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Pristiq versus Effexor XR

What is Pristiq (desvenlafaxine)? The newest antidepressant approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which will hit the U.S. market in a few months. Pristiq is a drug similar in composition to Wyeth’s …

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Pristiq versus Effexor XR

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  1. It is so interesting reading everyone’s experiences with Effexor and Pristiq. I suffer from anxiety but after weeks of constant adrenaline rush from all the panic attacks (2-3 per day)my brain/body just can’t take it anymore and I become deeply depressed. Effexor XR worked wonders for me for 4 years (side effects were dry mouth for the 1st month and no sleep which my Dr fixed with 50mg of trazadone each night)but I too decided I should wean off. OMG! My Dr warned me Effexor is REALLY hard to wean off of!!! I took 4 months to wean. I then went through 3 months of hell off all meds. I did talk theropy but just couldn’t take the anxiety anymore (neither could my family). My Dr put me on 50mg of Pristiq because she heard that weaning off goes much better if you decide to do so. I feel so good now I don’t plan to ever go off. I do feel a bit scatter-brained and feel hot and sweaty when the temp is warm. I’m happy and have Xanax on hand the occasional time each month when some anxiety hits. I still take trazadone to sleep. My Dr says it has less side effects than ambien for longterm use and it is very cheap.

    • I am so glad you wrote what you did. I was having a lot of heart palpitations when I first switched from Effexor XR to Pristiq. I loved Effexor, and I to have to take Trazadone to offset the Effexor/Pristiq to sleep. Didn’t think my ‘brain’ could handle it, but I’m getting better. Have you noticed any weight gain while being on antidepressants/anti anxiety meds?

  2. I recently switched from Effexor XR (225mg) to Pristiq (50mg). The transition was somewhat difficult because of withdrawal symptoms. But this problem gradually went away after about two weeks. I switched in hope of finding some relief from persistent debilitaing fatigue. There may be some very minor improvement associated with Pristiq. But on the whole, I cannot say that Pristiq is any more (or less) effective than Effexor. All things considered, including cost, Effexor is probably a better choice. For me, they are both partially effective (at the dosage levels shown above). I discussed with my doctor the possibility of increasing the Pristiq to 100mg. But he says the Pristiq is unlikely to have any additional effect beyond the 50mg dose. I continue to live with a significant problem for which I suspect there is a remedy out there, somewhere; but I have no clue as to where to look next. For the benefit of others, I see no harm in trying Pristiq as an alternative to Effexor. However, exaggerated expectations are not recommended.

    • I have read all your blogs and wanted u all to know my story. I spent 15 years on 150mg of efexor and was OK during that time. However,about 5 years ago I went into depression again. My doctor lifted my dose of efexor to 300mg to no effect and then tried lithium and sodium valproate along with the effexor. I then cahanged doctors I have been on a roller coaster ever since. The cocktail of drugs I used included, lexapro, cymbalta, pristique, zyprexa, seraquel, valium, zanax, prothialin, sinequin, parnate, dextroamphetamine, paxil and stilnox. On all of these I was titrated to the maximum dose as lower doses would not work. Nothing worked for more than a few months. In desperation I then tried ECT. This was a disaster and I left a zombie and it took 12 months to recover to a reasonable sense of normal. I had also tried naturopaths, acupucture, chinese herbs, counselling and mediation but to no avail.I then spiralled down into the worst depression of my life. I also put on 20kg in weight.
      Then 3 months ago I was on google and found a website called “the road back”. I read the book and then bought the herbals they recommended. Within 2 months my life has turned around. I feel amazing and have never felt this good in all my 51 years. I have energy, a fantastic zest for life and most importantly am no longer on any medication. I was able to withdraw over a period of 12 weeks and given that I was on 425mg efexor, 200mg seraqual and 30mg valium along with 30 mg stilnox at night is an unbelievable feat. I have also now started to lose weight.
      The doctor is amazed as am I!!! The book is available free on the internet and I recommend this to anyone who has been suffering. It was my life saver.
      If anyone wants to contact me about my experiences feel free I am happy to talk about it. There is a way out and with determination and commitment you too can do it.

      • When you started taking the herbals were you also on the prescription drugs, which tapering off on them?

      • Hi,
        I came across your comment but did not see the name of the herbal formula you are using. If you have a moment, please let me know.


      • Hi,
        Thank you for sharing your story. I would love to know more about your experience and may be even speak with you a as my daughter who travelled a similar road to that of Missy’s is thinking about getting pregnant in a year or two and wants to get off her meds however we need to find an alternative. I look forward to receiving your reply and suggestions

      • Can you please tell me about the herbal remedies for your depression, to where you got off all of your meds?

      • Hi there,
        I am getting sick of my depression and ongoing anxiety. Please tell me the name of book and herbs that helped you.I would greatly appreciate your help.
        Thank you

  3. Estou muito insegura por ter que tomar Pristiq 50mg. Tenho hipertensão e transtorno do pânico e pelos depoimentos que vi, este medicamento aumenta a pressão e não tem indicação para o pânico. Tomo olcadil de 1 mg e por mais de 14 anos tomei anafranil de 25mg junto com olcadil de 2mg,depois deste tempo parece que não faziam mais efeito.No momento estou tomando lexapro (exodus) de 15mg, mas parece que também não passará de um certo grau de melhora. Alguém pode me ajudar por favor?

    • Carmensita, acho que vc está enganada. Tanto o Efexor quanto o Pristiq são altamente recomendados não só para o TAG, fobia-social, quanto para ataques de pânico. O Pristiq ainda não tomei, mas parece ser vantajoso por dizerem ter menos efeitos colaterais, o que seria excelente, além do efeito do remédio.

  4. Hi there,

    I am just wondering if Pristiq has more side effects on weight gain than Effexor ER?

  5. Don’t go anywhere near either of these drugs. Pristiq destroyed my teeth and a clinical test showed how effexor caused profound periodontitis (destruction of bone surrounding your teeth). It’s criminal that I wasn’t warned of any such side effects before taking this drug.

  6. In trying to taper off effexor, my doctor recommended taking pristiq to help with the side effects. Looking back, it was horrible. I had crying spells and horrible hot flashes. As a result I am still on the effexor today. I am going to try the bead method next.

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