feel that when I do finally get to bed (and I have a fear of going because then I don’t want to get up) I stay in bed for at least 12 hours – just trying to escape the awful anxiety by sleeping through it. I was on Effexor several years ago, and that was ineffective. I then tried Luvox for awhile, which seemed to work, then Lexapro, which was strange. Does anyone else experience the rapid heartbeat and feeling of dread since they started taking Pristiq. The Doctor who prescribed it had a shiny, lovely info pack about Pristiq that he probably got on one of those wonderful all-expense covered conferences. So sick of all these medications!

  39. Efexor has been useless for me, all it does is numb me and take away my sex drive. Thanks, psychiatrists.

  40. I have a question about Effexor (venlafaxine)(spelling?) and Pristiq (desvenlafaxine). If I had such a bad reaction to desvenlafaxine, what would be the chances that I would have a bad reaction to venlafaxine this time around? I was on Effexor for a very long time and it worked for me (until I decided i didn’t need to be medicated anymore…big mistake.) See my earlier post regarding Pristiq. I am going back on Effexor in a few days.

  41. It is so interesting reading everyone’s experiences with Effexor and Pristiq. I suffer from anxiety but after weeks of constant adrenaline rush from all the panic attacks (2-3 per day)my brain/body just can’t take it anymore and I become deeply depressed. Effexor XR worked wonders for me for 4 years (side effects were dry mouth for the 1st month and no sleep which my Dr fixed with 50mg of trazadone each night)but I too decided I should wean off. OMG! My Dr warned me Effexor is REALLY hard to wean off of!!! I took 4 months to wean. I then went through 3 months of hell off all meds. I did talk theropy but just couldn’t take the anxiety anymore (neither could my family). My Dr put me on 50mg of Pristiq because she heard that weaning off goes much better if you decide to do so. I feel so good now I don’t plan to ever go off. I do feel a bit scatter-brained and feel hot and sweaty when the temp is warm. I’m happy and have Xanax on hand the occasional time each month when some anxiety hits. I still take trazadone to sleep. My Dr says it has less side effects than ambien for longterm use and it is very cheap.

    • I am so glad you wrote what you did. I was having a lot of heart palpitations when I first switched from Effexor XR to Pristiq. I loved Effexor, and I to have to take Trazadone to offset the Effexor/Pristiq to sleep. Didn’t think my ‘brain’ could handle it, but I’m getting better. Have you noticed any weight gain while being on antidepressants/anti anxiety meds?

  42. I recently switched from Effexor XR (225mg) to Pristiq (50mg). The transition was somewhat difficult because of withdrawal symptoms. But this problem gradually went away after about two weeks. I switched in hope of finding some relief from persistent debilitaing fatigue. There may be some very minor improvement associated with Pristiq. But on the whole, I cannot say that Pristiq is any more (or less) effective than Effexor. All things considered, including cost, Effexor is probably a better choice. For me, they are both partially effective (at the dosage levels shown above). I discussed with my doctor the possibility of increasing the Pristiq to 100mg. But he says the Pristiq is unlikely to have any additional effect beyond the 50mg dose. I continue to live with a significant problem for which I suspect there is a remedy out there, somewhere; but I have no clue as to where to look next. For the benefit of others, I see no harm in trying Pristiq as an alternative to Effexor. However, exaggerated expectations are not recommended.

    • I have read all your blogs and wanted u all to know my story. I spent 15 years on 150mg of efexor and was OK during that time. However,about 5 years ago I went into depression again. My doctor lifted my dose of efexor to 300mg to no effect and then tried lithium and sodium valproate along with the effexor. I then cahanged doctors I have been on a roller coaster ever since. The cocktail of drugs I used included, lexapro, cymbalta, pristique, zyprexa, seraquel, valium, zanax, prothialin, sinequin, parnate, dextroamphetamine, paxil and stilnox. On all of these I was titrated to the maximum dose as lower doses would not work. Nothing worked for more than a few months. In desperation I then tried ECT. This was a disaster and I left a zombie and it took 12 months to recover to a reasonable sense of normal. I had also tried naturopaths, acupucture, chinese herbs, counselling and mediation but to no avail.I then spiralled down into the worst depression of my life. I also put on 20kg in weight.
      Then 3 months ago I was on google and found a website called “the road back”. I read the book and then bought the herbals they recommended. Within 2 months my life has turned around. I feel amazing and have never felt this good in all my 51 years. I have energy, a fantastic zest for life and most importantly am no longer on any medication. I was able to withdraw over a period of 12 weeks and given that I was on 425mg efexor, 200mg seraqual and 30mg valium along with 30 mg stilnox at night is an unbelievable feat. I have also now started to lose weight.
      The doctor is amazed as am I!!! The book is available free on the internet and I recommend this to anyone who has been suffering. It was my life saver.
      If anyone wants to contact me about my experiences feel free I am happy to talk about it. There is a way out and with determination and commitment you too can do it.

      • When you started taking the herbals were you also on the prescription drugs, which tapering off on them?

      • Hi,
        I came across your comment but did not see the name of the herbal formula you are using. If you have a moment, please let me know.


      • Hi,
        Thank you for sharing your story. I would love to know more about your experience and may be even speak with you a as my daughter who travelled a similar road to that of Missy’s is thinking about getting pregnant in a year or two and wants to get off her meds however we need to find an alternative. I look forward to receiving your reply and suggestions

      • Can you please tell me about the herbal remedies for your depression, to where you got off all of your meds?

      • Hi there,
        I am getting sick of my depression and ongoing anxiety. Please tell me the name of book and herbs that helped you.I would greatly appreciate your help.
        Thank you

  43. Estou muito insegura por ter que tomar Pristiq 50mg. Tenho hipertensão e transtorno do pânico e pelos depoimentos que vi, este medicamento aumenta a pressão e não tem indicação para o pânico. Tomo olcadil de 1 mg e por mais de 14 anos tomei anafranil de 25mg junto com olcadil de 2mg,depois deste tempo parece que não faziam mais efeito.No momento estou tomando lexapro (exodus) de 15mg, mas parece que também não passará de um certo grau de melhora. Alguém pode me ajudar por favor?

    • Carmensita, acho que vc está enganada. Tanto o Efexor quanto o Pristiq são altamente recomendados não só para o TAG, fobia-social, quanto para ataques de pânico. O Pristiq ainda não tomei, mas parece ser vantajoso por dizerem ter menos efeitos colaterais, o que seria excelente, além do efeito do remédio.

  44. Hi there,

    I am just wondering if Pristiq has more side effects on weight gain than Effexor ER?

  45. Don’t go anywhere near either of these drugs. Pristiq destroyed my teeth and a clinical test showed how effexor caused profound periodontitis (destruction of bone surrounding your teeth). It’s criminal that I wasn’t warned of any such side effects before taking this drug.

  46. In trying to taper off effexor, my doctor recommended taking pristiq to help with the side effects. Looking back, it was horrible. I had crying spells and horrible hot flashes. As a result I am still on the effexor today. I am going to try the bead method next.

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