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4 Fascinating Facts You Might Not Know About Carl Jung

In case you missed it, June 6th, 2011 marked the 50th anniversary of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung’s passing. Jung, born July 26, 1875, is one of the most compelling figures in psychology.

Many people are familiar with Jung for his famous friendship and eventual split from Sigmund Freud, who considered their relationship at first to be one of father and son. Jung strongly disagreed with Freud’s sole emphasis on sex and other parts of his theories, and their relationship soon deteriorated. However, the two pioneers did agree on one thing: an individual must analyze his mind’s inner workings, including his dreams and fantasies.

Jung founded analytical psychology, which emphasizes the importance of exploring both conscious and unconscious processes. According to one of his theories, all humans share a collective unconscious. Unlike the personal unconscious, which is made up of each individual’s personal memories and personality, the collective unconscious holds the experiences of our ancestors. Proof of this can be seen, according to Jung, in mythology, which shares similar themes across cultures.

Below are four other tidbits you might not know about the man behind some of the most fascinating and controversial theories.

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4 Fascinating Facts You Might Not Know About Carl Jung

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  1. Jung had a long association with Professor W. Pauli, Nobel laureate physicist, and their
    letters were published under title, “atom and
    archetype.” 1932-1958….

    Their conclusions about archetypal reality
    include statements about the “natural numbers,”
    which appear to be an archetype of order that
    has become conscious. In other words, it is
    pre-existent to consciousness.

    Appropriate quotes:

    “man has need of the word, but in essence
    number is sacred.” Jung.

    “our primary mathematical intuitions can be
    arranged before we become conscious of them.”

    “numomathematics” – New York

  2. In Jung’s autobiography, Memortes, Dreama, Reflections, he writes of his dream of going underground to a room where a giant penis is sitting on a throne. Later he says he saw God on a throne deficating on humanity. He said he had two personalities. I am still reading it. Interesting.

  3. What a nut! He should have gotten his head examined. In fact any people that follow his warped teachings should get their heads examined.

  4. Like all these, so-called, experts of the “unconscious”, i.e. Jung and Freud, etc. – society, morality, civility would have been MUCH better off had the entire body of work been better off burned to ashes.

  5. Great article! But I must say that it is very sad how few people really understand Jung’s work. You can hardly find a single person who have an objective view, without worshiping or hating the guy.

  6. Excellent summary of Jung’s impressive works. The man was a true renaissance man and well ahead of his time in many areas. His merging of such diverse fields as physics and psychology preceded works such as The Tao of Physics and The Dancing Wu Li Masters by decades. One can easily see how the behavior of entangled particles and relativistic actualities such as human observation effecting the behavior of particles as being synonymous with synchronicity. And Jung’s alchemical observations were simiply brilliant. Such a great man….Thanks for the article

  7. Dr carl Jung not only a Dr but deep into the mystical! At times one has visions that they spend a life time explaining or understanding to themselves and trying to put it on paper the words cloud the meaning and erease the understanding !

  8. Carl Jung is soo awesome, I wish i could have met him.

  9. very good article and summary, we salute him for his
    inventions. he is the only one person can compare with Freud.

  10. when we are born/created, our minds are like a new computer, nothing on the hard disk (mind) but a basic program to start us up.

    The ability to attract attention and the ability to feed is our basic program.

    Then like a new computer, we have to have a program downloaded into our minds/hard disk, by the society we live in to make us fully function.

    And that is where the problems begin.

    Just like a computer, we pick up “viruses/bad mind input”.

    Humans are no more than computers that have emotions, that can be manipulated by the programmers.

    A simple example is of course “God and Religion”


  11. Thank you for your post. Great to see so much about Carl Jung and his work available on line. Readers of this post will likely be interested in this resource page full of free films from and about Carl Jung and his work as well as many other resources on Depth Psychology. Here’s the link:

    Warm wishes Howard

  12. It really frustrates me when people who supposedly have a degree in English can’t spell simple words like “extrovert” when they write articles.



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