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Can Humans Live Forever?

Knowledge of our own mortality can be one of the largest fear-provoking thought exercises and motivating forces. One way this motivates scientists is to try and solve the riddles of aging, and the once science-fiction …

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Can Humans Live Forever?

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  1. Obviously not. The universe itself will end. Before that, the last star will burn out. Before that, the Sun will burn out. Before that, it will flare up and bake the earth. Before that… well, you get the idea.

    If you’re bothered about intimations of mortality, try reading Tolstoy’s “Confession.”

  2. I would think it goes without saying that living longer is only desirable if we can maintain health, too. Who would want to be old and infirm for decades?

  3. Obviously, we can’t outlive the universe (unless there is somewhere else to escape to or ourselves in the remote future can somehow build someplace else) and we can’t outlive the Earth unless we can escape to other planets. In fact, we probably couldn’t last more than a couple of thousand years before having *some* sort of fatal accident. But living a couple of thousand years as opposed to 70 or 80 is *almost* forever, subjectively.

  4. The universe doesn’t die dipshit, ever heard the term matter cannot be created nor destroyed? Next your going 2 say time can be destroyed.

  5. As what I read, being able to live for a very long time would not be good. Defects in the cell reproduction would inevitable surface. Such defects would not be a pretty sight.

    It is true that the universe will not end but stars do, and even the balk holes has its end as well. What is left is just a sea of electrons and some other particles.

  6. there was a doctor in usa that said there is no reason why we die, we should be able to live forever but for some reason our body and cells just shut down.

  7. O.k. so in my opinion–humans so far dont even know the full potential of the human body and its capabilities. For example, Im not sure if scientists have the question to why we(right now) only have the potential to use One third of the brain. think about that for a second, if if einstein used 1/3 and he was one of the greatest minds…what does the other 2/3rds of the mind hold? the possibilities could go far past just living forever.

  8. i wanna live fo’ever

  9. Well yes we will die but i wish som would hurry up and make something to make humans live longer or maybe even forever.

  10. I read an article and some scientists have actually found a way to lengthen human’s live up to 30-50% and it might be out in the market in 5-10years time! Just about the age I could get them (I’m 14 now and I would be most probably just in time to get them), although it wouldn’t make us live forever! I hope it’s sooooo true! Cuz I dun reli like the sound of DYING!

  11. Think about time as a bunch of moments that stay forever. If it is possible to do time travel then there is no way someone can go into the past and interact with dead people. So you have to be alive even though that past is your current ‘present’ and the people interacting with you would be your future even though you cant interact with them during thier ‘present’. This kind leads into the next point someone mentioned with the theory of matter which can never destroyed it just changes form. Pretty much the only way we die is if we think of time as being a line like born->live-> death. We have an innate fear of nothing because what we think of ourselves will is always changing from you growing up to growing wrinkles and rotting from which those remains are reborn into something else like a plant. Basically you may lose your ability to collect and connect complex thought. But the body you have is symbolic of life which never dies-its always ressurected in another form. So technically speaking something of you lives on forever while part of you dies. With manipulation of time and stuff you might be able to live in a state most closely related to your current form indefinately. There is a spiritual element to all of it where life comes from death but your death allows new life to grow. Some religons say your soul goes to heaven which means there is always a positive growth of life…life and death dont cancel each other out. Death doesnt even exist. Anyway the whole concept of life and death is so far beyond our understanding and fear leads us to make assumptions. Kind of like how a dog puts its tail between its legs when it hears a loud noise even though we tune it out like it were ‘white noise’ because we can understand where it came from and that fearing it would be utter stupidity.

  12. Hi Everyone, How are you guys? I’ve seen the movie of Tucker. It is really good, because it was about the two boys can live forever. I believe that god sent people here to learn something, it is not all about just living on the earth. If someone is smart enough to make something and research how everything works for humans’bodies and everything about it. I would want to be able to see God too. I would also want to see how everything change in the future. I know this would be bizarr to tell you thing, but there might be some flying cars, you know? I mean that would be great. Anyways back to this, yeah i would want to live forever, but i believe someone can figure how to deal with our cells where we don’t grow old and have winkle skins.

  13. Hi Everyone, How are you guys? I’ve seen the movie of Tucker. It is really good, because it was about the two boys can live forever. I believe that god sent people here to learn something, it is not all about just living on the earth. If someone is smart enough to make something and research how everything works for humans’ bodies and everything about it. I would want to be able to see God too. I would also want to see how everything change in the future. I know this would be bizarr to tell you this, but there might be some flying cars, you know? I mean that would be great. Anyways back to this, yeah i would want to live forever, but i believe someone can figure how to deal with our cells where we don’t grow old and have winkle skins.

    sorry about the first one, i messed up.

    p.s God rocks and I love him very much! Without Him, i don’t know where i would be! GOD IS AMAZING!

  14. Oh & I would not want to live forever if we would look so old! I would rather to stay young forever at least in our twenties.


  15. well people no matter how advance we get, when it comes right down to it, we really don’t whant to live for ever, for you see even the great sun dies, the best and most expensive stuff rots or eventualy gets destroyed, so imagine for a moment a future in wich there aren’t 6 billion humans but double, or triple that amount, where you would only be a mere #. From my perspective having an end is well sad, but is the way of life we come and have our own experiance, and leave this world with more knoledge, and understanding for future generations to come, the point is we would be exausted and would eventually seek eternal rest, after we accomplished our goals or dreams. Hope you comprehend what i’m trying to say.

    • Why not, not all 7 billion want to live forever let’s say 3.5 billion, and that 3.5 can’t have any more baby’s, so if it Num’s than it could work . Think of all that continuous knowledge, why not ? 60 to 80 years that is no time at all a person just start to understand life at 40 , life to short, to fast and I for one would ,if I had the wish would live. Forever. Angel

    • I do not know what to think about death, I don’t want to die myself and I don’t want to live 30 odd years without my parents its just so wrong that we were born as babies not knowing what lies ahead and then growing old and thinking about what lies ahead after you die, just think for a moment is death really the end or is there a better place up there we really don’t know if any one could find out what lies ahead after death know one would be worried at all about seeing their families again because they would be certain they would continue seeing them in the after life :) life is a big roller coaster lets ride it together thanks

  16. In response to

    “me: The universe doesn’t die dipshit, ever heard the term matter cannot be created nor destroyed? Next your going 2 say time can be destroyed.”

    Evidence strongly suggests the universe will die. You’re correct that matter cannot be created or destroyed (though this point is debatable…) but it can fizzle away into other forms. All around us every particle that constitutes everything is decaying and will forever continue to do so. Before you make such an insulting an ignorant comment, please do SOME research. I’ll point you in the right direction kid. Start will goggling “the big freeze universe”, “infinite entropy”, or “heat death”. Dipshit.

    • Actually, evidence strongly suggests that the universe is constantly growing at an increasingly fast pace, filling up an infinite amount of space. Which means that the particles sent out during the Big Bang are STILL being thrown out at speeds incomprehensible to the human mind. So, techinically speaking, if humans continue to adapt, including reaching immortality, an individual will never have to die. But that is a millenium down the road.

  17. HuH after reading all of these comments i really see how we humans really are None of us want to die of course but why wouldnt we is it b/c everyone in this world is feared to be forgotten by our love ones is it that we all work so hard to become something in life to have a great or bad reputation and someone named death can take it away from us in a blink of an eye and put us in the ground where your basically equal to someone that had no family no one to care for him/her and no one that remembered that him/her……………………. but this is my opinion though you can think what you want i guess

  18. The reason human beings die is because they pass the belief in death to their children. Death therefore has a psycological root. It is forbidden by the Natural Law to pass the belief in death to a child. If you teach a child that it must die, you are the one who must die. You must reap what you have sown. This is called Natural Justice. If the fate of death was good enough for you to pass to an innocent child, then the fate of death is good enough for you to suffer.

    We are not taught the Natural Law so that we will die. The first requirement of religion is that you believe in death. All forms of worship are therefore forbidden by Natural Law. Nature allows you to do the religion, but if you do, and do not stop while you are alive, you will die.

    Nature does not overlook the passing of the belief in death to a child. If you do that, your body begins to die. It may take years for the body to die on its own, but it will because you have violated Natural Law. If anyone wants to live forever, do not worship anything, and do not pass the belief in death to a child.

  19. right….so your saying do not think of death god or the devil that stuff???

    right lets say I think ( I’m never going to die ).

    would that work???

    even If I thought I’d never die of old age. what happens if someone kills me or I accidently kill myself.

    would I be invincable???

    I like to think when i die. I’ll get a question to come back to earth.

    and me including the earth will go on forever.

    like coming back to earth and being god.

    never get hurt. even if a nuke hit me in the eyeball :)

    have the power to say how live’s forever as well.

    bring people back to earth from death.

    if I had this gift. the world would be a better place. not fully have to have a bit of fun some time :)

    live in the prime age. 20’s never get older

    so Death deosn’t bother me. only if I get a sign that This would happen???

    who knows.

  20. Death as we are aware of it is largely psychosomatic. There are turtles that live longer than humans. One ape will see another ape die and there you have it. Monkey see monkey do.

    As absurd as it seems to make such a statement, how can we deny that our mental projection of ourselves does not hold an important role in a lifespan? Many animals do not age like humans. Why? They do not have a sense of time.

    Secondly, the brain. Some don’t want to live! They get tired out and fussy, reverting to the mentality of a child, making a conscious effort to fill their void of a wasted existence with their gold watch, morning run to get more coffee and gossip about their latest bingo score. People give in to it because it’s acceptable.Death is a realized fear, but they do nothing to fight it. Imagine how worthless you would feel if you stopped aging right now. Your friends would stop liking you, your family would hate you. Death is the in thing and if you choose to stop seeing life as a linear process with a definite number at the end, the dark ages will rear their head because you will be called a witch.
    Life begins in the mind. Our choices now effect the energy reserves in the long haul. Deciding to live long and offering our elderly and retired more to life than a gold watch will certainly inspire humans to plan for a longer existence, naturally. Also, laying off the additive-filled, non-organic food and packaged culling goods (yes, culling,(hormones and other meds injected into beef will have that effect on you)helps!

  21. I also wanted to touch on the mental aspect a little more.

    My Dad’s mom has a mouth of rotting teeth. We do not know why she is happy that way, but she will tell you jovially that it is because she is old. We know that she could easily see a dentist, but she won’t because she is happy that way. She can get away with it and that makes it acceptable to her. My sister is pretty, but tends to hang around very, very large women. She has already had a tendency to be fat, herself, and my family and I even told her that ever since she made these fat friends (some of which seem to leach on her) she has become even more comfortably fat.
    She made it clear to us that she needed them to protect her emotionally from the damage that resulted when she made skinny friends. It’s like when they tell you to make friends who are better than you so you can move up. When it comes to her fat, she doesn’t want to face the issue, or grow, so instead of forming relationships based on health and normalcy, she methodically picks women who are three times her size because it is a sense of validation.
    In my personal experience, in order to live long and happily you have to want to, and for many of us, that is much harder than it sounds. I lived with a lady one time who had one breast removed and the other one was acting up. She had random tumors, and fibromialgia. She chain smoked dorals, about 4 packs a day MINIMUM and drank weak tea with so much equal you could see it swimming in a sludge form in the bottom of the glass. Never walked, sat on her couch all day watching tv and never once drank water. She maintained that she was the victim all the while and that the reason behind her many illnesses were mysterious and vague. Being a Taurus, she had her habits and was keen on protecting them! Seems like a lot of things need to change if people want to live. We could begin by not accepting our illnesses as being a trendy part of us that gets more points and stopping our drugs and getting to the bottom of health problems. Even if a special serum comes our tomorrow, she’ll still be on her dorals, and that’s still a bad quality of life so convincing folks that life is about change is really key. No point in living if it’s a zombie life. I believe I will live into my hundreds and that many of you will, as well! It isn’t crazy. We deserve it. Maybe a solar flare will help to jump start us if it isn’t happening already. I have a lot of anger issues and abuse suffered in the past, so cleansing aggression from my makeup is a real sore spot as it is a form of stress. stress ages people, so tell your boss politely to shove it when they push you too far and feel those cells regenerating. We’ve only just begun, kids!

  22. Definitely wrong! You can not live forever. And who wants to live forever? You will get really old and can even walk an inch to the refrigerator!

  23. I agree. God sent us to the Earth to learn from our mistakes and to be wise and smart than we die life is valuable and everybody better love thier life or you will die then when you go to heaven you will regret for being so selfish or sinful and also we only live once so just think about what i said read it over and you will get it ENJOY LIFE ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE NOT FOR WHO YOU ARE NOT PRAY AND GOD WILL FORGIVE YOU AND CLEANSE YOU OF YOUR SINS AND YOU WILL REMEMBER THAT AFTER YOU DIE.

  24. i would love to live forever thank of how much money you can save and thank of the places you can go if you can live for ever you can see and find out a lot,

  25. I plan to live forever, so far it’s working

  26. The problem with living forever is getting bored? You see, people are afraid of this because this once fairytale is now fast becoming an actual tangible possibility. And there are a great many afraid of that concept because from the day we are born we are conditioned to “live like they’re dying.” In a sense, immortality takes away the need for rushing through life to finally accomplish… what, exactly? An eternity of nothing, like you had never been born? And if you are Christian? Would you not live forever in Heaven? These are the inconsistencies that are completely due to the very apparent reality that in no more than 50 years we will not have to die. Once immortality is reached, all other problems can be solved. We can change the way we think, and not fear this idea. But I guess we will simply have to wait a few decades for the majority to understand. And to the skeptics, have a nice eternity of nothing 😛

  27. i dont want to die to be honest im terrified of it imagineing been asleep one day and then you never wake up it trembles me and makes me cry im only a young man im 21 years of age and id love it if i could stay this age but true what most people are saying its just the circle of life maybe there is a afterlife maybe there isnt yes i would love for a cure to made were we could live forever and keep on going bu think theres hardly any jobs out there in this time of year and century if everyone kept giving birth and the world just spread there would be nothing it would be almost like an apocalypse



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