While 40% of our happiness (or unhappiness) is due to our own actions, 50% is set by our genes, and another 10% is unaccounted for, at least that’s what psychology professor Sonja Lyubomirsky says in her new book The How of Happiness. She also …

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40% of Happiness/Unhappiness Due to Our Own Actions

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  1. Apparently, Sonja Lyubomirsky has missed the research on how Neuroplasticy, the ability of the brain to change, has shone that it is possible to modify the effect genes have on a person. I will buy and read her book offering an apology is necessary……………….

  2. I had no idea that so much percentage was bassed on your own actions. That really suprised me.

  3. Try telling those statistics to my husband

  4. I think if you want to be happy, you can learn ways to help yourself maintain that ilusion, but illusion it is. Or, you can learn to live your life as it actually is, and accept that you aren’t happy all the time, and don’t need to be. Of course, I’m not trying to sell any books, either…

  5. While 40% of our happiness (or unhappiness) is due to our own actions, 50% is set by our genes, and another 10% is unaccounted

    50% yes is our genes, when you think of mental illness and such. Now to discuss 40% is from our own actions I disagree! Not everything is in our control. Some are trapped at that endless job they must keep in a bad market. OR Trapped in a marriage they can’t leave due to finanical reasons and such. NOW I do believe to some limit we make our own choice to if we want to be happy or not but with age are access to change our environment is more limited due to family, and finanical issues. If we are so in control why is suicide rates climbing so fast.

    • In response to Cindy,

      If someone is unhappy because they are in an unhappy marriage, how is that NOT due to their own actions? Did they not choose to marry that person? One could easily argue that the unhappy marriage (and their own unhappiness) is a direct consequence of their actions. If an alcoholic gets cirrhosis, we blame the alcohol consumption, even if he hasn’t had a drink in 5 years. Just because the consequences aren’t immediate, doesn’t mean they aren’t due to our actions.

  6. well put Cindy.

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