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10 Tips for Healthy Living

By Brandi-Ann Uyemura, M.A.
Associate Editor

10 Tips for Healthy LivingHealth psychologists have a dual mission: to help prevent mental and physical illness and disease and to promote healthy living. From cancer to diabetes, health psychologists deal with a wide variety of issues underlying physical illness and chronic disease. According to Maureen Lyon, Ph.D, clinical health psychologist and associate research professor in pediatrics at George Washington University, health psychologists use their knowledge to “enhance the quality of life of individuals.”

Interestingly, much of what health psychologists teach (deep breathing, mindfulness, stress reduction, etc.) works for everyone. Our fast-paced life and increased dependency on technology often results in disconnection, stress and lack of sleep, which all wreak havoc on our health. Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take today to begin living a healthier life.

Here, two health psychologists offer tips for living more happily, peacefully and mindfully.

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10 Tips for Healthy Living

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  1. Thank you, Brandi, for this great article about healthy living and self-care. It is sometimes easy to forget the importance of taking care of oneself and how lack of self-care can negatively impact many far-reaching areas of life. It can be amazing to notice the ways seemingly unrelated aspects of life fall into place and become much easier when one takes care of his/her basic physical, mental, and emotional needs first.

    • Your so welcome Laura. I think it’s a reminder to all of us that need to care for ourselves first. And yes, so much of how we treat others and how we live our lives, stem first from this key principle. Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

  2. Good list. Self-compassion is key — but our culture puts a higher value on self-flagellation sometimes. Or, well, often. And it’s too bad. Beating yourself up might get you farther in the short term, but it’ll only serve to make life more difficult in the long run.

    • So true Summer! It’s sad that it is so common. But hopefully, we can all learn to be a little bit kinder to ourselves. And it doing that, maybe we can begin to change our world.

  3. Loving myself while a longtime friend had the audacity to degrade me lowered my self-esteem. I didn’t fire my anger of her comment right back at her. Now, I want to and I’ve been known to do such actions in the past. We haven’t talked since this happened in early February. Usually when I initiate forgiveness, then she will forgive me. This time, I want it to be the other way around, but I think I’ll be waiting until Hell freezes over before she says she’s sorry. Any thoughts?

  4. Thanks you for your good article on health. It’s true that most of the time, we ignore the importance of self-care.
    By knowingly or unknowingly many thing of that you stated in your articles have a great effect for good health.
    As you mentioned, to be healthy both mentally and physically, one shall follows those tips in their day to day life.
    Thank you, We expect more articles like this.

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