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Top Ten Depression Blogs, 2007

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  1. This is a great collection of depression blogs you’ve got here. I’m very impressed by the selection as there is so much crap to go through when selecting. You’ve really done a good job :)

  2. Thanks for the great resource list here. I have been looking online for blogs depression. I have suffered from this illness all my life and I am trying to come to terms with it. I have been documenting my experience with it in blog DepressionInMotion.com

  3. Here is a new, interesting depression blog written by a very articulate 34 year old woman. She speaks insightfully about her day to day struggles. Maybe some of you will find some comfort in it or find it interesting.


  4. I just started my blog as well on my experience in depression, resulting from over stress in work and life. i found the blogs here very inspiring and helped encourage me in setting up my own blog. Mine talks a bit about what my thoughts and reflections are during this period. Thanks to everyone for helping me through!


  5. Thanks for putting this list out, it introduced me to some great blogs that I hadn’t heard of before…

    I just started blogging about being a mom with severe, chronic depression. All the other “mom” blogs I have read are all about how woooonderful it is to be a mom and how every morning they wake up being so happy to see their little cherubs smiling faces. That has not been my experience, for whatever reason, and I blog about the other side of parenting. I know it comforts me so much to read about others going through depression, so I hope my blog can do the same for other people.

  6. Sometimes when people feel sad, they say they are “depressed.” But depressionis more than just feeling sad. It is a medical illness. Someone with “major” depression has most or all of the symptoms listed in the box below nearly every day for 2 weeks or longer. There is also a “minor” form of depression (called dysthymia) where the symptoms are less severe. Dysthymia can be just as serious because it often includes short periods where the you may feel better, which could make you think there isn’t a problem. Both major and minor depression have the same causes and treatment.

  7. I cam across a good depression post on eblogger the other day. I suffer from depression too and felt I could relate to some of the things on this


  8. I feel i have lost the battle of my lifeI cant find one good reason to continue livingi want something to hope for , something to live for , something that would be worth living my lifei want one good reason to continue livingI want warmth of some strong hands around meI want some one to love me , respect meI feel like a loser , weak defeated with no strength to fightWhole world has walked past mewhile i stayed crumbled in a dark holeI cant take any more abusesI dono whats right and whats wrongI dono what i like and what i dont likeI dono what i have to do and what is shouldnIs there a way to get out of this?How can i help myselfI have no strength to stand upMy feet wobblesI have no strength left to even open my eyesThe blinding light shuts my eyesIs death the only way outIf i give up n dieWhat will the world think about me?They wouldn even know about the pain i was throughIf i dieI would only add grief to my parents lifeI am afraid to liveI am afraid to dieIs there a way out?I wish the darkness of the night encloses me into itI wish i go to sleep and i never wake up to see the dayI wish the pain endsI wish to cry no moreI just want to end this pain which is eating me upWhat should i do?M horribly depressed

  9. Thnx so much for the info

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