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8 Reasons Why Twitter Can Make You Happy

I’m a huge fan of Twitter, and I’ve tried to persuade several people to give it a try. (My greatest triumph: convincing my sister to use it. Seeing my sister in my Twitter feed — that makes me very happy.)

We’ve all seen how Twitter can play an unprecedented role in world events and in news communication. But on a very personal, routine level, there are several (other) ways in which Twitter can boost your happiness.

After all, is it just a coincidence that a blue bird is both the symbol for happiness and the symbol for Twitter? Probably yes, I know, but still, it’s a happy coincidence.

1. Twitter allows you to pursue your passion — even if only in your imagination.

A key to a happier life is to have fun – people who regularly have fun are twenty times as likely to feel happy. As Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi noted in Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention: “When something strikes a spark of interest, follow it.”

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8 Reasons Why Twitter Can Make You Happy

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  1. ‘Twitter is a good servant but a bad master’ – Great quote to sum up not only Twitter, but most if not all communication tools. I love to stay connected as well. I do try to keep a healthy balance though and make sure I maintain those social interactions like going for a coffee or sitting in a park that human beings need. We need a balance. The ability to stay anonymous is a nice feature too.

  2. I was in fact looking for this post. It has kept me active in tough times so it is true twitter is very helpful in blue times. Keep up your good work.

  3. Also like any device expect proof. Samuel Clemons.sp said: If you never lie/ You wont have to remember what you said. So goes twitter. Like the web a lot of miss information is prevalent. don’t become obsessed.
    keep searching/ you will find something of interest.
    twitter. good.

  4. Sustainability, In 140: My rehab (+/-) 13mos @dbobsnodgrass I am honored to have @Water, @RedCross & so many #followers #following me:) #eco

    However, things like this happen…
    RT @dbernstein “#TwitterMakesYouStupid. Discuss.” I did, starting in Chicago:

    RT @whet “The New York Times’s Bill Keller comes to bury Twitter…”

    I’m 54 going on 12, and churning 50 has been a hoot! My disabled staff of me still gets lost in apps.

    On May 15th, I was looking for articles about pain, living the past 4 years with the intractable pain of tic douloureux.

    Something about American Idol and someone named James Durbin and Jack had talked about their Tourette’s.. their tics.

    SSDI disabled since 08/2009, long form – SSA, (I won’t go “Birther”;) due to the failed treatments of my tic.

    Reading with empathy, Living With Lupus | BlogHer

    The circle…on 5 November 2010 via “Twitter”, I assisted a lady in California with her aquarium.

    Erin Kotecki Vest
    @dbobsnodgrass I just vaccuumed, algaed, scrubbed, and put new water in and the water has turned blue. bright blue.

    I don’t believe I could do this on FarmVille.

    From a career in healthcare, to my new career of being with me 24/7 is tough, especially with this “Blogger” – a respectable occupation? Certainly acceptable to this disabled, computer-stumbler. A member of the “Entitlement Society”, is a topic for another day. I just have the time to see more waste and fraud now.

    Good stuff, Thank you, Whet Moser! Associate Digital Editor The 312 – Chicago: via @addthis

    The enemy is a few scammers, spammers, and of course, ignorance.

    You are good folk! Since I’m overqualified for a political career, might I ask if The 312 has a need for Disabilities Editor?

    RT @nytkeller #TwitterMakesYouStupid Discuss.

    “…and I felt a little as if I had passed my child (13-year-old daughter) a pipe of crystal meth.” Luddite facebook Parents Twitter The Darndest Things:)

    “As for replacing my phone with something that rings inside my cerebral cortex — well, you’ll make a better cyborg than I will.”

    After a failed craniotomy and 2 failed radiosurgeries, I am no longer a candidate for further surgical intervention; including a cerebral implant. In neurology, they call that a deep brain stimulator. — I have never owned anything other than a landline…though, I have a webcam and I downloaded Skype and something else.

    On a ‘puter in the early 90’s, I mistakenly typed whitehouse (dot) com, I’ve used caution since then.

    My clever, concise wife, @emmagkeller, invents book reviews in 140 digits. #bookreview via @nytkeller – Sounds fun, can one make money doing that?

    Bill Keller, 21 Tweets, Executive Twitter Disabilities Editor – The New York Times. Trust you find that as humorous as I?

    RT @nickbilton Nice cover on your boss, “I can’t say I have ever tried crystal meth, but…” – “But today, after using these products voraciously for some time, I do see their detriments.”

    Prescription Carbatrol gave me toxic epidermal necrolysis, can’t say if crystal meth ever did to, eh, would ever do that, to anyone.

    I have working knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid, Direct Mail Social Security/Medicare Intimidation, and Scam Non Profit Non Charity junk mail MT @GuideStarUSA @CharityNav and other folks, including a seminar last week with,

    I advocate a bit for seniors in my, as MHRA states,”low income, elderly and peoples with disabilities”, as I reside at the 100 unit Kalivas hi-rise.

    Did I mention anything about government waste?

    “Bits Blog”, is that tidbits of blogging? Nick Bilton, would you remotely operate my computer?

    I don’t believe I could do this on FarmVille.

    Thank you, NYTimes! Things were easier when I worked for a living.

    I sometimes read movies, Mr. Bernstein. It is nice to bring the “conversation” closer to home. I’ll be looking for this in the Manchester Union Leader, pun intended.

    Tweaking Bill Keller + bonus excerpt from the Single Stupidest Rumination About Computers Making Us Stupid! – I suspect we both did.

    Blue in a red state.

    On Twitter, I believe I will follow at @gretchenrubin, after my staff does a security check, as she also has three terrible novels in “Forty Ways”, safely locked in a desk drawer. The Happiness Project:)

    RT @psychcentral, I have been to Psych Central. In April 2007 – For a different prospective in dealing with my PAIN, (TN1 and *Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis) I referred myself and “visited” with a psychologist for five (5) “sessions”. Exhausting fishing stories, he referred me to either a psychiatrist, or a pain management center. He was a pleasant man, nervous with me at first. I mentioned to him that he was picking up and mimicking my teeth-grinding at the last appointment that I scheduled.
    *IVIG and Cyclosporine NO OTHER MEDICATIONS. This “.” means PERIOD!

    November 2008 – For a different prospective in dealing with the pain of medication failures, (adverse reactions/direct reaction) and three failed brain surgeries resulting in MY PERMANENT DISABILITIES from the treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia, the Social Security Administration REFERRED me to a boatload of psychiatrists and psychologists. After the psych eval, (and permanent disabilities) I was referred to Dr. AUTH REQUIRED.

    February 2010 – For a different prospective, after “Splotchy Tongue” I had this month-long different prospective I referred myself to a psychologist. She was a pleasant lady, I was exhausted after five (5) “visit-sessions” of talking about our children and the Caribbean. When she suggested talking about my childhood, I felt…I felt and reminded her that I was attempting to address MY LIFE over the past three years; that of me dealing with my dealing with my PAIN, not my pain. She referred me to a psychiatrist…

    RT @docjohng, I have had marvelous healthcare professionals, of whom I would not necessarily recommend for YOUR treatment, just joshing, as I have no idea of whom you are, until my staff checks you out.

    This is really fun, and virtual pain relief.

    Peace and Love to ALL! bob



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