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10 Common Reasons to Lie to Your Therapist

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  1. “My therapist will report me. Another common fear was of therapists’ status in most states as “mandated reporters.” If people are in danger of harming themselves, others, a senior citizen or a child, therapists must report such behaviors (and, left more to the therapist’s discretion, thoughts) to the appropriate state agency. Such reports then may become part of a central database, meaning clients could be branded for life with a tag such as “suicide risk” or “child abuser” regardless of whether it is a permanent condition. Although such concerns are relatively rare in the context of most people’s reasons for seeking out psychotherapy, it is a legitimate concern.”

    I sought help for my son starting in February. In the time he has seen a therapist we have now been reported twice to child protective services and been told to send him back to public school where he was bullied and beat up because they assumed he was not getting enough socialization. The psychiatrist purposely looked at him and asked if any one had hurt him, then asked me if she could speak to him privately… My reply, um no! When he said yes some one hurt him and told her it was the kids at school she STILL kept asking him who hurt him. He has a bruise on his hip from falling off his bike. That combined with him saying some one had hurt him is her excuse why she was reporting us. NO WONDER NO ONE WANTS TO GO TO A MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL FOR HELP! NO WONDER WE ARE AFRAID TO TELL THE TRUTH! THEY AREN’T LISTENING! so tired, I just want my 6 year old to get better and be like other children. </3

  2. I was a victim of an immigration romance scam. The woman lied about domestic violence and was coached by a feminist relief agency. She lied to her therapist about PTSD etc for months. I could see on social media she started dating a man at that Catholic agency the first day she got there and was partying her butt off. Did I mention she abandoned her baby? The coaching and training to play the part of the victim was so profound my ex-wife was literally reciting exact sentences from websites about domestic abuse. “I’m afraid of you” “I’m walking on eggshells” etc…Unfortunately, I don’t know who the therapist was to have the state’s review board intervene. Also, she went the VAWA route and got total protection and anonymity with a suspension of due process. A total joke. Bottom line is I guarantee you out of status aliens lie to their therapists at an extremely high rate and that should be listed on this blog.

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