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Does Eminem Have Bipolar Disorder?

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  1. sounds to me like his mother is completely out of line in gossiping about her son and you’ve become complicit in this.

  2. Yes, we’re complicit in reporting news about a public figure, we agree.

  3. I am jsut wanting to chat with other People with my disorder I just got Diagnosed at the age of 35 I ahve alot of questions maybe someone can help me?

  4. Sorry that my blog is so bad I am watching my two daughter’s by my self today. However I agree that his mother should not be puting his buisness on the street!

  5. the question i have is this: if he has this disorder, why does he only have symptons when something stressful is going on? sounds more like he’s just pissed off. plus, where are the “highest highs”? i know this disorder exists, but sometimes we gotta get off the crutches and walk on own. most of the stuff that happens to us is our own fault. we put ourselves in bad situations. then we say we’re depressed because this is goin’ on in our life. can’t we just be happy one minute and pissed the next without someone tellin’ us we have disorder. as much as people don’t want to hear it, feelings like this are normal. no one goes thru life not gettin’ mad. no one’s life is perfect. instead of lookin’ for a way out, man up, strap your boots on, and work like hell to get out of it. and lastly, quit bein’ so negative. negativity on fuels the a negative lifestyle.

  6. As someone who lives with bipolar disorder, I have always connected with Eminem as an artist. It seems clear to me based on his songs that he has bipolar as well. But having bipolar is not a bad thing, nor is it a crutch. It is a disease, just like diabetes. Would you tell someone who had to watch how much sugar they took in because of their diabetes to “man up?” It is sad the way society views bipolar disorder. It’s so much more than the stereotypical “happy one moment, depressed the next”; it is an endless cycle of mania (not happiness) and depression that unless treated can ultimately lead to self-destruction. I have been on medication for over a year now and also see a therapist weekly and it has helped tremendously. But in no way to I wear my bipolar for all to see, nor do I use it as an excuse when I mess up; I deal with it, just like anyone with a disease should. Please become more educated before you make assumptions about anyone. You never know what their life is like unless you’ve walked in their shoes. Now getting back to Eminem, his songs, and lyrics specifically, point to manic depression. You could almost separate his music into categories of mania and depression. “Just Lose It”, “The Real Slim Shady”, and “Kill You” are just three songs that come to my mind that I would categorize as ‘Manic.’ ‘Depressive songs would include “The Way I Am”, “When I’m Gone”, and “I Still Don’t Give a F***.” Regardless of category, each and every song is full of creativity, which is a clear sign of bipolar disorder, as those afflicted are prone to higher levels of creativity. In terms of the book, maybe this was the only way his mother could reach him. Their relationship has been rocky to say the least, and maybe by going public he has a chance to rehabilitate his mind and body. I truly hope that whether Em is bipolar or not, that he finds peace within himself and with those that love him. While many write him off as a foul-mouthed rapper, he is so much more. He is a person, who can move people with his poetic verses and relate to their various situations as well. I hope that he continues to make music for as long as he sees fit, and that when it’s all said and done, that he goes home happy.

  7. i love eminem and i am so happy to just have him no matter what he is he is the greatest forevermore no body else will ever come close to eminem not in any amount of time he is king for ever

  8. Acctualy looks up the eminem hip hop witch, then look at him now. All of these things point to manic depressive, he acctualy had to be put into a mental hospital for 6 months. His music, even though i love it points at it as well, all his music is in different moods, hense when he says Slim Shady is him when hes angry, Marshall Mathers is his real self, and Eminem is his rap mood, thats when he lays down the sickest lines.

    All in all after watching him, even though he is my favorite artist is evident he is most likely manic depresive…

  9. yep

  10. This is an interesting post. Eminem is a genius. He is a hugely talented rapper and his music inspired my creativity and helped me with my bipolar. If he has bipolar or not good luck to him. I’ve just bought his new album Relapse. I’d love to consider publishing him or any of his talented friends.

  11. i just got diagnosed bipolar….. not sure if i have it yet.

  12. im starting to think of it like a broken arm.

    us bipolars have something different within us.

    all i gotta say is trust yourself.

  13. it is not necessarily Manic-Depression,he might have unipolar depression.anyway in songs like “kill you” he really sounds more than sad…

  14. Eminem may or may not be bipolar, but he is narcisstic/histrionic. Since he is BOTH of these, depression comes to him a lot faster than most people. This is only my opinion though.

  15. “Eminem may or may not be bipolar, but he is narcisstic/histrionic.”

    In this way, both Eminem and Jason Pegler are similar. One way in which they are not similar is that Eminem is not a rapist, while Jason Pegler is.

    See: http://chipmunkawatch.blogspot.com/2009/09/jason-pegler-is-rapist.html for details.

  16. His mom will say anything for attention and money.He did good without her or a dad.Good for you Marshall.If his mom was sincere would she tell family secrets to the media or write books for money when mad at her son? No! Everyone is jumping on the band wagon trying to make money off Eminem’s fame.Hope it fails for them.Debbie should not write secrets and lies about her own son.Unless he’s adopted.Bet he wishes he were adopted rather than be associated in any way with his mom.Go Eminem,Shady,Whoever!Just Go!

  17. So for all of you think he is suffering from bipolar you really need to do your research. His mother is the one who is suffering from Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy and one of it charcters is faking illness upon another person to get attention and guess what you all have been manipulated into beleiving her

  18. EMINEM is guaranteed bipolar his mother is a good person and also the ONLY PERSON IN HIS FAMLIY THATS NOT CRAZY .this book is true

  19. Danny, Matt, Mike, & others – I saw Eminem on “60 Min.” tonight. When I heard that he had struggles, including overdosing, I wondered if he had been diagnosed as being bipolar. Rhyming is often a talent of those with our syndrom and when Em found rhymes for “orange”, I had to check it out. Many renown poets & artists were diagnosed with manic-depression. We are in good company: Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, & Robert Downey, Jr are all bipolar. I believe that a wicked sense of humor is often a biproduct of being a depressed person. It’s a positive way for us to see the strangeness and sadness in life and deal with it by turning it upside down into humor.

    I was depressed off and on since 15 & diagnosed at 36, because I was observed by a professional when in a manic state (highly stressed, talking fast, & “recycling “. Under a psychiatrist’s supervision, I take Lithium and other medications and see a psychologist weekly. I’m now in my 50’s and know I’ll be on medication the rest of my life. I drink tons of water because of dry mouth. Side effects aren’t anywhere near as bad as depression. I was in a major depression the last 3 years, triggered by losing most of my work. Stress triggers depression &/or mania. Part-time work began to pull me out of the depths. Also, one friend stuck by me through thick and thin.
    My advice – See a doctor. If you’re sleeping a lot, get out of bed earlier each day and don’t go back as much. Get off the couch often. Spend less time in front of the computer, TV, and cell phone games and texts. Eat fewer sweets & white-flour foods. Drink less; alcohol is a depressant. Get out with a friend & positive people. Walk with a friend 3-5 days a week. Nicely tell people with whom you argue that you won’t stay in the same room if you or they get angry. Cool down. Apologize. Take life one step at a time. Don’t self-hate. Keep hoping. Read, learn, think about people worse off than you. Volunteer for seniors or those in hospitals.

    Call someone right away if you are seriously thinking of suicide. DON’T DO IT. Life is not fair, but with help, there’s no place to go from the depths of despair but UP! You could screw it up & be in a vegitative state. The after life, might really be a worse HELL than your worst days & nightmares on Earth. When I’m depressed, my brain can’t find happiness, I can’t see the hope others see, I’m scared of change and improving, and I’m not thinking clearly. Friends and even family may be thinking a lot clearer. Be happier.

  20. He mentions in his songs that he used to buy/search out illegal drugs, which is common among “bipolars”; whether to help him sleep or to make him happy when he’s either manic (High) or depressed. He also mentions how now people just give drugs to him, but doesn’t brag about these new drugs like he used to about all the other “pills” he used to take. He even mentions that he feels “unbalanced” and that it must be the Lithium. Lithium happens to be the main drug that helps bipolar people. I never even really knew what Lithium was before I had to take it everyday. I think he’s telling everyone subliminally that he does in fact have the disease….

  21. Clearly Eminem has Bpd and not Bipolar.

    • Kelly, I do agree! In my opinion, Eminem suffers from Borderline personality disorder which would explain a lot of his symptoms much better than Bipolar.

  22. For me, it doesn’t really matter to me which celebrities have behabioral medicine issues. They’re human, just like everyone else. They do their jobs and are in the spotlight and I don’t believe its any of our business what their secrets may be. I mean, do you all have celebrities knocking on your door inquiring about your health? No. Just enjoy the actor, singer, news anchor and don’t get caught up in the dramatic rumors!:)



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